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In the heart of Central Asia, where the vast Karakum Desert stretches beneath the azure Turkmen skies, a national airline has been serving as a vital link between Turkmenistan and the rest of the world. Turkmenistan Airlines, the flagship carrier of Turkmenistan, is more than just an airline. It is a symbol of the country’s ambitions, providing passengers with connections to international destinations, facilitating commerce, and fostering cultural exchange. In this 2000-word article, we will delve into the history, services, destinations, and the significant impact of Turkmenistan Airlines on Turkmen air travel, the nation’s economy, and its place in the global aviation industry.

A Flight of Dreams

Turkmenistan Airlines has its roots in the Soviet era, tracing its history back to the establishment of Türkmenhowaýollary, the state civil aviation authority, in 1992. A few years later, in 1995, the company adopted the name Turkmenistan Airlines and began its journey as the national carrier of Turkmenistan. Since its inception, the airline has played a crucial role in connecting the country to the world, further enhancing its status as an independent nation.

Destinations and Network

One of Turkmenistan Airlines’ most notable achievements is its extensive network of destinations, ensuring that passengers can easily access numerous international locations.

  1. The Gateway to Ashgabat: Turkmenistan Airlines serves as the primary gateway to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan’s capital city. Passengers arriving in Ashgabat are welcomed to a city known for its modern architecture, beautiful parks, and a rich history that traces back to the ancient Silk Road.

  2. Global Connections: The airline connects Turkmenistan to numerous international destinations, including Moscow, Istanbul, London, and many cities across Asia. These routes foster cultural exchange, business connectivity, and tourism.

Service Excellence

Turkmenistan Airlines is renowned for its commitment to service excellence, ensuring passengers experience comfort and satisfaction throughout their journey.

  1. Modern Fleet: The airline operates a modern fleet of aircraft designed to meet stringent safety and maintenance standards. Passengers can have confidence in the airline’s dedication to safety and reliability.

  2. Customer-Centric Approach: Turkmenistan Airlines places strong emphasis on professionalism and efficiency when dealing with passengers. Whether booking tickets, managing reservations, or addressing passenger concerns, the airline’s staff is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

  3. Punctuality: Punctuality is of utmost importance for any airline’s service, and Turkmenistan Airlines consistently maintains an excellent on-time performance record, minimizing delays and disruptions for passengers.

  4. In-Flight Comfort: Regardless of the class, all passengers can expect comfortable seating, in-flight meals, and a selection of entertainment options. The airline’s cabins are designed to cater to various travel preferences and budgets.

  5. Environmental Responsibility: The airline is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices in aviation.

Environmental Responsibility

With growing environmental concerns in the aviation industry, Turkmenistan Airlines is taking steps to minimize its carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

  1. Fuel Efficiency: The airline invests in modern, fuel-efficient aircraft to reduce its environmental impact. Newer planes are designed to consume less fuel per passenger, leading to lower emissions.

  2. Carbon Offset Programs: Turkmenistan Airlines offers passengers the option to offset their carbon emissions by contributing to sustainable projects, aiming to balance the environmental impact of air travel.

  3. Sustainable Practices: The airline actively implements sustainable practices, such as recycling on board and minimizing the use of single-use plastics. These efforts are part of the airline’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Impact on Turkmen Air Travel

Turkmenistan Airlines’ operations have significantly impacted air travel in Turkmenistan, benefiting both the tourism industry and the choices of travelers across the country.

  1. Boosting Tourism: The airline has played a pivotal role in promoting tourism within Turkmenistan. By connecting travelers to various international destinations, it not only facilitates the inflow of tourists but also supports the country’s marketing efforts to promote its unique attractions.

  2. Economic Contributions: Turkmenistan Airlines’ operations stimulate the tourism industry and contribute to the local economies of the destinations it serves. This includes hotels, restaurants, and various tourism-related businesses.

  3. Business Connectivity: The airline supports business connectivity by facilitating access to international markets. Companies in Turkmenistan can more efficiently access global regions, fostering economic growth and collaboration.

  4. Cultural Exchange: Turkmenistan Airlines plays a key role in cultural exchange by facilitating travel and tourism. Travelers have the opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

  5. Brand Loyalty: The airline has developed a loyal customer base over the years. Its commitment to service excellence, environmental responsibility, and the preservation of the Turkmen environment has solidified its reputation among travelers.

The Future of Turkmenistan Airlines

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, Turkmenistan Airlines is well-prepared to adapt and thrive. The airline’s future is likely to involve further expansion, technological advancements, enhanced environmental practices, and improved services for travelers.

  1. Expanding Destinations: Turkmenistan Airlines is expected to continue expanding its list of international destinations, offering travelers even more choices and facilitating access to new and exciting places.

  2. Technological Advancements: The airline is likely to invest in advanced technologies to streamline booking processes and enhance in-flight experiences. This may include mobile apps, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, and more.

