Are you bored of beaches? There is only one solution to cure your boredom, and that is to take the next cheap flight to Norway, land of the midnight sun!


Norway is known to be full of the glorious wonder of nature. With its fjords, clear waters so crystal clear you could lose yourself in it and the majestic castles that give you a peek into the lives and times of ancient Vikings. The cuisine is also something to look forward to; some of the best and most nutritious dishes can be found in the Scandinavian country.  Here at Fastofly we provide the service where you can compare cheap flights to Norway from anywhere to everywhere its as easy as filling the dates for departure and “From to To” form and you get the list of best prices available on the internet.


Norway actually lies in the western part of Scandinavia with its rugged coastline stretching up to over 25,000 kilometers. These kilometers are peppered with gigantic fjords and several thousands of islands. Now here is something quite intriguing about the weather in this rich cultural country. There are more mild winters in the western and the southern parts of Norway compared to the southeastern part. There are varying seasons of daylight. From May to July, the sun never really completes its descent beneath the horizon in areas that are to the north of the Arctic Circle. This is why Norway is sometimes called ‘land of the midnight sun’. The rest of Norway with its over 5 million citizens enjoys 20 hours of daylight every day.


Flights to Norway are easily accessed from major airports. Though it is generally believed that oslo, the capital and the largest city of Norway and the third largest in Scandinavia is a highly expensive city to visit, yet it is quite possible to book cheap flights to Norway.


Tourists that are planning to book their flights to Norway might think it impossible to get cheap flight tickets, but it is quite the opposite. It is considered wise to book your hotel accommodations well in advance in order to enjoy the lowest rates. Booking during the off peak season is okay. Most hotels offer low rates during the off peak seasons since the number of tourists in the country is quite less. Also, hotel rates are cheaper during the weekends as well, that is from Friday through to Sunday.  But during the week, hotel rates are quite high since travellers who visit the country purely for business purposes check in.


There are many ways in which you could book your flights to Norway without breaking the bank. Internet booking, especially here on will give you a chance to compare prices of flight tickets and enable you to buy cheap tickets to Norway. The month of July is considered one of the best times to book cheap flights because during this period, most hotels and to offer their prospective clients’ promo rates that have been lowered in order to entice more visitors into their hotels.


Now you see how well it pays to check out the cheapest rates or deals on flights, hotel accommodations and also to take note of the season of travel. Doing this will enable you to enjoy the world class offerings Norway has to offer. For your Convenience we have listed cities, towns and villages in Norway at one place so you can choose where you want to travel easily.

Hotel Booking Anywhere in Norway



List of Hotels in Norway

Symbols & Numbers

# 1 Mountain View, Bergen
100 Years Old Norwegian Log House in Tromsø, Tromso
100m2 apartment close to city centre and nature, Storslett
292 AURLAND, Aurland
3-Bedroom, Oslo
4 Bedroom Holiday seahouse Svelgen,Bremanger, Sorgulen
4 star holiday home in Frei, Frei
4 star holiday home in Hennes, Holmstad
4 star holiday home in Sømna, Simle
5-Bedroom House in Lofoten, Ramberg
7 Mountains Apt #1, Bergen
7 Mountains Apt #1, Bergen
7 Mountains Apt #2, Bergen
8 person holiday home in Urangsvåg, Ervik
8 Person Holiday Home in Vikersund, Oslo


A modern 2 bedroom apartment at Tjuvholmen, Oslo
A nice and quiet place near to Trosmø city, Tromso
★By Oslo Bus Terminal/Central Station, sleeps 8★, Oslo
Øigardseter Fjellstue, Hovringen
Ørnes Hotell, Reipa
Ørsta Apartments, Oersta
Østerdalen Hotell, Rena
Østigard 1810, Andalsnes
Øtzi-travel, Straume
Øvre Nordli Rondane Utleie Sollia Friluftsliv, Brenn
Øvre Tho Seter, Otta
Øvrebø, Kristiansand, Vennesla
Øvreveien 56, Alta
Ã…gotnes Hotell, Misje
Ã…krafjordtunet AS, Markhus
Ã…lesund SkySuite, Aalesund
Ã…ndalsnes Sentrum App2, Andalsnes
Ã…ndalsnes Sentrum App3, Andalsnes
Aa GÃ¥rd, Tennevollen
Aabor Buene-Svolvær, Svolvaer
Aalesund City Apartment, Aalesund
Aarnes house Stryn, Stryn
Affordable central studio on ground floor. ST40, Bergen
Aktiv ferie i Vesterålen, Hovden 8475 Straumsjøen, Kraakeberget
Alexandra, Loen
Alpin Apartments Solsiden, Hafjell
Amunds Apartment, Bergen
Andørja en Idyllisk Perle nær Lofoten med Badstu, badestamp kan bestilles mot tillegg, Inner-Bolla
Andalsnes Sentrum App2, Andalsnes
Andvord Gard, Lom
Angsliden, Magnor
Angvik Gamle Handelssted – by Classic Norway Hotels, Angvik
Annex Fjara, Ulven
Anton Antonsens veg 18 Leilighet nr2, Olderdal
Apart Hotel, Gjovik
Apartment – Smalgangen 11, Oslo
Apartment Ã…krehamn Strandavn., saeveland
Apartment AliS, Laerdal
Apartment Bøstad Marvollveien, Tangstad
Apartment Borhaug Volleveien, Borhaug
Apartment Brokke Brokke Alpin Park, Brokke
Apartment Dirdal Frafjord II, Frafjord
Apartment Dirdal Frafjord, Frafjord
Apartment Eidsvåg Solhavn, Eidsvaag
Apartment EYDEHAVN, Faervik
Apartment FARSUND, Farsund
Apartment Flekkefjord Fredensvei, Flekkefjord
Apartment Forsand Mælshamaren, Dirdal
Apartment Frosta II, Tautra
Apartment Frosta, Tautra
Apartment Geilo Kyrkeveien app., Geilo
Apartment Gol Hemsedalsvegen II, Granheim
Apartment Gol Hemsedalsvegen V, Granheim
Apartment Gol Hemsedalsvegen, Granheim
Apartment Hafslo Hestnes, Hafslo
Apartment Hauge I Dalane Jøssinghamn, Hellaren
Apartment Havsdalsgrenda – HLD103, Geilo
Apartment Hebnes Finnvik II, Soland
Apartment Hellevik Lammetun, Lammetu
Apartment Hellvik Trosavigveien, Hellvik
Apartment Hemsedal Skiheisveien III, Hemsedal
Apartment Hemsedal Skiheisveien, Hemsedal
Apartment Hemsedal Staven appartement nr. II, Hemsedal
Apartment Hemsedal Staven appartement nr. III, Hemsedal
Apartment Hemsedal Staven appartement nr., Hemsedal
Apartment Hemsedal Staven, Hemsedal
Apartment Hemsedal with Sauna 274, Hemsedal
Apartment HOSTELAND, Hosteland
Apartment Hyen Solheim, Solheim
Apartment in Gol village center, Gol
Apartment in the city of Bergen, Bergen
Apartment Korssund Lammetun, Korssund
Apartment Nedstrand Stuvik, Nedstrand
Apartment Norddal, Dalsbygda
Apartment Røldal Hordatun Panorama, Roldal
Apartment Sørbøvåg Eide II, Eide
Apartment Sørbøvåg Eide III, Eide
Apartment Sandnes Vassvik II, Sandnes
Apartment Sandstad Korshavna II, Skibnes
Apartment Sandstad Korshavna III, Skibnes
Apartment Sandstad Korshavna V, Skibnes
Apartment Sandstad Korshavna VIII, Skibnes
Apartment Sandstad Korshavna, Skibnes
Apartment Seim, Manger
Apartment Skare Solfonn, Skare
Apartment Skare-Odda Seljestad Appartment, Loyning
Apartment Skjoldastraumen, Skjoldastraumen
Apartment Skulestadmo, Skulestadmo
Apartment Tau Ravnåsvegen, Bjoreimsbygda
Apartment tau, Bjoreimsbygda
Apartment Tertnes Tertnesgrenden, Tertnes
Apartment tjellstø III, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø IV, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø IX, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø V, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø VI, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø VII, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø XI, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø XIV, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø XIX, Nautnes
Apartment tjellstø XV, Nautnes
Apartment Tvedestrand Sagesundveien II, Tvedestrand
Apartment Tvedestrand Sagesundveien IV, Tvedestrand
Apartment Tvedestrand Sagesundveien, Tvedestrand
Apartment Tyinkrysset 15, Tyinkrysset
Apartment with fjord view, Tennevoll
Apartments At The Sentrum, Kristiansund
Apartments no, Toensberg
Apt 201 – Andenes Whale Safari Apartments, Andenes
Arctic Centre Hotel, Tennevollen
Arctic Homes – City Apartment, Tromso
Arctic Homes – Town Square, Tromso
Arctic Homes – Plaza, Tromso
Arctic Homes – Plaza, Tromso
Arctic Hotel Nordkapp, Honningsvag
Arctic House by the sea, Vadsø, Varanger, Vadso
Arctic Rooms MARY, Tromso
Arendal Herregaard Sommerstuer, Faervik
Arostunet 3, Hollen
Arostunet 8 Nær Kristiansand dyrepark, Hollen
Art Studio, Sortland
Askvoll Fjordhotell, Fure
Atlanten Turistsenter, Kristiansund
Atlantic View Ingerstua, Kristiansund
Attraktiv studioleilighet pa Oslo S i hjerte av Oslo, Oslo
Aurora exotic sea country cabin, Kvitnes
Aurora View Cabin, Lyngseidet
Aursnes Hotell, Ekornnes
Austefjordstunet 12, Steinsland
Authentic fishermans cabin, Burekka Stamsund in Lofoten, Stamsund



