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About NokScoot

NokScoot, founded in 2014, is a unique and dynamic airline that has made its mark on the aviation industry. A joint venture between Thailand’s Nok Air and Singapore’s Scoot, this low-cost carrier has become a pivotal player in connecting people, cultures, and destinations across Asia and beyond. In this article, we will explore the history, growth, and impact of NokScoot, shedding light on its mission to provide affordable and accessible air travel while embracing the rich diversity of the Asian continent.

Founding and Early Years

NokScoot, a portmanteau of “Nok” from Nok Air and “Scoot” from Scoot, was established in 2014, making it a relatively new entrant in the competitive airline industry. From its inception, the airline aimed to offer travelers an affordable and convenient means of exploring Asia.

  1. Low-Cost Model

One of NokScoot’s key differentiators was its low-cost model, designed to make air travel more accessible to a broader range of passengers. This approach included offering competitive ticket prices, streamlining services, and ensuring operational efficiency.

  1. Asia-Focused Expansion

NokScoot initially focused on building a robust network within Asia. The airline aimed to create a significant presence in a region known for its diversity and travel opportunities.

  1. Fleeting Success

In its early years, NokScoot experienced rapid expansion, adding new routes and destinations to its network. This growth reflected the airline’s ability to adapt to changing travel trends and meet the demands of its target demographic.

Key Features of NokScoot

  1. Expansive Network

NokScoot’s network has continued to expand, encompassing a range of destinations in Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. This connectivity ensures that passengers can explore a diverse array of cultures and experiences.

  1. Affordable Travel

The airline remains committed to providing affordable air travel options, appealing to a wide range of travelers, including budget-conscious tourists and business passengers.

  1. Modern Fleet

NokScoot maintains a modern and efficient fleet, primarily consisting of Boeing 777 aircraft. These jets are known for their reliability and capacity to serve long-haul routes.

  1. Exceptional In-Flight Services

Despite being a low-cost carrier, NokScoot places a strong emphasis on in-flight services. The airline offers passengers a variety of amenities, including meals, entertainment, and comfortable seating.

  1. Cultural Appreciation

NokScoot celebrates the cultural diversity of Asia by featuring Asian-inspired designs and themes throughout its cabin interiors and on-board services.

The Impact of NokScoot

NokScoot has made a significant impact on the aviation industry in Asia and beyond. Here are some key ways in which the airline has influenced the region:

  1. Affordable Travel

NokScoot’s low-cost model has democratized air travel in Asia, making it more accessible to a broader demographic. The airline’s services have empowered many individuals to explore new destinations and cultures.

  1. Regional Connectivity

The airline’s expanding network has strengthened regional connectivity within Asia and to other parts of the world. NokScoot plays a pivotal role in fostering tourism, trade, and cultural exchange in the region.

  1. Cultural Appreciation

NokScoot’s dedication to celebrating Asian cultures and traditions through its branding and in-flight services contributes to a greater understanding and appreciation of the rich tapestry of Asian diversity.

  1. Economic Growth

The airline’s operations support local economies by promoting tourism, creating job opportunities, and stimulating economic development in the destinations it serves.

Challenges and Competition

NokScoot faces several challenges and competition in the aviation market:

  1. Economic Factors: Economic fluctuations, fuel price volatility, and currency exchange rate changes can impact the airline’s financial performance.
  2. Regulatory Challenges: Changes in aviation regulations, safety standards, and international agreements can affect the airline’s operations and cost structures. Adapting to these changes while maintaining efficiency is an ongoing challenge.
  3. Competitive Market: The airline industry in Asia is highly competitive, with numerous carriers vying for passenger traffic. NokScoot competes with both regional low-cost carriers and larger international airlines serving the region.