  3. Sustainable Initiatives: Turkmenistan Airlines will intensify its efforts in sustainability, exploring alternative fuels and innovative practices to further reduce its environmental impact.

  4. Enhanced Partnerships: Collaborations with other airlines and travel-related companies are expected to increase, making it easier for travelers to access comprehensive travel services.


Turkmenistan Airlines’ journey from its founding in 1995 to its current status as a prominent airline in Turkmenistan is a testament to its commitment to excellence, service quality, and sustainability. With a diverse range of destinations, dedication to service quality, and a strong sense of environmental responsibility, the airline has become an integral part of Turkmen air travel. As it continues to evolve and adapt to changing industry dynamics, Turkmenistan Airlines stands ready to shape the future of aviation in Turkmenistan. Whether you’re planning to explore the cultural richness of Ashgabat, conduct international business, or embark on a leisurely adventure, Turkmenistan Airlines remains a reliable choice for travelers seeking memorable experiences in this unique Central Asian nation.

Baggage Policy

Tunisair has a different baggage policy for carry-on and checked baggage, it also depends on the route which you’re flying.

Carry-on Baggage

Economy Class – 1 piece with a maximum overall weight of 8kg

Business Class – 2 x pieces with a maximum overall weight of 10kg

Checked Baggage

For destinations within Tunisia, Europe and North Africa:

Economy Class – 1 x 23 kg baggage piece

Business Class – 2 x baggage pieces


For destinations in the Middle East and West Africa:

Economy Class – 2 x 23 kg baggage pieces

Business Class – 3 x 23 kg baggage pieces

Cabin Classes

Business Class and Economy Class can be booked with Tunisair.

Economy Class

Economy Class is comfortable with space and meals provided on board.

Business Class

Business Class on Tunisair is known as “Espace privilege”, to ensure your journey is comfortable and enjoyable. Meals are served in porcelain dishes with a choice of cuisine. Priority baggage is provided at airport check in at Carthage airport and delivery when you arrive at your destination.


Information on how to check in for your Tunisair booking can be found here. You can also contact Fastofly to assist you with your checking in procedure.

In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment is unavailable on the Tunisair flights.


Wi-fi is not available on board Tunisair flights.

Special Services

A range of special services are provided to passengers:

Dietary Requirements

Tunisair can accommodate any dietary requirements you may have. You must notify the airline or Fastofly when making your booking of any dietary requirements for your on board meal.

Wheelchair Assistance

Wheelchair assistance will be provided at the airport, if notified 48 hours in advance. Tunisair aircraft are fully equipped to assist passengers with reduced mobility. The Fastofly Customer Service team can help you with booking a wheelchair assistance. You can read further information on this on our wheelchair assistance page.

Other Services

Other services required for unaccompanied minors, the request for an extra seat or traveling with an emotional support pet can also be accommodated 48 hours in advance via the airline or through Fastofly.

Destinations that Turkmenistan Airlines flies to

The following tables the destinations of the domestic flights within Turkmenistan. All domestic services are currently passenger operations. The below table shows the country, city and airports which Turkmenistan Airlines currently fly passenger services to. Although the airline operates cargo flights to more destinations, these are not included in the table below.

All Destinations

Belarus Minsk Minsk National Airport
China Beijing Beijing Capital International Airport
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurt Airport
India Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport
Kazakhstan Almaty Almaty International Airport
Russia Kazan Kazan International Airport
Russia Moscow Domodedovo International Airport
Russia Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport
Saudi Arabia Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport
Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Airport
Turkmenistan Ashgabat Ashgabat International Airport
Turkmenistan Dashoguz Dashoguz Airport
Turkmenistan Mary Mary International Airport
Turkmenistan Kerki Kerki Airport
Turkmenistan Turkmenabat Turkmenabat International Airport
Turkmenistan Turkmenbashi Turkmenbashi International Airport
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi International Airport
United Arab Emirates Dubai Dubai International Airport
United Kingdom London Stansted Airport


Hub Airport

Ashgabat International Airport

Ashgabat International Airport is one of the main international airports of Turkmenistan. The airport, which used to be known as Saparmurat Türkmenbaşy International Airport, is found 6 miles northwest of Turkmenistan’s capital of Ashgabat.

Ashgabat International Airport has a number of different facilities including passenger waiting rooms, immigration customers, border control, a 24-hour reference service, VIP rooms, a business club, several shops, bars and restaurants.

Although the airport is currently only a hub for Turkmenistan Airlines, there are a number of other airlines which operate from this airport including Turkish Airlines, flydubaiBelaviaS7 Airlines and China Southern Airlines.


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Turkmenistan Airlines currently consists of the following fleet: Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 757-200 and a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. The VIP fleet includes a Boeing 737-700, Boeing BBJ1, Boeing 777-200LR, Bombardier Challenger 870 and a British Aerospace 125.



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