B & B Vestregate 37, Grimstad
B&B Nyksund, Nykksund
B&B Røyse, Sundvollen
Bø Huset, Sortland
Bø Vertshus, Bo
Bøflaten Camping AS, Vang
BÃ¥tsfjord, Batsfjord
Bakkegata – The blue House, Odda
Bakker Gjestegaard, Trogstad
Balestrand Fjordapartments Holmen 19A, Balestrand
Ballstad Brygge Rorbu, Ballstad
BALSNES GARD, Nordfjordeid
Bardufosstun, Bardufoss
Barfot Apartments, Bergen
Barmøy Gjestehus, Barmen Ytre
Basecamp Hotel, Longyearbyen
Basecamp NORD – Indoor Camping, Moen
Basic Hotel Bergen, Bergen
Beach Houses Bleik – Self Catering, Andenes
Bech’s Hotell & Camping, Moi Rana
Bed and Waffles, Tromso
Bed&kitchen apartment hotel, Ulsteinvik
BEDEHUSET Basecamp Senja, Hamn
Beiarn Kro og Hotell, Osbak
Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri, Bekkjarvik
BELLEVUE VILLA, Kristiansand
Bensvik Brygge, Vaeroy
Bergebu Strandafjellet, Stranda
Bergebu Strandafjellet, Stranda
Bergen Apartment with Fjord View, Alversund
Bergen Harbour Hotel, Bergen
Bergen Penthouse – Spacious apartment with amazing terrace, Bergen
Bergo Hotel, Apartments and Cottages, BEITOSTOLEN
Best Bo, your Apartment in the heart of Oslo, Oslo
Best of Lyngen panorama apartment, Lyngseidet
Best Western Kampen Hotell, Oslo
Best Western Laegreid Hotell, Sogndal
Best Western Plus Hotel Bakeriet, Trondheim
BILET, Sarpsborg
Bilitt gård, Skodbo
Biologen Herdla, Herdla
Bjørkelia – Jølster, Nedre Vasenden
Bjørkeskogen, Froland-Verk
Bjørnestrand Fjordside View, Blinde
Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge, Kviby
BJØRNS KRO, Lillehammer
BJØRVIKA APARTMENTS – Frognerveien 1, Oslo
BJØRVIKA APARTMENTS, Solsiden Area, Trondheim city center, Trondheim
BJØRVIKA APARTMENTS, Vervet, Tromsø City Center, Tromso
Bjerget, Selnes
Bjerkø Gård, Notteroy
Bjorligard Hotel, Bjorli
Blåtind Apartments, Minje
Blefjell Lodge, Gransherad
Blondefabrikken Gjestgiveri, Skudeneshavn
Blue House At The End Of The World, Mehamn
Blue Oasis-Exclucive apartment Oslo City, Oslo
Bnb Downtown Stavanger Nicolas 3 2 Rooms, Stavanger
Bo Sommermotell Breisaas, Bo
Bodø Apartment, Bodo
Bogen Hostel, Bogen
Bogstrand, Lovik
Bolkesjø Gaard – Stallen, Notodden
Boretunet, Orre
Borghildstua Feriehus, Melbu
Bosdalhuset, Lavik
BraMy Apartments The View, Tromso
Brand new Nappstraumen seaview cabin, Gravdal
Brand new studio apartmens in Tromsø centre!, Tromso
Brandseth Fjellstove, Vossestrand
Bratland Camping, Ovstebo
Brattetaule Gard Guesthouse, Manger
Brattvåg Fjordblikk, Hildre
Brekke Apartments, Flam
Brekkeseter Hytter, Hovringen
Bremanger Fjord Hotell, Svelgen
Bright and Modern Flat in the Heart of the City!, Oslo
Bringnes Camp, Russenes
Bringnes Camp, Russenes
Bruvingen, Svanoy
Bruvingen, Svanoy
Brygga Restaurant and Rooms, A i Lofoten
Brygga Restaurant and Rooms, A i Lofoten
Bryne Hotell, Bryne
Bungalow in Sirdal, Fidjeland
Burekka 17, Lofoten, Stamsund
Burekka 17, Lofoten, Stamsund
Burekka 19, Stamsund
Buvik Sea Lodge, Bakkejord
Bykle Hotel, Bykle
Byporten Hotel Lillehammer, Lillehammer
Byrkjedalstunet Hotell, Byrkedal



Cabin in Hodlekve with 5 bedrooms & hot tub., Sogndal
Canyon B&B, Alta
Canyon SMART Hotell, Alta
Catalina Apartment, Oslo
Center rooms, Oslo
Central Apartment. Calm street. Backyard., Stavanger
Central City Apartments, Oslo
Central location in the heart of historic Bergen, Bergen
Central newly redecorated 1BR, Free bikes, Oslo
Central, large and light apartment in the middle of the city, Lillehammer
Chalet Elisabeth – FJH664, Eikelandsosen
Chalet Fjellro – SOO353, Evje
Chalet Kjørull – TEM041, Treungen
Chalet Logstad – SOO352, Evje
Charming 2-Bed Apartment in Faervik, Faervik
Charming and Cozy Flat Perfect for an Oslo Getaway, Oslo
Charming Camper in Ã…lesund center, Aalesund
Charming house from 1880 in Stavanger City Centre, Stavanger
Charming Lakeside House, Lillehammer
Chesterfield Hotel, Trondheim
Christineborg Gjestehus, Runde
Cinderella Cafe & Hotel, Gryting
City Apartments Aalesund, Aalesund
City Center Apartment, Bergen
City Center Hills – Lovely 2-Bedroom w Balcony, Amazing Location, Stavanger
City Center Oslo- Venice Apartment Sea Side Three-Bedrooms and Two Toilettes, Oslo
City Cottage Kristiansand, Lund, Kristiansand
City View Studio Apartment, Aalesund
CITY, Oslo
Citybox Lite Kristiansand, Kristiansand
Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic, Sandefjord
Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer, Lillehammer
Clarion Collection Hotel Kongsberg, Kongsberg
Clarion Collection Hotel Savoy, Oslo
Clarion Hotel Air, Sola
Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport, Kokstad
Clarion Hotel Bergen, Bergen
Comfort Hotel Bodø, Bodo
Comfort Hotel Fosna, Kristiansund
Comfort Hotel Victoria Florø, Floro
Cool cabins Sandhornøy, Indyr
countryside\civilization, Stavanger
Cozee Central Apartments, Stavanger
Cozy & private room in the middle of Lofoten, Gravdal
Cozy Aurora Apartment, Tromso
Cozy basement apartment near central Oslo, Oslo
Cozy Cabin, Oldervik
Cozy flat in BEST location in Bergen. TG94F, Bergen
Cozy modern apartment in the city centre, Longyearbyen
Cozy Ulleval, Oslo
Cute small apartment on the pier in Nyksund, Nykksund



Døblane Bed & Breakfast, Vennesla
Dølen Hotel, Evje
Dønhaug Gjestegard, Uskedal
Dalen Bed & Breakfast, Dalen
Dalen Hotel, Dalen
Dalseter Høyfjellshotell, Skaabu
Design downtown apartment, Aalesund
Det Hvite Hus, Feda
Det Lille Hotel, Risor
Djuvland Fjellgard, Rauland
Dovregubbens Hall, Vaalaasjo
Dr. Holms Boligen, Geilo
Dr. Holms Hotel Leilighet, Geilo
Dragsvik Fjordhotel, Balestrand



