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Israir Airlines, often referred to simply as Israir, is one of Israel’s most prominent and innovative airlines. Founded in 1989, this airline has grown from humble beginnings to become a significant player in the Israeli aviation industry.

The Founding and Early Years

Israir Airlines was established in 1989 by entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast Uri Sirkis. The airline initially began its operations with charter flights to popular tourist destinations. Its objective was to meet the growing demand for affordable, high-quality travel options for Israeli passengers.

During its formative years, Israir Airlines focused on leisure and tourism-related routes. The airline offered a range of charter services to destinations like Eilat, Greece, and Cyprus. This early emphasis on holiday travel became a defining feature of the airline’s identity.

Growth and Expansion

As Israir Airlines steadily gained ground, it expanded its services and routes. The airline broadened its portfolio to include scheduled flights, operating both domestically and internationally. This expansion allowed Israir to tap into the growing Israeli aviation market and offer travelers an array of destinations.

One of the significant milestones in the airline’s history was its acquisition of Arkia Israeli Airlines in 2021. This merger not only reshaped the Israeli aviation landscape but also solidified Israir’s position as a key player in the industry. The merger enabled the combined airline group to serve a more extensive network of routes and share resources, ultimately enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

Unique Routes and Operations

Israir Airlines stands out due to its unconventional routes and operations. The airline is known for connecting Israel to destinations that other carriers may not serve. While it operates flights to popular destinations like Paris, London, and New York, it also focuses on niche routes that cater to specific markets.

One of the airline’s most distinctive services is its flight from Tel Aviv to Uman, Ukraine. This route is particularly significant for Jewish passengers making an annual pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Israir has played a crucial role in facilitating this pilgrimage, providing a specialized and convenient service for travelers.

The airline’s flights to Eilat, a resort city on the Red Sea, are also noteworthy. Israir offers regular flights to Eilat from several cities in Israel, making it easier for travelers to access this popular tourist destination.

Passenger Experience

Israir Airlines is committed to delivering an exceptional passenger experience. The airline provides a range of services and amenities designed to ensure comfort and satisfaction. Travelers can choose between different classes, including economy and business, with options for upgrading their travel experience.

In-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and a selection of complimentary meals cater to passengers’ needs, making long journeys more enjoyable. The airline’s attentive cabin crew further enhance the travel experience by providing personalized service.

Moreover, Israir Airlines’ loyalty program, Israir Club, rewards frequent flyers with various perks and benefits, fostering a sense of loyalty and satisfaction among its passengers.

Adaptation to Changing Times

The aviation industry has faced unprecedented challenges in recent years, with the global pandemic having a profound impact. Israir Airlines, like many others, had to adapt to the changing landscape of air travel. The airline implemented rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of passengers and staff. These measures included enhanced cleaning procedures, mask mandates, and social distancing on flights.

Furthermore, Israir Airlines diversified its operations during the pandemic. The airline provided cargo services, transporting essential supplies and medical equipment when passenger flights were limited. This flexibility and adaptability exemplify Israir’s commitment to maintaining operations even during the most challenging circumstances.

The Future of Israir Airlines

Looking ahead, Israir Airlines has several exciting prospects. The airline is expected to expand its international presence further, tapping into emerging markets and introducing new routes. It aims to offer travelers even more destinations and convenient flight options.

Additionally, Israir Airlines plans to focus on sustainability initiatives, reducing its environmental impact by investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and exploring the use of sustainable aviation fuels. The airline is actively committed to addressing environmental concerns in the aviation industry.


Israir Airlines has come a long way since its inception, evolving into a significant player in the Israeli aviation landscape. Its distinctive routes and operational approach have endeared it to travelers, and its commitment to providing an exceptional passenger experience has contributed to its success.

With the merger with Arkia, its dedication to adapting to changing times, and a promising future of expansion and sustainability initiatives, Israir Airlines is poised to continue its journey in the world of aviation. Whether you are a tourist exploring Israel’s vibrant cities or a pilgrim embarking on a spiritual journey, Israir Airlines is a reliable choice for a remarkable and unforgettable travel experience.

