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About Yamal Airlines

Yamal Airlines is a Russian airline based in Salekhard, the capital city of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in western Siberia. The airline was founded in 1997 and operates both domestic and international flights to destinations in Russia, Europe, and Asia.

Yamal Airlines’ fleet consists of more than 30 aircraft, including Airbus A320, Boeing 737, and Bombardier CRJ200 and CRJ550 aircraft. The airline offers both economy and business class cabins on its flights, with a range of amenities and services depending on the aircraft and route.

The airline is known for serving remote and challenging areas in Russia, such as the Arctic regions and the Russian Far East. It also offers charter flights for various purposes, including oil and gas exploration, scientific research, and tourism.

In recent years, Yamal Airlines has been expanding its network and upgrading its fleet with newer and more fuel-efficient aircraft. It has also been working on improving its safety and quality standards, and has received several awards for its achievements in these areas. The airline is a member of the Association of Russian Air Transport Operators and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).



The Yamal Airlines fleet includes Bombardier CRJ-200, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Airbus A321 aircraft.


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Yamal Airlines Check-in Information

Online Check-In

Web check-in for Yamal Airlines opens 24 hours before the flight departure and ends three hours before flight departure. Passengers who have checked in online have no reason to visit the airport check-in desks.


Yamal Airlines Baggage

Checked Baggage

The maximum baggage allowance for checked bags is 20kg for Economy Class passengers and 30kg for Business Class passengers.



Yamal Airlines flies to the following destinations:


Kazakhstan (Aktau; Almaty)

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Israel (Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion Airport)



Belarus (Minsk – Minsk National Airport)

Montenegro (Tivat – Tivat Airport)



Anapa – Anapa Airport

Arkhangelsk – Talagi Airport

Belgorod – Belgorod International Airport

Gelendzhik – Gelendzhik Airport

Gorno-Altaysk – Gorno-Altaysk Airport

Kaluga – Grabtsevo Airport

Kirovsk / Apatity – Khibiny Airport

Kogalym – Kogalym Airport

Krasnoyarsk – Yemelyanovo Airport

Kurgan – Kurgan Airport

Kursk – Kursk Vostochny Airport


Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Zhukovsky International Airport

Murmansk – Murmansk Airport

Nadym – Nadym Airport

Nizhnevartovsk – Nizhnevartovsk Airport

Novy Urengoy – Novy Urengoy Airport

Noyabrsk – Noyabrsk Airport

Omsk – Omsk Tsentralny Airport

Orenburg – Orenburg Tsentralny Airport

Perm – Bolshoye Savino Airport

Saint Petersburg – Pulkovo Airport

Salekhard – Salekhard Airport

Samara – Kurumoch International Airport

Simferopol – Simferopol International Airport

Sochi – Adler-Sochi International Airport

Surgut – Surgut Airport

Tyumen – Roschino International Airport

Ufa – Ufa International Airport


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