Easy Home Apartments, Hammerfest
Eco Camp Norway, Korsvold
EDEL city apartment, Tromso
Egenes Camping, Flekkefjord
Eidfjord Hytter, Eidfjord
Eidfjord, Eidfjord
Eidsfoss / Vrangfoss, Ulefoss
Eikerapen Gjestegård (Åseral), Oyulfstad
Eikre Fjellgård, Granheim
Ekergarden, Kolltveit
Elfridastua, Hasvik
Ellingsen Apartment – Kong Hans gt 6, Andenes
Elvebakk Bed & Breakfast, Reed
Elvestua, Galnslaatt
Emmahuset, Ballstad
Enter Tromsø Apartments, Tromso
Enter Tromsø Luxury Apartments, Tromso
Enter Viking Apartments, Tromso
Ersfjordbotn Brygge (Pet-friendly), Ersfjordbotn
Ersfjordbotn Kystferie, Ersfjordbotn
Espeland, Bergen
Etne Hytter, Etnesjoen
Eventyrgarden Huso, Granheim
Eventyrlaven Kjent fra TV serien Herlig hjem, Kristiansand
Evje Park, Evje
Evje Park, Evje
Evjetun Leirsted, Evje
Exclusive 85 m2 Apartment Near Center, Free Parking, Stavanger
Explorers Cabin Lofoten, Napp



Førde Sommarhotell, Forde
Fab scenery, Ballstad
Fagerhøy Fjellstue, Rukke
Fagerlund Hotel, Fagernes
Fantgrenda overnatting, Roros
Farm apartment Siloen – Herand, Hardanger, Hovland
Fast Hotel Svolvær, Svolvaer
Fauske Camping & Motel, Fauske
Fefor Høifjellshotell, Gala
Femundtunet, Drevsjo
Fennefosscamping, Evje
Festningsgaten Apartement, Vardoe
Finnfjordveien, Finnsnes
Finnskogtoppen SPA & Velværehotell, Askosberget
Finse 1222, Finse
Finsnes Gaard, Finnsnes
First Hotel Atlantica, Aalesund
Fishermans Residence Lofoten, Kvalnes
Fishermans View Lofoten, Kvalnes
Fiskeværet Hovden, Kraakeberget
Five-Bedroom Holiday home in Dirdal, Frafjord
Five-Bedroom Holiday home in Jelsa 1, Erfjord
Fjellheim, Herdla
Fjellheim, Herdla
Fjellivet, Lakselv
Fjellkysten, Tennevollen
Fjellsporthytta nr. 4, Sogndal
Fjellstova Storehorn Apartments, Hemsedal
Fjelltun 8-sengs, Trysil
Fjelltun Fritidsleiligheter, leilighet 407, Geilo
Fjord View Apartment, Stranda
FJORD, Hermannsverk
Fjordbotn Camping, Galnslaatt
Fjordgard, Mefjordvaer
Fjordgløtt Camping/Hytter, Rodberg
Fjordutsikten Motell & Camping AS, Lakselv
Fjorgaarden Hotel Mo I Rana, Moi Rana
Flåm Camping & Cabins, Flam
Flåm Ferdaminne, Flam
Flåm Hostel, Flam
Flatanger Turkish Bath apartment, Straum
Flathus Gard, Hamremoen
Florø Rorbu, Floro
Florli 4444 Hostel, Florli
Folgefonn Gjestetun, Jondal
Foot of Reinebringen, Reine
Forenom Serviced Apartments Oslo Frimanns gate, Oslo
Forenom Serviced Apartments Oslo Royal Park, Oslo
Fossanmoen, Forsand
Fossheim Bed & Breakfast, Sand
Fossheim Steinsenter- Solhell Cabin, Lom
Fossli Hotel, Voringsfoss
Fossumsanden Camping og Hytter, Hauggrend
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Ã…seral 5, Ljosland
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Arnøyhamn, Langfjorden
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Bjelland, Bjelland
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Foldereid, Aarfor
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Gurskøy 1, Kjellsund
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Hundeidvik, Hundeidvik
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Inndyr 1, Indyr
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Kaldfarnes 3, Sifjord
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Stonglandseidet, Buvik
Four-Bedroom Holiday home in Utsira, Ervik
Frøken Skjolds Hotel Lyngengården, Mosjoen
FREGATTEN, Kristiansand
Fresh Familie Hytte Hemsedal, Hemsedal
Fretheim Hotel, Flam
Frich`s Hjerkinnhus, Hjerkinn
Frich`s Oppdalsporten, Fagerhaug
Frich’s Hotell og Spiseri Alvdal, Alvdal
Frich’s Motell & Spiseri Rudshøgda AS, Ringsaker
Fritidsbolig ca 20 min fra Tromsø Sentrum, Tromso
Frogner House Apartments- Gabels gate 3, Oslo
Frogner House Apartments- Helgesens gate 1, Oslo
Froland Hostel, Froland-Verk
Frugga Feriehus, Kraakeberget
Frydenlund, Balestrand
Funkis-cabin in Herand with fantastic fjordview, Herand
Furøy Feriesenter, Sorreisa


GÃ¥rdshytten, Dverbergveien 143, Lovik
Gamlestølen Fjellstue, Steinsetbygdi
Gamlestugu Greivjord Fjellgard, Tuddal
Gammelfileten Brygge, Henningsvaer
Gardenview Room, Madla
Garder Hotell og Konferansesenter, Gardermoen
Gaustatoppen Booking, Gaustablikk
Geilo Gaarden, Geilo
Geilo Vandrerhjem, Geilo
Geilotunet H224 – 6 person apartment, Geilo
Gildetun, Spildra
Gjøa Motell, Rosendal
GLØD Apt Suite, Alta
GLØD Apt Suite, Alta
Gladheim – Strandafjellet, Stranda
Gladheim – Strandafjellet, Stranda
Glass roof private loft in Tromsø, Tromso
GLUPPE, Fredrikstad
Golfvegen 76, Trysil
Grønnbuene Rorbu Hotel, Andenes
Grønolen Fjellgard, BEITOSTOLEN
Grønset Gard, Haukvik
Graaten in Hardangerfjord, Lofthus
Grand Hotel Egersund, Egersund
Grand Hotel Hønefoss, Hoenefoss
Grand Hotel, Oslo
Grand Hotell Sauda Budget, Saudasjoen
Grandane Feriehus, Stanfjord
Granli Gard, Evanger
Great Fjord View, Tromso
Grev Gyldenløve Hotel, Larvik
Grieg Studio, Nesttun
Grieghallen Apartment – City Centre, Bergen
Grimstad Hostel & Vandrehjem, Grimstad
Grimstad Vertshus, Grimstad
Grong GÃ¥rd Guesthouse, Grong
Groven Camping & Hyttegrend, Vinjesvingen
Gudbrandsdal Leirskole, Mellbo
Gudbrandsgard Hotel, Kvitfjell
Gudvangen Budget Hotel, Gudvangen
Guesthouse Det gamle Hotellet, Reine
Gulen Dive Resort, Dalsora
Gullberget Camping, Falstad
Gullesfjord Camping, Moelv
Guvåg Båt Og Sjøhusutleie, Straumsnes



