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Thai Vietjet Air is a low-cost airline based in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a joint venture between Vietnamese airline VietJet Air and Thai company Kan Air. The airline was founded in 2014 and operates flights to various domestic and international destinations in Asia.

Thai Vietjet Air’s fleet consists of modern Airbus A320 aircraft, which offer comfortable seating and a selection of in-flight entertainment. The airline offers two classes of service: Economy Class and SkyBoss Class. SkyBoss Class passengers enjoy extra amenities such as priority check-in, additional baggage allowance, and access to the airline’s airport lounges.

Thai Vietjet Air is known for its low fares and affordable travel options, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers. The airline operates on a “no-frills” model, meaning that certain services such as meals and checked baggage may be subject to additional fees.

Despite its low-cost model, Thai Vietjet Air places a strong emphasis on safety and reliability. The airline has implemented various measures to ensure the safety of its passengers, including regular maintenance of its aircraft and thorough training of its crew.

Overall, Thai Vietjet Air is a well-regarded low-cost carrier that offers affordable travel options to various destinations in Asia. With its modern fleet and commitment to safety and reliability, the airline is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers looking to explore the region.

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Baggage Policy

Thai VietJet Air has different baggage policy for carry-on and checked baggage.

Carry-on Baggage

All passengers are entitled to one item of free carry-on baggage and one small personal item.

For passengers on the basic Economic fare, the combined weight of these bags must not exceed 7 kg. For passengers flying on the Skybass fare, the combined weight of these bags must no exceed 10kg.

Baggage must not exceed the dimensions of 56cm × 36cm × 23 cm.

Here are examples of small personal items given by Thai VietJet Air:

  • Handbag or book, magazine, camera, children food kit, duty-free bag, with dimensions no larger than 30cm × 20cm × 10 cm
  • Jacket bag with dimensions no larger than 114cm × 60cm × 11cm
  • Laptop bag with dimensions no larger than 40cm × 30cm × 10cm

Checked Baggage

There’s no free checked baggage allowance on the basic Economic fare. However, checked baggage is available to purchase at an additional fee. Passengers flying on the Skyboss fare are entitled to 30kg of free checked baggage.

No one piece of baggage can exceed 32kg and dimensions must fit within 119cm × 119cm × 81cm

Check-In Information

Thai Vietjet Air offers online check-in on selected flights. If you can’t check in online then you must check in at the airport.

Online Check-in

Online check-in is only available for select domestic VietJet Air flights and isn’t currently available for Thai VietJet Air flights.

Airport Check-in

Passengers who aren’t able to complete online check-in or would rather check-in in person can do so at the airport. To complete airport check-in, passengers must visit one of the airline’s check-in desks and present the check-in agent with the relevant travel documents.

Passengers who aren’t able to complete online check-in or would rather check-in in person can do so at the airport. To complete airport check-in, passengers must visit one of the airline’s check-in desks and present the check-in agent with the relevant travel documents.

Cabin Classes

Thai VietJet Air offers 2 cabin class options – Economy and Business class.

Economy Class

Economy Class is the most basic cabin class that VietJet Air offers. The Economy Class cabin is clean and comfortable, with a professional and friendly service delivered by the airline’s expert cabin crew. Food and drink are served in Economy Class at an additional cost.


Economy Seats

The Economy Class gives 29″ of seat pitch. At an additional cost, passengers can choose a seat with extra legroom.

Business Class

The Business Class cabin, SkyBoss, is the airline’s highest-tier of cabin class, with the best level of service both on and off the ground.


Passengers with a Skyboss ticket are given an extended baggage allowance, free seat selection, lounge access (outside of domestic flights in Thailand), priority check-in and free changes and cancellations on the flight.

Once in-flight, passengers can enjoy a larger seat at the front of the cabin and a priority meal-service.

Business Seats

SkyBoss seats are the largest on the aircraft, giving extra space and comfort. SkyBoss seats are always located at the front of the aircraft so that passengers can quickly and easily disembark from the aircraft.

Frequent Flyer Program

Thai VietJet Air doesn’t have a frequent flyer program. However, it’s working on starting an accumulated point program soon.

In-flight Entertainment

There’s no in-flight entertainment system. However, passengers can enjoy reading materials, such as the airline’s in-flight magazines.


At this time, there’s no WIFI network on Thai VietJet Air flights.

Destinations that Thai Vietjet Air flies to

Thai Vietjet Air flies to a vast amount of destinations, below is a detailed table of all its destinations:

Domestic Destinations

Da Lat Lien Khuong Airport (DLI)
Hai Phong Cat Bi International Airport (HPH)
Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)
Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)

International Destinations

India Gaya Gaya Airport (GAY)
Thailand Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)
Thailand Chiang Mai Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX)
Thailand Chiang Rai Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI)
Thailand Krabi Krabi International Airport (KBV)
Thailand Phuket Phuket International Airport (HKT)
Thailand Udon Thani Udon Thani International Airport (UTH)
Taiwan Taichung Taichung International Airport (RMQ)


Hub Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Credit: Wikipedia Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand and is the hub airport for Thai VietJet Air. The airport opened for all commercial domestic and international flights in 2006 and was created to take over as the main international hub for Bangkok. This allowed the cities previous international hub, Don Meuang International Airport, to put more of a focus on facilitating flights from low-cost regional airlines.

Despite being a low-cost airline, Thai VietJet Air has used Suvarnabhumi International Airport instead of Don Mueang as its hub since it was founded in 2005. It is one of six airlines that use Suvarnabhumi Airport as a hub, with the other five being Bangkok Airways, Jet Asia Airways, Orient Thai Airlines, Thai Airways, Asia Atlantic Airlines and Thai Smile.

Hotels Near Suvarnabhumi Airport




Thai VietJet Air’s fleet consists of entirely Airbus aircraft. The airline has a mix of Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A321-200 aircraft. Overall, it has 10 aircraft within its fleet.


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