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Tarom Airlines, Romania’s flag carrier, has been a significant player in the aviation industry since its establishment in 1954. Operating as a symbol of national pride, Tarom Airlines has connected Romania with the rest of the world, serving as a vital link for passengers and cargo. This article delves into the history, operations, achievements, and challenges of Tarom Airlines, offering a comprehensive look at this influential airline and its role in shaping the aviation landscape of Romania.

Founding and Early Days

Tarom, short for “Transporturile Aeriene Române,” was officially established in 1954, though its roots trace back to 1920. The airline became Romania’s flag carrier, providing domestic and international air travel services. In its early years, Tarom operated with a small fleet of Soviet-built aircraft, such as the Ilyushin Il-14 and Antonov An-24, to serve its primary purpose of connecting Romania with the Eastern Bloc.

During the Cold War era, the airline played an important role in maintaining air links between Romania and other Eastern European countries. Its services expanded to include cities in the Soviet Union and the Middle East.

Operational Framework

Tarom Airlines operates with a comprehensive framework designed to meet the demands of both domestic and international passengers and cargo:

  1. Fleet Composition: The airline’s fleet comprises a mix of modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft, such as the Airbus A318, ATR 42, and Boeing 737. This diverse fleet allows Tarom to serve a wide range of routes, from short-haul domestic flights to long-haul international journeys.

  2. Route Network: Tarom connects Romania to a multitude of destinations across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Key hubs include Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest, Iași International Airport, and Cluj International Airport.

  3. Quality Service: Tarom Airlines is known for providing quality service, both in-flight and on the ground. The airline prioritizes passenger comfort and satisfaction, adhering to international safety standards.

  4. Innovation: The airline has embraced digital technology, offering passengers the convenience of online booking, check-in, and access to information through its website and mobile app.

  5. Safety Record: Tarom Airlines maintains a strong safety record, ensuring that passengers and crew are well taken care of, and that flights run on time.

Challenges and Resilience

Tarom Airlines, like many airlines, has faced various challenges throughout its history:

  1. Competition: The airline operates in a competitive market, facing rival carriers and the constant need to innovate and stay cost-effective.

  2. Economic Factors: Economic fluctuations and currency devaluation can impact passenger demand and profitability, influencing travel costs and availability.

  3. Environmental Concerns: The aviation industry faces increasing scrutiny regarding its environmental impact. Tarom is actively exploring eco-friendly practices to address these concerns.

  4. Global Pandemic Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic had a substantial impact on the aviation industry, including Tarom Airlines, which saw a significant decrease in demand, flight cancellations, and operational disruptions.

  5. Operational Efficiency: Maintaining operational efficiency and controlling costs is an ongoing challenge for airlines. Tarom has made efforts to streamline its operations.

Despite these challenges, Tarom Airlines has consistently demonstrated resilience, adapting to changing conditions, maintaining its commitment to quality air travel, and growing even in challenging times.

Achievements and Impact

Tarom Airlines’ journey is marked by several noteworthy achievements and its significant impact on the aviation industry:

  1. National Pride: The airline serves as a symbol of national pride for Romania, connecting the country to international destinations and promoting Romanian culture and identity.

  2. Connectivity: Tarom Airlines plays a vital role in connecting Romania with numerous European, Middle Eastern, and North American cities, supporting tourism, trade, and international business.

  3. Economic Contribution: The airline’s operations generate job opportunities in Romania and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

  4. Quality Service: Tarom has maintained a strong focus on passenger satisfaction, offering quality in-flight and ground services.

  5. Safety Record: The airline adheres to international safety standards, ensuring the well-being of passengers and crew.

Future Prospects

As it looks to the future, Tarom Airlines has several strategies and developments in mind:

  1. Fleet Modernization: The airline plans to modernize its fleet, incorporating new, more fuel-efficient aircraft to enhance operational efficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

  2. Network Expansion: Tarom aims to expand its route network further, exploring new international destinations and connecting Romania to even more cities.

  3. Sustainability Initiatives: The airline is committed to sustainability, exploring cleaner fuels, fuel-efficient operations, and waste reduction to lessen its environmental impact.

  4. Digital Enhancements: Tarom Airlines will continue to prioritize digital innovation, offering passengers more convenience through improved booking and management services.

  5. Post-Pandemic Recovery: The airline is focused on recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, rebuilding passenger trust, and restoring operations to their pre-pandemic levels.


Tarom Airlines, Romania’s national flag carrier, has played an integral role in connecting the country with the world since its founding in 1954. From its inception to its current status as a prominent airline, the carrier’s journey is marked by resilience, adaptability, and a dedication to providing quality air travel services to its passengers.

As it faces challenges unique to the aviation industry and the changing dynamics of international travel, Tarom Airlines remains committed to expanding its network, modernizing its fleet, and contributing to Romania’s economic development. The airline’s vision, adaptability, and commitment to offering quality air travel ensure that it continues to soar through the skies of Romania, connecting the nation with the world and representing a symbol of national pride.

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Tarom, the flag bearer of Romania, is the oldest currently operating airline of Romania and is based in Otopeni. The headquarters and main hub of Tarom is at Henri CoandÄ International Airport. The airlines were established in 1954. Tarom has started to put high focus on environmentally friendly behavior by utilizing the innovative procedures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The Romanian flag carrier, Tarom owns one of the youngest fleet in Europe, consisting of 23 aircraft, and has been a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 1993 and of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) since 2000.

Tarom Flights Destinations and Fleet

Currently, Tarom is the largest airline operating in Romania, which on the basis of fleet size, international destinations, and international flights; while in terms of passengers’ counts, stands behind Wizz Air. In 2014, the airline transported almost 2.3 million passengers, having an average load factor of 66%.
The fleet size of 23 covers around 76 destinations all over, thus offering its services to various parts of the world. In total, the Tarom Flights covers 25 countries and includes 6 domestic destinations. The fleet size of 23 can be explained as 2 Airbus A310-300, 4 Airbus A318, 7 ATR 42-500, 2 ATR 72-500, 4 Boeing 737-300 and 4 Boeing 737-700.


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