Høyanger 3 roms leilighet, Hoyanger
Høyanger Hotel, Hoyanger
Høyevarde Fyrhotell, Kopervik
Hafjell Alpinlandsby Pluss, Hafjell
Hagaled Gjestegard, Nesbyen
Haglebutunet, Kleiv
Hagstua, Stamsund
Hald Sommerhotell, Mandal
Hamarøy Hotel, Innhavet
Hamaroy Fiskecamping, Presteid
Hammerstad Camping, Svolvaer
Hamn i Senja, Hamn
Hamningberghuset, Hamningberg
Handelsstedet Forvik, Vevelstad
Handkleppveien 26 -fishermans cabin, Straume
Hansali Holiday Home, Boyum
Hansnes Havfiske, Hansnes
Hardanger Basecamp, Ulvik
Hardanger Feriesenter Neshagen, Norheimsund
Hardanger House, Jondal
Hardanger Kulturgalleri, Herand
Hardangerfjord Hotel, Oystese
Hattvika Lodge, Ballstad
Haugen Pensjonat Svalbard, Longyearbyen
Haugland Gard, Haugaland
Haukedalen Hytter, Holsa
Haukelifjell Gjestehus, Vaagslia
Haus Belland, Belland
Havbris, Svortland
Havila Hotel Ivar Aasen, Oersta
Havly Bed & Breakfast, Kallevaag
Havnegata 22, Harstad
Havnnes Handelssted Holiday Homes, Gargu
Hegna Camping, Kasin
Heidal Gjestgiveri As, Heidal
Heimen, Skasenden
Helgatun Fjellpensjonat, Helgatun
Hellesylt Hostel and Motel, Hellesylt
Hemsedal Høyfjellssenter, Hemsedal
Hemsedal Mountain Cottage, Hemsedal
Hemsedal Penthouse hjørneleilighet, Hemsedal
Hemsetunet Apartments, Hemsedal
Henriks Hotell, Skien
Herangtunet Boutique Hotel, Heggenes
Hessdalen Ufocamp, Haltdalen
Hesthaug Gard, Eidsdal
Highland Lodge, Geilo
Hikers’ Camp & Water Camp, Jorpeland
Hindsæter, Randsverk
Hinna Garden, Stavanger
Hinna Garden, Stavanger
Historical apartments in the heart of the old town, Stavanger
Hjelle Hotel, Hjaelle
Hjellebua, Stamsund
Hjelledalen Hyttesenter, Hjaelle
Hjorteskogen, Borsa
Hofslund Fjord Hotel, Sogndal
Hogstul Hytter – Apartment North, Tuddal
Holiday Cottage at Sirdal Ski Resort, Handeland
Holiday home Øksnevik Hyttefel N-911, Spangereid
Holiday Home Økstrafjordveien, Erfjord
Holiday home Ølve Ølvesveien, Haavik
Holiday home Øydegard Treekrem II, Odegaard
Holiday home Øydegard Treekrem, Odegaard
Holiday home Øyer II, Oyer (Hafjell)
Holiday home Øyer, Hafjell
Holiday home Ã…kra Ã…kra GÃ¥rden, Kyrping
Holiday home Ã…kra Ã…kra I Sunnhordaland II, Kyrping
Holiday home Ã…kra VÃ¥gen Ã…kra Kvinnherad II, Kyrping
Holiday home Ã…kra VÃ¥gen Ã…kra Kvinnherad, Kyrping
Holiday home Ål Bergsjøstølen, Bergsjostolen
Holiday home Ã…LESUND III, Lauvstad
Holiday home Ã…lvik Tveit II, Alvik
Holiday home Ã…lvik Tveit, Alvik
Holiday home Åmli Gjøvdal II, Stoylen
Holiday home Åmli Gjøvdal Solvang, Stoylen
Holiday home Åmli Gjøvdal, Stoylen
Holiday home Ã…ram Hakallestranda, Larnes
Holiday Home Ã…rsbogvegen, Vevang
Holiday home Ã…SERAL IV, Tjaldal
Holiday home Ã…SERAL IX, Tjaldal
Holiday home Åsgårdsstrand Damgt., Asgardstrand
Holiday home Agdenes Selva II, Orland
Holiday home Agdenes Selva III, Orland
Holiday home Agdenes Selva, Orland
Holiday home Akra *XIX *, Kyrping
Holiday home Alvdal Savalen, Stromsaas
Holiday home Andabeløy, Flekkefjord
Holiday home Arnavik Sydnesøy, Adnavik
Holiday home Aseral II, Tjaldal
Holiday home Auklandshamn 10, Vestvik
Holiday home Aukra II, Heggdal
Holiday home Aukra III, Heggdal
Holiday home Aukra IV, Heggdal
Holiday home Aukra, Heggdal
Holiday home Aurdal Aurdalåsen Valdres Alpin, Aurdal
Holiday Home Austre, Tjaldal
Holiday home Averøy Evastua, Sveggesundet, Bremsnes
Holiday home Averøy Nr., Sofstad
Holiday home averøy, Sofstad
Holiday home AVERØY II, Sofstad
Holiday home AVERØY V, Eide
Holiday Home Öydnavann – SOW742, Konsmo
Holiday home BØMLO II, Bomlo
Holiday home BØMLO, Bomlo
Holiday home Balestrand Persbu Stølen, Balestrand
Holiday home Balestrand Stokkabø, Balestrand
Holiday home Balestrand Stokkebø II, Balestrand
Holiday home Balestrand Stokkebø, Balestrand
Holiday home Barmen, Barmen Ytre
Holiday home Bekkjarvik Kvednelva, Bekkjarvik
Holiday Home Bjørklund, Selje kommune
Holiday home Bjarkøy, Buvik
Holiday home Bjoa Haugsgjerdet II, Innbjoa
Holiday home Bjoa Haugsgjerdet III, Hauge
Holiday home Bjoa Haugsgjerdet, Innbjoa
Holiday home Bjorli, Bjorli
Holiday home Borhaug Borhauggarden, Borhaug
Holiday home Borhaug Postveien, Borhaug
Holiday home Borhaug Tjørveveien, Borhaug
Holiday home Borhaug Volleveien, Borhaug
Holiday home brandal Kirkebøen, Brandal
Holiday home Brattvåg II, Hildre
Holiday home Brattvåg IV, Hildre
Holiday Home Breivikbotn, Hasvik
Holiday home Bremnes Hiskholmen II, Lykling
Holiday home Bremnes Urangsvåg, Svortland
Holiday home Bromma Gire Bromma, Nesbyen
Holiday home Bygland Ose, Osa
Holiday home Bykle Øvre Sarv, Bykle
Holiday home Byrkjelo, Reed
Holiday home Dølemo Fosslaugfoss, Ovre Ramse
Holiday home Dølemo Hillestadheia VI, Ovre Ramse
Holiday home Dølemo Hillestadheia VIII, Ovre Ramse
Holiday home Dønna, Store Vandve
Holiday home Dalsøyra Haveland Gulen, Haveland
Holiday home Dalsøyra Helge Tangen, Haveland
Holiday home Dimmelsvik Myklebustv., Dimmelsvik
Holiday home Dirdal Frafjord II, Dirdal
Holiday home Dirdal Frafjord III, Dirdal
Holiday home Dirdal Frafjord IV, Dirdal
Holiday home Dirdal Frafjord V, Frafjord
Holiday home Dirdal Frafjord VI, Frafjord
Holiday home Dirdal Giljastølen IV, Frafjord
Holiday home Dirdal Lindlandveien, Dirdal
Holiday home Drangedal Gautefallheia, Gautefall
Holiday home Dyrvik V, Tunes
Holiday home Dyrvik V, Tunes
Holiday home Edland Edland II, Edlandsgrend
Holiday home Edland Edland, Edlandsgrend
Holiday home Eggedal Tempelsætervei, Eggedal
Holiday home Eidfjord Eidfjord, Eidfjord
Holiday home Eidsvåg Sommarfjøstrøa, Eidsvaag
Holiday home EIDSVÃ…G III, Myklebostad
Holiday home Eikefjord Barlindbotn II, Kalsvik
Holiday home Eikelandsosen 9, Eikelandsosen
Holiday home Eikelandsosen Ragnhildstveit II, Eikelandsosen
Holiday home Eikelandsosen Ragnhildstveit III, Eikelandsosen
Holiday home Eikelandsosen Ragnhildstveit IV, Eikelandsosen
Holiday home Eikelandsosen Skogseid, Tamre
Holiday home Eikesdal Eikesdalsvatnet Vike II, Overaas
Holiday home Eikesdal Eikesdalsvatnet Vike III, Overaas
Holiday home Eikesdal Eikesdalsvatnet Vike, Overaas
Holiday home Eina Næssvegen, Eina
Holiday home Ekne Lunden Nedre, Falstad
Holiday home Elgå Femundveien, Elga
Holiday home Elgå Tjønnodden Hytte G, Elga
Holiday home Engerdal Sølenstua, Faemundssundet
Holiday home Eresfjord Øverås II, Overaas
Holiday home Eresfjord Øverås III, Overaas
Holiday home Eresfjord Øverås IV, Overaas
Holiday home Erfjord, Erfjord
Holiday home Etne Byrkjenes, Borkjenes
Holiday home Etne Kaldheim, Etne
Holiday home Etne Kyrping, Kyrping
Holiday home Etne Sørstranda, Etnesjoen
Holiday home Evanger Brekkhuslii, Evanger
Holiday home FÃ¥vang II, Kvitfjell
Holiday home FÃ¥vang VI, Kvitfjell
Holiday home FÃ¥vang VII, Kvitfjell
Holiday home FÃ¥vang VIII, Kvitfjell
Holiday home FÃ¥vang, Kvitfjell
Holiday home Fana Botnegrenda, Hjellestad
Holiday home Fannrem Hoston, Hosten
Holiday home Farstad, Harstad
Holiday home Farsund Øyhovden, Farsund
Holiday home Farsund Farsund, Farsund
Holiday home Farsund Ferjeveien, Farsund
Holiday home Farsund Krågenes, Farsund
Holiday home Farsund Kviljo, Lista
Holiday home Farsund Skremestø, Skarstein
Holiday home Farsund Stueland, Skarstein
Holiday home Fedje Fedje, Fedje
Holiday home Fiksdal Fiksdal Vestnes, Rekdal
Holiday home Finnås Lykling, Lykling
Holiday home Finnås Lyklingsjøvegen, Lykling
Holiday home FISKÃ…, Hundnes
Holiday home Fister Fister II, Fister
Holiday home Fister Fister III, Fister
Holiday home Fister Fister IV, Fister
Holiday home Fjørtoft II, Fjertoft
Holiday home Fjell, Algeroy
Holiday Home Fjordstuen – FJR650, Kopervik
Holiday home Fløyrli, Florli
Holiday home Flå Øvre Reinsjøfjell, Kleiv
Holiday home Flatråker Økland, Tveit
Holiday home Flekkerøy Lårholmoveien II, Kristiansand
Holiday home Flekkerøy Mebø, Kristiansand
Holiday home Flekkerøy, Kristiansand
Holiday home Flygansvær Reksteren Tysnes, Gjovag
Holiday home Foldereid, Aarfor
Holiday home Folkestad Dalsbygd Volda, Folkestad
Holiday Home Foreneset, Erfjord
Holiday home Forsand Erevik II, Forsand
Holiday home Forsand Erevik III, Forsand
Holiday home Frei Iverplassen, Frei
Holiday home Frekhaug Fosse, Frekhaug
Holiday home Frekhaug Litlebergen Holsenøy, Frekhaug
Holiday home Fresvik Solhaug, Fresvik
