What is so special in planning a trip to Asia?


Asia is one of the most visited continents. For the first timer Asia is very huge and tricky where as it provides a huge number of memorable moments. It is the largest and most attractive continent on the planet due to which it is always crowded by the visitors. This is the only continent having diversity in cultures, traditions, beauty, history and adventures. You can enjoy more in fewer budgets and can gather a lot of cultural stuffs and taboos in the name of beliefs. There are a number of amazing destinations that worth visiting while staying in the continent.



  • Thailand

Many tourists come over to see a huge number of orange dressed monks busy in their religious activities. They also get amused by the mountain life and the temples situated on the mountains.


  • Malaysia


This place is known as mini Asia because just like the continent, it has a combination of cultures. Visitors come to Malaysia to relax and enjoy various types of massage and spas. There are a lot of things to do along with eating and trying thousands of new flavors.


  • Singapore

The country is well known for the expensive and most amazing life. It has pleasant vibes for the travelers that contain a combination on Indian and Chinese culture. It has its own heritage that is highly appreciated by the people around the world.



  • Siem Reap, Cambodia

 Over 900 years old temples of Angkor Wat that are covered with wines are more the ruins which spread on almost 600 sq. miles of the jungle. It is a very fascinating place that attracts a huge number of visitors.



  • Bali, Indonesia


The place is a wonderful sight having an amazing volcanic landscape and beaches. Indonesia is a highly preferred destination for honeymoons and vacations. Surfers from all over the world come here to enjoy the typical culture of Indonesia.