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About Fly Jamaica Airways

Fly Jamaica Airways had ceased operations. The airline faced financial difficulties and suspended its operations in 2019.

Fly Jamaica Airways was established in 2011 and operated flights primarily from its hub at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. It offered both domestic and international flights to destinations such as Toronto, New York, Guyana, and other Caribbean countries.

The airline operated a small fleet of aircraft, including Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767-300ER planes. It aimed to provide affordable and reliable air travel options for passengers traveling to and from Jamaica.

However, due to financial challenges, including issues with aircraft leasing and maintenance, Fly Jamaica Airways faced significant setbacks. It suspended operations in 2018 following an emergency landing incident in Guyana, where one of its planes overshot the runway. Subsequently, the airline was unable to resume operations and entered into a restructuring process.

In March 2019, the airline was forced to terminate all operations after a long spell of financial trouble.


Fly Jamaica Airways Fleet

The Fly Jamaica Airways fleet included the following aircraft:

Boeing 767-300ER


Fly Jamaica Airways Destinations

Fly Jamaica Airways flew to many destinations in North and South America :

Toronto – Canada

Kingston – Jamaica

New York City – United States

Georgetown – Guyana

Havana – Cuba



Fly Jamaica Airways Baggage Allowance

Fly Jamaica Airways Carry-on Baggage

Fly Jamaica Airways allowed customers flying in all classes to bring on one carry-on bag at a maximum weight of 10kg. The bag had to fit within the overall dimensions of 115cm.

Fly Jamaica Airways Checked Baggage

Fly Jamaica Airways allowed customers flying in Economy Class to bring on two checked bags at a maximum weight of 23kg per bag. Fly Jamaica Airways allowed customers flying in Business Class to bring on two checked bags at a maximum weight of 32kg per bag. The bag couldn’t exceed the overall dimensions of 158cm. If a passenger exceeded the maximum number of bags permitted and/or the maximum weight allowed for each bag or the maximum dimensions permitted for each checked or carry-on bag, the passenger was subject to the excess baggage charges.


Fly Jamaica Airways Check-In

Fly Jamaica Airways Online Check-In

Unfortunately, Fly Jamaica Airways never offered online check-in.

Fly Jamaica Airways Airport Check-in

Passengers flying on Fly Jamaica airways were asked to arrive at the airport for check-in three hours before their departure times on both domestic and international routes. For flights to New York, passengers should have arrived at the airport check-in desk four hours before departure time. Boarding closed 45 minutes before all Fly Jamaica Airways flights.


Economy Class

Economy Class offered a simple but comfortable cabin. Seats were set out in a 3 x 3 formation.


Business Class

Business Class seats were set out in a 2 x 2 formation. The extra space within the cabin allowed each seat to be larger than Economy Class seats.

Business Class passengers were attended to by the airline’s specially trained Business Class cabin crew.

Fly Jamaica Airways Hub Airport

Norman Manley International Airport

Fly Jamaica Airways was based at Norman Manley International Airport, which is the main airport serving airport for Kingston in Jamaica and is located 19km from the centre of New Kingston. It is Jamaica’s second busiest airport, serving over 1.5 million passengers annually. Over 130 international flights per week depart from Norman Manley International Airport. The airport is also the hub for Caribbean Airlines. This airline also operates flights for a number of airlines, including British Airways, JetBlue Airways, WestJet, and previously Air Jamaica.

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