Holiday home Fyresdal Hauggrend II, Veum
Holiday home Fyresdal Hauggrend, Veum
Holiday home Gålå Gålå Fjellgrend, Gala
Holiday home Gålå Peer Gyntlia II, Gala
Holiday home Gålå Peer Gyntlia III, Gala
Holiday home Gålå Peer Gyntlia IV, Gala
Holiday home Gålå Peer Gyntlia, Gala
Holiday home Geilo Ustedalen, Geilo
Holiday home Geilo Vendalsvegen, Hovet
Holiday home Gimsøystrand Gimsøystrand, Barstrand
Holiday home Gjøra Heimtun, Musgjerd
Holiday home Gjerstad Vestøl, Gryting
Holiday home Glåmos Viken, Vika
Holiday home Gol Golsfjellet, Kamben
Holiday home Gol Hallingstuga, Magnetun
Holiday home Gol Nystølfjellet Drengestugu, Kamben
Holiday home Gol Torvstua, Magnetun
Holiday home Gressvik Slevikstranda, Gressvik
Holiday home Grimstad Birkedal, Killand
Holiday home Hærland Mosebyveien, Lundeby
Holiday home Høvåg, Hovaag
Holiday home Høyanger Hålandsveien, Hoyanger
Holiday home Høydalsmo Lårdalsveien, Triset
Holiday home Hafslo Kvamshaugen III, Hafslo
Holiday home Hafslo Kvamshaugen, Hafslo
Holiday home Hagavik, Hagavik
Holiday Home Halden Tjerviken, Asak
Holiday Home Hamar, Aadalsbruk
Holiday home Hatlestrand Hatlestrandsvegen V, Vaage
Holiday home Hatlestrand Hatlestrandsvegen, Vaage
Holiday home Hauge I Dalane Jøssinghamn Nr., Hellaren
Holiday home Hebnes, Hebnes
Holiday home Heidal Øvre Rindhølen, Slettmoen
Holiday home Heidal Bakketun, Heidal
Holiday home Hellesøy 19, Hellesoy
Holiday home Hellesylt 29, Hellesylt
Holiday home Hellvik Trosavigveien, Hellvik
Holiday home Hemnes Digerneset, Loken
Holiday home Hemnes Vestre Sundby, Kroksund
Holiday home Hemsedal 42, Markegardlian
Holiday home Hemsedal Høgeloft II, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Høgeloft, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Holde Hemsedal, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Rusto Raunhaug, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Sjåstadfeltet, Ragnarbu, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Skarsnuten III, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Skarsnuten, Hemsedal
Holiday home Hemsedal Ulsåkstølen, Markegardlian
Holiday home Hemsedal, Hemsedal
Holiday home Herand Vik, Herand
Holiday home Hidrasund Veisdalveien, Kirkehamn
Holiday home Hjelledalen Glomnes Nr., Hjaelle
Holiday home Hjelmeland Sandangervågen, Kaada
Holiday home Hjerkinn Dovrefjell, Hjerkinn
Holiday home Hol Mauredokk, Seim
Holiday home Holmedal Holmedal, Holmedal
Holiday home Holmefjord Holsundvegen, Holmefjord
Holiday home Hornnes Klepp GÃ¥rd, Evje
Holiday home Hov Vestsidev., Enger
Holiday home Hov Vestsideveien II, Enger
Holiday home Hovet Gamlestugu PÃ¥ Larsgard, Hovet
Holiday home Hovet Gurostølen Nr. II, Skaro
Holiday home Hovet Gurostølen Nr. III, Skaro
Holiday home Hovet Gurostølen Nr. IV, Skaro
Holiday home Hovet Gurostølen Nr., Skaro
Holiday home Hovland Espe II, Hovland
Holiday home Hovland Segelgjerd, Hovland
Holiday home Hovland, Hovland
Holiday home Hovsherad Handeland, Moi
Holiday home Hundeivik Sjøbua, Hundeidvik
Holiday home Hunndal Skumlivegen, Raufoss
Holiday home Hurdal Steinsjøveien, Hurdal
Holiday home Husnes Onarheimsvegen, Onarheim
Holiday home Hyllestad Lifjorden, Hovland
Holiday home Idse Idsal, Idse
Holiday home Indre Billefjord, Lakselv
Holiday home Innfjorden 6, Saebo
Holiday home Jørpeland Jøssangvegen, Jorpeland
Holiday home Jondal Belsnes, Jondal
Holiday home Jondal Torsnes, Jondal
Holiday home KÃ¥rholmsveien L-909, Kristiansand
Holiday home Kaldfarnes, Kaldfarnes
Holiday home Kleppe Nordsjøveien, Orre
Holiday home Kleppe Vigre, Orre
Holiday home Kolnes Skreveien III, Eike
Holiday home KOLVEREID, Roervik
Holiday home Korshamn, Stusvig
Holiday home Korsund Lammetun, Lammetu
Holiday home Kvås, Konsmo
Holiday home Kvalavåg Tresvikv., Avaldsnes
Holiday home Kvalavåg Tresvikvegen II, Avaldsnes
Holiday home Kvalsund, Repparfjord
Holiday home Kvam Haugsetra III, Mysusaeter
Holiday home Kvam Haugsetra, Mysusaeter
Holiday home Kvamsøy Storholmen, Sande
Holiday home Kvinavegen hyttefelt K-908, Risnes
Holiday home Kvinesdal Krågeland, Stakkeland
Holiday home Kvinesdal Solheim-Opofte, Feda
Holiday home Kvisvik Utsikten II, Kvisvik
Holiday home Kviteseid Ã…sgrendvegen, Sajotsedd
Holiday home Lærdal 4, Tyinkrysset
Holiday Home Lagmannsneset, Fonnes
Holiday home Laksvatn Tommasnes, Lakselvbukt
Holiday home Langangen Sagbakkveien, Langangen
Holiday home Langangen Sagbakkvn., Langangen
Holiday home Larvik Vestmarkveien, Larvik
Holiday home Lavik Hellebø Hytter Nr., Lavik
Holiday home Lavik Lavik, Lavik
Holiday home Lavik Vattekar, Vadheim
Holiday home Lesja Søre Traasdahl II, Dombaas
Holiday home Lesja Søre Traasdahl III, Dombaas
Holiday home Lesja Søre Traasdahl, Dombaas
Holiday home Lesjaskog, Bjorli
Holiday home LINDESNES II, Konsmo
Holiday home LINDESNES III, Jaasund
Holiday home Lindesnes Lillehavn, Solvang, Spangereid
Holiday home Lindesnes Lussevika, Jaasund
Holiday home Lindesnes Stusvik, Spangereid
Holiday home Lindesnes Udland, Jaasund
Holiday Home Lingåsen, Valldal
Holiday Home Litlevagen, Lonevaag
Holiday home Ljørdalen Hollåsen, Ljordal
Holiday Home Lofoten, Henningsvaer
Holiday home Lom 32, Frisvoll
Holiday home Lom Gustav Wentzels veg, Frisvoll
Holiday home Lom Lia II, Fossbergi
Holiday home Lomen, Ryfoss
Holiday home Lonevåg Bysheim, Lonevaag
Holiday home Lundegrend Galanten, Grimsland
Holiday home Lundegrend Homlevik, Grimsland
Holiday home Luster Aasen, Luster
Holiday home Luster Bringebøen, Dalsdalen, Luster
Holiday home Luster Hengesteg, Luster
Holiday home Lyngdal 19, Alleen
Holiday home Lyngdal Ã…mland Hyttefelt, Alleen
Holiday home Lyngdal Dragedalen, Alleen
Holiday home Lyngdal Lindelia, Alleen
Holiday home Lyngseidet, Lyngseidet
Holiday home Måløy Husevåg II, Maloy
Holiday home Måløy Husevåg, Maloy
Holiday home MÃ¥ndalen, Saebo
Holiday home Magnor Leirsjøveien, Magnor
Holiday home Mandal Dyvika, Paltoskveien, Eigebrek
Holiday home Mandal Skjernøysund, Mandal
Holiday home Mandal Skogsøylandet, Eigebrek
Holiday home Mandstad Golfsvingen, Saltnes
Holiday Home Marisletta, Larseng
Holiday home Mauseidvåg Sulesund, Korshamn
Holiday home Midsund Nord-Heggdal II, Heggdal
Holiday home Midsund Nord-Heggdal III, Heggdal
Holiday home Midsund Nord-Heggdal, Heggdal
Holiday home MIDSUND V, Midsund
Holiday Home Midtholmen – SOW726, Konsmo
Holiday home Moi Ã…vedal, Hellesmork
Holiday home Moi Drivdal, Ovre Fjeldsaa
Holiday home Molde, Molde
Holiday home Morgedal Nordskogveien II, Morgedal
Holiday home Morgedal Nordskogveien, Morgedal
Holiday home Mosterhamn Naustbakken Eikeland, Vestra Mosterhamn
Holiday home Mykland Øvre Lauvrak, Lauvrak
Holiday home NÃ¥ Aga, Lofthus
Holiday home Naustdal Helle, Hella
Holiday home nedstrand, Espevik
Holiday home Nesbyen Mykingstølen II, Rukke
Holiday home Nissedal Lindefjell, Fjone
Holiday home Norddal, Dalsbygda
Holiday home Nordfjordeid Hundvik, Nordfjordeid
Holiday home Nordtveitgrend Lygre, Revna
Holiday home Nordtveitgrend Nedrevågen, Haavik
Holiday home Norheimsund Hardangerfjordveien II, Norheimsund
Holiday home Norheimsund Hardangerfjordveien, Norheimsund
Holiday home Norheimsund Jonshøgdi, Kleivi
Holiday home Norheimsund Rosselandvegen, Norheimsund
Holiday home Norheimsund with Mountain View 266, Kleivi
Holiday home Odnes Kirkebakka, Odnaes
Holiday home Oksvoll Risvika, Oksvolden
Holiday home Oksvoll, Oksvolden
Holiday home Olden Beinnes, Olden
Holiday home Olden Flåten Hyttegrend II, Olden
Holiday home Olden Flåten Hyttegrend, Olden
Holiday home Olden Muri II, Olden
Holiday home Olden Muri III, Olden
Holiday home Olden Muri, Olden
Holiday home Olden V, Olden
Holiday home Omastrand Omavegen II, Tamre
Holiday home Omastrand Omavegen, Tamre
Holiday home Orkanger Geitastranda, Sor Geita
Holiday home Osen, Vika
Holiday home Otta Gråhaugen, Mysusaeter
Holiday Home Ponstivegen, Vestvik
Holiday home Røylsund Fosnaveien, Kopervik
Holiday home Rauland Heimvegli Vierli, Torvetjonn
Holiday home Rauland Holtardalen, Torvetjonn
Holiday home RAULAND II, Rauland
Holiday home Rauland Sandviki i Rauland, Arabygdi
Holiday home Rebbenes, Rebbenas
Holiday Home Reksundveien, Sofstad