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As of September 2022, Israir Airlines flies to the following domestic and international destinations:

Domestic Destinations

Eilat Ramon Airport (ETM)
Haifa Haifa Airport (HFA)
Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)


International Destinations

Azerbaijan Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD)
Bahrain Manama Bahrain International Airport (BAH)
Bulgaria Varna Varna Airport (VAR)
Croatia Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)
Croatia Rijeka Rijeka Airport (RJK)
Croatia Split Split Airport (SPU)
Cyprus Paphos Paphos International Airport (PFO)
Cyprus Larnaca Larnaca International Airport (LCA)
Egypt Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)
France Nice Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE)
France Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
Georgia Tbilisi Tbilisi International Airport (TBS)
Germany Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)
Germany Munich Munich Airport (MUC)
Germany Stuttgart Stuttgart Airport (STR)
Greece Athens Athens International Airport (ATH)
Greece Heraklion Heraklion International Airport (HER)
Greece Rhodes Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
Greece Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Airport (SKG)
Italy Brescia Brescia Airport (VBS)
Italy Verona Verona Airport (VRN)
Latvia Riga Riga International Airport (RIX)
Morocco Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN)
Morocco Marrakesh Marrakesh Menarra Airport (RAK)
Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)
North Macedonia Skopje Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP)
Portugal Lisbon Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS)
Slovakia Poprad Poprad-Tatry Airport (TAT)
Spain Barcelona Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN)
Spain Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)
United Arab Emirtes Dubai Dubai International Airport (DXB)




The following table summarises the current fleet of Israir, which is correct as of June 2022.

Airbus A320-200 5 2
ATR 72-500 2 /



Class Information

Economy Class

Economy class is currently the only class of fare that is provided on Israir flights. Food and drink refreshments are available at a small additional cost, and there is currently no in-flight entertainment system. The service by the cabin crew, however, is of a high standard. Passengers are comfortable in their cabin seats with ample personal space.

Premium Economy

There is currently no premium economy option for this airline. Passengers can choose to upgrade their economy class ticket for one with more legroom.

Business Class

There is no business class onboard this airline.

First Class

First-class is currently not available on this airline yet.




Carry-on Baggage

For flights to and from Eilat, you’re permitted one item of hand luggage onto the plane, which must weigh no more than 5kg / 11lbs. The item must not exceed the dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20cm (19 x 16 x 8in).

For international flights, you’re permitted 5kg / 11lbs on ATR services or 8kg / 17lbs on Airbus services.

No prohibited items should be packed in your carry-on baggage and you should store them in the checked baggage unless the item is banned by the destination country. Prohibition items found by airport security or by the immigration department upon arrival airport could be confiscated.

Checked Baggage

Israir Airlines is operating like a low-cost airline, which means they have unbundled their fares meaning you only pay for what you need. Therefore, Israir does not currently include checked baggage as part of their fare on most flights (be sure to check your flight details to check your allowance). Instead, passengers can opt to purchase baggage before flying for a small fee. See our guide to adding baggage to a booking here.



Check-In Information

Online Check-in

Online check-in is available 24 hours before your flight departure. However, this may change depending on the country and the airport you fly from.

Airport Check-in

Passengers need to check in at the airport for their flights. For domestic flights, passengers should check in no later than 90 minutes before the flight is due to depart. For international flights, arrive at the airport around 3 hours before as the check-in desk closes 1 hour before the flight is due to depart.

In-Flight Entertainment

Israir Airlines do not currently provide its passengers with any form of in-flight entertainment. However, passengers are welcome to bring their own books, magazines or personal devices with them in their cabin allowance.




On some flights and routes, passengers will get a free light snack and water free of charge. However, as a move to unbundle their fares to provide cheaper flights, Israir is looking to adopt a paid food service onboard their flights. This may involve items such as drinks, sandwiches, and salads all available onboard for a fee.

All food onboard is Kosher.




There is currently no Israir Airlines WiFi onboard flights.



Frequent Flyer

Currently, Israir is not part of any frequent flyer programmes.



Airline Alliance

Israir Airlines is not currently part of any airline alliances.



Hub Airport

Ben Gurion International Airport

Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) is the main international airport in Israel and the busiest airport in the country. It is located on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod, which is about 45 km (28 mi) northwest of Jerusalem and 20 km (12 mi) to the southeast of Tel Aviv. Israir Airlines’ main hub airport is located at Ben Gurion International Airport with additional operating bases found in Ramon Airport and Sde Dov Airport. In 2019, Ben Gurion International Airport handled over 24 million passengers. The airport is also known to be among the 5 best airports in the Middle East, due to its high level of security and safety.

Before Terminal 3 opened, Terminal 1 was the main terminal building for Ben Gurion International Airport. Terminal 1 consisted of check-in areas, passport control, duty-free shops, VIP lounges, boarding gates and security checks. In 2004, Terminal 1 was replaced by Terminal 3 as the main international gateway to and from destinations in Israel. The new terminal consisted of a total of 40+ gates which are split among 4 concourses (B, C, D, and E).

Israir Airlines is not the only airline based at this airport; Arkia, El Al and Sun D’Or all have hubs at TLV. In addition, other airlines that fly to Ben Gurion include Adria Airways, airBaltic, Air France, Air Canada, Air Europa, and Air Serbia.

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