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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DEN) is a major airport located in Denver, Colorado, USA. It is the largest airport in the United States by land area, covering over 53 square miles (137 square kilometers). The airport is located about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northeast of downtown Denver.

Denver International Airport is the main hub for both United Airlines and Frontier Airlines, and it also serves as a focus city for Southwest Airlines. The airport has one main terminal building with three concourses (A, B, and C) and a separate terminal for international arrivals (Jeppesen Terminal).

The airport is known for its unique architecture, including a tent-like roof structure and a signature statue of a blue Mustang with glowing red eyes. It also has a variety of dining and shopping options, as well as numerous art installations throughout the airport.

Denver International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, serving millions of passengers each year. It offers nonstop flights to destinations throughout North America, as well as to Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The airport is also a major hub for cargo operations, with several cargo airlines operating out of DEN.

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