Holiday home Rena Ulvåaveien, Rodsbakken
Holiday home Rendalen Renåfjellet Hylla, Akersstrommen
Holiday home Rennebu, Sundset
Holiday Home Rensvikholmen, Frei
Holiday home Revsnes II, Lines
Holiday home Ringebu Gildesvollen, Ringebu
Holiday home Ringebu Måsåplassen II, Ringebu
Holiday home Ringebu Måsåplassen III, Ringebu
Holiday home Ringebu Måsåplassen V, Ringebu
Holiday home Ringebu Måsåplassen VI, Ringebu
Holiday home Risør Type D, Risor
Holiday home Rognaldsvåg Indre Reksta, Indre Reksta
Holiday home Rosendal Lyngstrandvegen II, Gjuvsland
Holiday home Rubbestadneset II, Rubbestadneset
Holiday home Rubbestadneset III, Rubbestadneset
Holiday home Rubbestadneset, Rubbestadneset
Holiday Home Rundereim, Selje kommune
Holiday Home Rundereim, Selje kommune
Holiday Home Sætran, Grytting
Holiday home Sætre Øvre Wærpen, Drobak
Holiday home Sævareid Bråten, Saevareid
Holiday home Søgne Branesveien, Hollen
Holiday home Søgne Vragevigheia, Hollen
Holiday home Søndeled Sandviken Jernæs, Nistesvaag
Holiday home Sør-Audnedal Molandsli, Jaasund
Holiday home Sør-Audnedal Nodevik, Jaasund
Holiday Home Sørevegen, Utsira
Holiday home Sørvær II, Hasvik
Holiday home Sørvågen Bogen Sørvågen, Soervaag
Holiday home Sørvågen Sørvågen, Soervaag
Holiday home Saltnes Gamlevn. II, Saltnes
Holiday home Sandane Kandal Gloppen, Reed
Holiday home Sandane Søreide, Sandane
Holiday home Sandeid Ilsvåg, Sandeid
Holiday home Sandnes Naustervik, Hommarsak
Holiday home Sandnes Vassvik, Sandnes
Holiday home Sandshamn, Sande
Holiday home Sandvoll Skarveland II, Sandvoll
Holiday home Sandvoll Skarveland III, Sandvoll
Holiday home Sandvoll Skarveland, Sandvoll
Holiday home selje, Selje kommune
Holiday home Selsøyvik, Onoen
Holiday home Senjahopen, Mefjordvaer
Holiday home Sennesvik Ureveien II, Sennesvik gamle
Holiday home Sennesvik Ureveien, Sennesvik gamle
Holiday home Sira Viraksvegen, Sira
Holiday home Sirevåg Haverveien, Sirevaag
Holiday Home Sjøstrand – FJH613, Tysnes
Holiday home Sjernarøy Norheim, Mjolsnes
Holiday home Sjernarøy Sjernarøy, Mjolsnes
Holiday home Sjusjøen 25, Sjusjoen
Holiday home Skånevik Skånevikstrand, Tveitavoll
Holiday home SKÃ…NEVIK V, Skaanevik
Holiday Home Skafjellstoga – TEM011, Felle
Holiday home Skei I Jølster Dvergsdal/Skei, Skei
Holiday home SKJEBERG, Sarpsborg
Holiday home Skjolden *XXXI *, Marheim
Holiday home Skorovatn, Royrvik
Holiday home Skudeneshavn Syre, Skudeneshavn
Holiday home Skulestadmo Bavallen, Skulestadmo
Holiday home Skutvik II, Presteid
Holiday home Slinde Nornes, Slinda
Holiday home Sogndal Kleiv Sogndalsdalen, Svidalen
Holiday home Spangereid Lindal “A”, Spangereid
Holiday home Spangereid Lussevika V, Jaasund
Holiday home Spangereid Lussevika VI, Jaasund
Holiday Home Staksholmen – SOW725, Konsmo
Holiday home Stangvik Idavolden, Stangvik
Holiday home Stavern Øvre Torsrød, Larvik
Holiday Home Steinkjærveien, Sistranda
Holiday home Steinstø Fyksesund, Oystese
Holiday home stokmarknes, Grytting
Holiday Home Stolpnes II, Snildal
Holiday Home Stolpnes, Snildal
Holiday home Stordal, Minje
Holiday home Stranda Lie, Stranda
Holiday home Stranda Stranda, Stranda
Holiday home STRANDA, Stranda
Holiday Home Straumen, Steinsbo
Holiday home Straumgjerde Fjellsetra, Ramstad
Holiday home Stryn Ullsheim Markane, Stryn
Holiday home Suldalsosen Suldalseidet, Suldalseidet
Holiday home Sund, Nusfjord
Holiday home Sunde 25, Kaldestad
Holiday home Sveio Straumavegen, Bleivik
Holiday home Svelgen II, Svelgen
Holiday home Svelgen Indrehus, Svelgen
Holiday home Svingvoll Hjelmstadvegen, Svingvoll
Holiday home taø II, Bjoreimsbygda
Holiday home Tau Heia, Jorpeland
Holiday home Tessanden, Randsverk
Holiday home Tingvatn Lokeli Hyttegrend Nr. II, Tingpatn
Holiday home Tingvatn Lokeli Hyttegrend Nr. III, Tingpatn
Holiday home Tingvatn Lokeli Hyttegrend Nr. IV, Tingpatn
Holiday home Tingvatn Lokeli Hyttegrend Nr., Tingpatn
Holiday home Tjøme Goneveien, Tjome
Holiday home Tjøme Moveien, Tjome
Holiday home Tjørhom Sinnes, Fidjeland
Holiday home Tjørhom Svartevatn, Fidjeland
Holiday home Tjelstø Heggøyvegen, Alveim
Holiday home Tonstad Fintland, Sirdal
Holiday home Tonstad Osen, Bjornestad
Holiday home Torjulvågen Nervågen, Torgjul
Holiday Home Tornesvegen, Molde
Holiday home Treungen Felle, Felle
Holiday home treungen II, Vinjesvingen
Holiday home treungen, Treungen
Holiday home Trysil Bjønnåsen, Trysil
Holiday home Tuddal Fikstjønn Hyttefelt, Tuddal
Holiday home Tvedestrand 58, Tvedestrand
Holiday home Tynset Savalen Hestesenter, Troan
Holiday home Tynset Savalen III, Troan
Holiday home Tynset Savalen IV, Troan
Holiday home Tynset Savalen V, Troan
Holiday home Tysse Eikedal, Kleivi
Holiday home Tysse Kråni, Kleivi
Holiday home Ualand Langhus, Ualand
Holiday home Ulefoss Grønvoldvegen, Ulefoss
Holiday home Urangsvåg *XVII *, Ervik
Holiday home Urangsvåg IV, Steinsbo
Holiday home Urangsvåg IX, Ervik
Holiday home Urangsvåg V, Steinsbo
Holiday home Urangsvåg VI, Ervik
Holiday home Uskedalen Hauglandsvegen, Uskedal
Holiday home Utne Raaen Hytteutleige II, Utne
Holiday home Utne Raaen Hytteutleige III, Utne
Holiday home Utne Raaen Hytteutleige IV, Utne
Holiday home Utne/Lothe Lothe, Utne
Holiday home Vågå Nedre Rusten II, Lalm
Holiday home VÃ¥gstranda Himmelkroken, Reistad
Holiday home VÃ¥gstranda Hjelvik II, Reistad
Holiday home VÃ¥gstranda Hjelvik, Reistad
Holiday home Vallavik Djønno II, Djonna
Holiday home Vallavik Djønno, Djonna
Holiday home Vallavik Vallevik, Djonna
Holiday home Valldal II, Valldal
Holiday home Valldal Ytterli/Fjørå, Valldal
Holiday home Vang I Valdres 21, Vang
Holiday home Vangsnes Vangsnes II, Vangsnes
Holiday home Vangsnes Vangsnes, Vangsnes
Holiday home Vanse Østhasselstrand II, Lista
Holiday home Vanse Østhasselstrand, Lista
Holiday home Vanse Nesheim, Lista
Holiday home Vanse Saltnes Herad, Herad
Holiday home Varaldsøy Gjuvsland, Gjuvsland
Holiday home VATNE IV, Brusdal
Holiday home Vatnestrøm 41, Mokjaaland
Holiday home Vatnestrøm 43, Svaland
Holiday home Vatnestrøm Eielandsveien, Mokjaaland
Holiday home Venabygd Høgåsen, Venabygd
Holiday home vesterøy, Trolldalen
Holiday Home Vesterålen, Bo
Holiday home Vestnes Nerås III, Fiksdal
Holiday Home Vestsiden II, Kvitfjell
Holiday Home Vestsiden III, Kvitfjell
Holiday Home Vestsiden, Kvitfjell
Holiday home Vevelstad II, Vevelstad
Holiday home Vik i Sogn Nyastølen, Espeset
Holiday home Vikersund Badstuvika III, Sundvollen
Holiday home Vikersund Badstuvika, Sundvollen
Holiday home Vikersund Gulleråsen, Vikersund
Holiday home Vikersund Krøderveien, Snarum
Holiday home Vikersund, Vikersund
Holiday home Vikeså Stavtjørn III, Hovland
Holiday home Vikeså Veen II, Veen
Holiday home Vikeså Veen, Veen
Holiday home Vinje Skjærdalen, Vaagslia
Holiday home Vinjesvingen Mogane II, Vinjesvingen
Holiday home Vinjesvingen Mogane, Vinjesvingen
Holiday home Vinstra Sulseter, Vinstra
Holiday home Vossestrand Bidnesvegen, Vossestrand
Holiday home Vrådal Kviteseidvegen III, Strand
Holiday home Vrådal Vrådal Alpinlandsby, Vraadal
Holiday home Vråliosen Bandak i Tokke, Bandaksli
holiday home, Oldedalen, Aamot
Hollandsk Gjestehus, Vinstra
Holmen Fjordhotell, Asker
Holmestrand Fjordhotell, Holmestrand
Holmvik Brygge Nyksund, Nykksund
Holsthuset Losji, Grimstad
Home Again Apartments Kirkegata, Stavanger
Home Again Apartments Nygata 1, Stavanger
Hordabøheimen, Kvaleim
Hornsjø Fjellhotel, Nordsaeter
Hostel24, Sandnes
Hotel 1904, Aalesund
Hotel Alstor, Stavanger
Hotel Frøya, Sistranda
Hotel Mundal, Boyum
Hotel No13, Bergen
Hotel Nordkyn, Kjollefjord
Hotel Oleana, Bergen
Hotel Union Øye, Urke
Hotel Verdandi Oslo, Oslo
Hotel Videseter, Videseter
Hotell Geiranger, Geiranger
Hotell Magnor Bad, Magnor
Hotell Vic Porsgrunn, Porsgrunn
House of Møvik, Taelavag
Hulbak Camping & Hytter, Hemsedal
Hunderfossen Hotel & Resort, Hafjell
Huse Gjestegard, Kinsarvik
Huset I Skjæringa, Straumsnes
Hustadnes Fjordhytter, Urke
Hustadvika Guesthouse – by Classic Norway Hotels, Harstad
Hybel leilighet nær Tromsø sentrum, Tromso
Hybeltunet, Maraker
Hybeltunet, Maraker
Hydlahytta Stryn, Stryn
Hytte med 4 Soverom, Hollen
Hytte ved Preikestolen, Forsand