The Future of NokScoot

As NokScoot looks to the future, it is well-prepared for continued growth and success. The airline’s strong brand, commitment to affordability, and cultural appreciation make it a key player in the evolving aviation industry. Here are some key developments and strategies that will shape NokScoot’s future:

  1. Fleet Modernization and Expansion: NokScoot will continue to invest in modernizing its fleet and expanding its route network. The addition of new aircraft and destinations will enhance its competitive position and increase connectivity.
  2. Sustainability Initiatives: The airline may explore sustainability initiatives, such as reducing its environmental impact through the use of more fuel-efficient aircraft and adopting eco-friendly practices.
  3. Technological Advancements: NokScoot will embrace technological advancements to streamline operations, improve customer service, and enhance the passenger experience. This includes investments in digital services and innovative in-flight entertainment.
  4. Continued Cultural Appreciation: The airline will likely continue its commitment to celebrating Asian cultures and traditions, creating a unique and culturally rich travel experience for passengers.


NokScoot, founded in 2014, has swiftly emerged as a prominent player in Asia’s aviation industry. With a focus on affordability, cultural appreciation, and connectivity, the airline has made air travel more accessible and enjoyable for a diverse range of passengers. As it looks to the future, NokScoot is well-poised to continue shaping the aviation landscape, bridging cultures, fostering economic growth, and promoting a deeper appreciation of the diverse and vibrant cultures that make up the Asian continent. The airline is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a celebration of cultural diversity, a testament to the power of affordability, and a bridge connecting people to the fascinating world of Asia.

NokScoot Baggage

NokScoot has many fares including Fly, which does not include any checked baggage allowance. Other product bundles, FlyBag and FlyBagEatcome with 20kg and Scootbiz comes with 30kg of checked baggage included.

Cabin baggage for Economy is limited to one piece of up to 7kg and ScootBiz class limited to 2 pieces of up to a combined weight of 15kg.

Fly, FlyBag and FlyBagEat Fares are limited to one piece of up to 7kg, plus more 3kg allowance if the laptop is carried. ScootBiz Fare is limited to 2 pieces of up to a combined weight of 15 kg.

ScootBiz includes full leather seats that offer at least 38″ (96.5cm) of legroom, 21.7″ (55.1cm) of width, 8″ (20.3cm) of recline, plus a footrest and in-arm trays that can be unfolded partially or fully. In addition, ScootBiz passengers receive preferred seat selection in an exclusive 24-seat upfront, cabin, with our most experienced staff, a complimentary meal with beverages, 30kg of checked baggage allowance, up to 15kg/ two bags of carry-on baggage and priority check-in & boarding.

NokScoot Destinations

China (Dalian; Nanjing; Qingdao; Shenyang; Tianjin; Shanghai; Dalian)

Japan (Tokyo)

Taiwan (Taipei)

Thailand (Bangkok)

Economy Class

Economy Class offers great value in a cabin that is crewed by the airline’s friendly cabin crew.

Economy Class Facilities

Economy Class passengers can order a range of food and drink from the airline’s in-flight menu.

Although there’s no in-flight entertainment system, passengers can enjoy reading material from the airline’s in-flight magazine.

Economy Class Seats

The Economy Class cabin seats are set out in a 3 x 4 x 3 formation, with each seat giving a good amount of width and pitch.

Business Class

The Business Class cabin is in an exclusive section of the cabin at the front of the aircraft. All Busines Class passengers will be taken care of by the airline’s excellent flight crew.

Business Class Facilities

Business Class passengers are given priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling.

In-flight, each passenger is given a complimentary Business Class meal, accompanied by a drink service that includes hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

What are Business Class Seats Like?

Business Class seats are set out in a 2 x 4 x 2 formation. The formation allows for extra space in the cabin for each passenger. Each seat comes with a power outlet which can be used to charge personal electronic devices.

NokScoot Route Map


NokScoot Popular Routes


Bangkok to Thung Song

Bangkok to Malaysia

Bangkok to Buri Rem

Bangkok to Nan

Bangkok to Phucket



NokScoot Hub Airport

Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang International Airport is one of the oldest operating airport in Bangkok and one of the two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand.

The airport is a low cost airline hub and airlines that fly from and to Don Mueang International Airport include Air Asia, Thai AirAsia, Maldivian and Malindo Air.




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