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About West Air (China)

China West Air, also known as West Air, is a Chinese low-cost airline that was founded in 2006. The airline is based in Chongqing, China, and operates a fleet of more than 40 aircraft, consisting mainly of Airbus A320 and A319 planes. China West Air is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines Group, which is one of the largest airlines in China.

As a low-cost carrier, China West Air offers affordable air travel to passengers, with a focus on domestic routes in China. The airline operates flights to more than 40 destinations across China, including popular tourist destinations such as Chengdu, Lijiang, and Xiamen. In recent years, the airline has also expanded its international route network to destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Singapore.

China West Air has received recognition for its safety record and quality of service. In 2019, the airline was awarded a three-star rating by Skytrax, a leading airline rating agency. The airline was also recognized as the “Best Low-Cost Carrier” in China at the 2018 World Low Cost Airlines Congress.

In addition to offering affordable air travel, China West Air has also embraced technology to enhance the customer experience. The airline has developed a mobile app that allows passengers to book flights, check in online, and access real-time flight information. Passengers can also use the app to manage their bookings, select seats, and make changes to their flights.

China West Air has also implemented measures to reduce its environmental impact. The airline has invested in modern aircraft with fuel-efficient engines, and has implemented policies to reduce waste and emissions. China West Air has set a goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 30% by 2025, and is working to achieve this goal through a range of initiatives, including the use of sustainable biofuels.

Despite its success, China West Air faces challenges in a competitive market. The airline competes with other low-cost carriers such as Spring Airlines and Lucky Air, as well as with larger airlines such as China Southern Airlines and Air China. In addition, the airline must navigate regulatory hurdles and address concerns about the safety of low-cost carriers in China.

Overall, China West Air has established itself as a leading low-cost carrier in China, offering affordable air travel to a growing number of passengers. With a focus on safety, quality, and innovation, the airline is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the Chinese aviation market.

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China West Air Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Your hand baggage must not exceed 7 kg in weight or 20 cm x 40 cm x 23cm in size. No free baggage is permitted for infant travel apart from one folding pushchair with the same restrictions as your carry-on luggage.


Checked Baggage

Check-in baggage size shall not exceed 40 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm. The weight restrictions of your luggage depending on the category of ticket you purchase:

Super Traveller: 30kg

Transfer Package: 15-20kg

Normal Tickets/ group Tickets: 10kg

Cheap Tickets: 0kg


Economy Class

Economy Class is the airline’s standard cabin class.

Economy Class Facilities

The Economy Class experience is delivered by the airline’s professional cabin crew.

Passengers can order a range of food and drinks from the airline’s in-flight menu, with hot meals available on select flights.

There is no in-flight entertainment. However, each passenger is given a copy of the airline’s in-flight magazine.


Economy Class Seats

Economy Class seats are set out in a 3 x 3 configuration and give passengers a generous amount of seat pitch and width to keep them comfortable throughout the duration of the flight.


Premium Economy

Premium Economy gives passengers a higher level of service for just a little extra price. The Premium Economy ticket is split into two different fares, C class and D class.

Premium Economy Facilities

Facilities differ depending on whether passengers are flying C class, D class and whether their flight is domestic or international.

D class on domestic flights:

  • Front row seat
  • Free drinks
  • Free meal
  • In-flight magazines and newspaper
  • Blanket

C class on domestic flights:

  • Priority baggage claim
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to the airline lounge
  • Front row seat
  • Free drinks
  • Free meal
  • In-flight magazines and newspaper
  • Blanket, slippers, pillow & towel

D class on international flights:

  • Priority baggage claim
  • Access to the airline lounge
  • Front row seat
  • Free drinks
  • Free meal
  • In-flight magazine and newspaper
  • Blanket, slippers, pillow and towel

C class on international flights:

  • Priority baggage claim
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority security check
  • Access to the airline lounge
  • Front row seat
  • Free drinks
  • Free meal
  • In-flight magazine and newspaper
  • Blanket, slippers, pillow and towel


Premium Economy Seats

Premium Economy seats are the same as regular Economy seats, except passengers are sat at the front of the cabin for easy disembarkation.


China West Air Route Map


Hub Airport

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (CKG) is situated in Yubei District, Chongqing, China. This airport won an award for ‘Best Airport in the 25–40 Million Passenger Size’. In 2021, this airport handled over 35 million passengers. In 2016, this airport was the 8th busiest airport measured by traffic movements.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport has 3 terminals. Terminal 1 is closed at this moment in time. Terminal 2 only serves domestic flights and terminal 3 operates domestic as well as international flights.

This airport is a hub for China Express Airlines, China Southern Airlines, West Air, XiamenAir and more. Other airlines that fly from this airport include Hainan Airlines, Lucky Air, and Okay Airways.

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China West Air Popular Routes

Chongqing (CKG) to Guiyang (KWE)

Guiyang (KWE) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Chengdu (CTU)

Chengdu (CTU) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Kunming (KMG)

Kunming (KMG) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Xi’an (XIY)

Xi’an (XIY) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Lhasa (LXA)

Lhasa (LXA) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Hangzhou (HGH)

Hangzhou (HGH) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Nanjing (NKG)

Nanjing (NKG) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Nanning (NNG)

Nanning (NNG) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Guangzhou (CAN)

Guangzhou (CAN) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Shenzhen (SZX)

Shenzhen (SZX) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Shanghai (PVG)

Shanghai (PVG) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Zhengzhou (CGO)

Zhengzhou (CGO) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Hohhot (HET)

Hohhot (HET) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Changsha (CSX)

Changsha (CSX) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Jinan (TNA)

Jinan (TNA) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Yinchuan (INC)

Yinchuan (INC) to Chongqing (CKG)

Chongqing (CKG) to Haikou (HAK)