I hjerte av Andalsnes sentrum, Andalsnes
Idyllic Guest-House “Northern Lights” on Huskyfarm Lofoten-Vesteralen, Andøya, Lovik
II. Cozy, quiet, fully equipped & best location, Oslo
IMI Stølen, Oppdal
Innholdsrikt hus sentralt nær flyplass, tog og buss i rolige omgivelser, Stjordal
Innvik Fjordhotell, Innvik
Isbreen The Glacier, Spildra
Isfjord Radio, Longyearbyen
Isfjorden Turisthotell & motell, Isfjorden
Ismenningen Lodge & Hytteutleie, Snasa
iSYVDE Gjesteheim, Myklebost
Ivaregga Vinterstua, Roseplassen


Jakobselvkaia, Vadso
Jarfjord Arctic Aurora Lodge, Kirkenes
Jergul Astu, Karasjok
Jervell Gjestehus, Aalesund
Josygaard, Hornindal
Jotunheimen Husky Lodge, Randsverk



Kabelvåg Feriehus & Camping, Kabelvag
Kabelvåg Overnatting, Kabelvag
Kabelvåg Panorama, Kabelvag
Kafe Friisgarden, Ramberg
Kafe Friisgarden, Ramberg
Kaikanten Kro og Rorbu, Sennesvik gamle
Kalvåg Holidayapartment, Kallevaag
Kapteinsboligen i Evjua, Stange
Karens Rorbuer, Komagfjord
Karlsøy Brygge, Kaeljoy
Keyser Apartments 8, Bergen
Kirkebyfjellet, Maraker
Kirkvollen pilegrimsgård, Rotvolden
Kjøbmandsgaarden Hotel, Mandal
Kjørsvik Øvre, Harstad
Kjøsnes Feriehytter, Skei
Kjeldsund, Kjellsund
Kjerringøy Bryggehotell, Kjerringo
Kjetils Apartment, Bergen
Klævold utleigehus, Kyrkjebo
Kløver Hotel, Saudasjoen
Kleivan Feriehus, Kvalnes
Knarren Brygge, Knarlagsund
Knut Ellingsen, Reine
Knutholmen, Kallevaag
Kokelv Sjøhus, Russenes
Kong Hans gt. 28, Andenes
Kong Oscars Apartments, Bergen
Kongsberg Hostel-Vandrerhjem, Kongsberg
Kongsfjord Guesthouse, Kongsfjord
Kongsfjord Holiday Home, Kongsfjord
Kongsvold Fjeldstue, Hjerkinn
Konow, Bergen
Korgfjellet Fjellstue as, Sandvik
Korsholmen – by Classic Norway Hotels, Vevang
Koselig familiehytte sentralt på Skeikampen til leie, Svingvoll
Koselig to roms leilighet, Vennesla
Kragerø Sportell & Apartments, Kragero
Kristian 4. Gt. apartement, Vardoe
Kristiansand Hotel Apartments, Kristiansand
Krokane Camping Florø, Floro
Kronen Gaard Hotel, Sandnes
Krossmyrhill. Great house, Hollen
Kulpmo GÃ¥rd Jarfjord-Kirkenes, Kirkenes
Kvalnesbrygga, Andenes
Kvambekk Gard i Amotsdal, Trovatn
Kvamsdal Pensjonat 4, Eidfjord
Kvamseter Lodge, Kleivi
Kvanhøgd Turistsenter, Kamben
Kvila Hytteutleie, Frisvoll
KVS Lyngdal, Alleen



Lærdal Ferie- og Fritidspark, Laerdal
Lærdal Hotel, Laerdal
Lærdal Hotel, Laerdal
LÃ¥van Farm, Spildra
Lake View Apartment 4 soverom, Brunstad
Lake View Apartment with loft, Stranda
Lake View Apartment with loft, Stranda
Lake View Apartment, Brunstad
Lake View, Brunstad
Lampeland Hotel, Lampeland
Langenuen Motel & Camping, Tveit
Langfoss, Markhus
Langlofonna, Stranda
Langnes Camping, Grong
Lankanholmen, Andenes
Large top floor apartment with view of Flam valley, Flam
Larvik Pensjonat, Larvik
Laukvika rorbuer, Laukvik
Lauvøy Feriesenter, Kolavag
Lavik Fjord Hotel & Apartments, Lavik
Lavik Fjord Hotel & Apartments, Lavik
Leifs House, Nusfjord
Leikanger Fjordhotel, Hermannsverk
Leilighet Gaustablikk, Rjukan
Leirvassbu Fjellstue, Boverkinnhalsen
Lem’S Bungalows, Sogndal
Lensmansgarden, Saebo
Lesjaskogvatnet Camping, Bjorli
Lilandtunet Gjestgiveri, Voss
Lille Øvregate, Bergen
Lille Chili Eat & Sleep, Vadso
Lilleeid Lodge, Gravdal
Lillehammer Turistsenter Budget Hotel, Lillehammer
Lillehammer Turistsenter Camping, Lillehammer
Lillehammer Vandrerhjem Hostel, Lillehammer
Lillesand Apartment, Lillesand
Lillevik Lofoten, Kvalnes
Linahuset, Allstad
Lindesnes Havhotel, Spangereid
Lindsverk Gjestegård, Svarstad
Line i Smauet, Bergen
Liseth Pensjonat og Hyttetun, Garden
Liseth Pensjonat og Hyttetun, Voringsfoss
Lista Flypark Hotel And Apartments, Lista
Ljosland Fjellstove, Ljosland
LO Apartments, Bergen
Lofoten A Apartment – close to the sea, A i Lofoten
Lofoten Ã… HI hostel, A i Lofoten
Lofoten Beach Camp, Ramberg
Lofoten Bed And Boat, A i Lofoten
Lofoten Cottages, Nusfjord
Lofoten Fjord Lodge, Tangstad
Lofoten Hillside Lodge, Allstad
Lofoten Ocean View – Sandøy Gard, Kvalnes
Lofoten pa sitt beste, Kabelvag
Lofoten Planet BaseCamp, Soervaag
Lofoten rorbuutleie – Lilleeidet, Gravdal
Lofoten unique waterfront cabin, Napp
Lofoten Værøy Brygge, Vaeroy
Lofoten, Markveien Villa, Kabelvag
Lofothytter, Napp
Lofotr Overnatting, Liland
Lofotveggen Panorama, Ballstad
Loftesnes, Sogndal
Lofthus Camping, Lofthus
Lofthus Camping, Lofthus
LOTEL Aparthotel Bogstadveien, Oslo
LOTEL Apartments Royal Park 57, Oslo
LOTEL Apartments Royal Park 58, Oslo
Lovisenborg Brygge, Kongsfjord
Lovisenlund, Fjellestad
Lovund Hotell, Store Vandve
Ludvigbua, Stamsund
Lund GÃ¥rd, Langvaag
Lunde Camping, Aurland
Lunde Turiststasjon, Lunde
Lune Huler Hotell & Restaurant, Lindas
Lunheim in Geiranger, Geiranger
Luren room in Mosby, Kristiansand, Kristiansand
Lusæter Timber Cabins, Slettmoen
Luxury apartment at Tjuvholmen, Oslo
Luxury Downtown apartments – ap 401, Tromso
Luxury Mountain Villa, Stange
Luxury sea view penthouse apartement, Ballstad
Lyngen Experience Lodge, Straumen
Lyngen House, Olderdal
Lyngen Vista, Gargu
Lyngenfjord gammelhotell, Olderdal
Lyngenfjord, Frøyas hus, Olderdal
Lyngmo Gjestehus, Hafslo
Lyngseidet Gjestegård, Lyngseidet
Lysebakken, koselig feriehytte på Vestland, Reed
Lysefjorden – Gøysa Gard, Forsand
Lysko Gjestegard, Larvik
Lysvoldbrygga, Henningsvaer



Møre Folkehøgskule Sommerhotell, Oersta
Møyrud Inn, Stange
Magic Hotel Xhibition, Bergen
Magic Mountain Lodge – Lyngen, Lyngseidet
Majorstuen – sentrum vest – Frognerparken, Oslo
Malangen Lodge, Mestervik
Malangen Resort, Mestervik
Manndalen Sjøbuer, Laukvoll
Margithuset, Reine
Marifjøra Sjøbuer, Marheim
Marina Hotel Lofoten, Svolvaer
Maritim Hotel, Toensberg
Marken 26, Bergen
Maya Apartments – Kasjotten, Lillestrom
Maya Apartments – Thorvald Meyers gt. 38, Oslo
MB Apartments, Bergen
Mefjord Brygge, Mefjordvaer
Meget sentralt liggende leilighet pa Hagan, Skjetten
Melastua Gjestehus, Bo
Melbu Hotell, Melbu
MelisHome: Aurora Observatory, Ersfjordbotn
Merket, Tisleidalen
Midnattsol pensjonat, Harstad
Midnight Sun Lodge Lofoten, Kvalnes
Midnight Sun View Lofoten, Napp
Midt Troms Perle, Finnsnes
Midtgard, Tyinkrysset
Midtnes Hotel, Balestrand
Mineralparken, Evje
Mjøsvang Cabin, Vang
Modern apartment, Svolvaer
Modern private home in The Lyngenfjord, Oteren
Moderne hytte rett ved sjøen, familievennlig beliggenhet i Aros, Hollen
Moderne rorbu i Lofoten: Nr 80, Ballstad
Moderne toppleilighet, Bergen
Mogard, Bismoen
Moldegaard Farmhouse – Apartment A, Osoyri
Moldegaard Farmhouse – Apartment B, Osoyri
Molobua, fantastic place by the sea, Gravdal
Morgedal Gjestehus, Morgedal
Morgedal Hotel, Morgedal
Mosetertoppen Panorama anneks 3B, Hafjell
Mosjøen Overnatting avd Vollanvegen, Mosjoen
Mosjøen Romutleie – Jernbanegata 2A, Mosjoen
Moskusstuggu, Hjerkinn
Moss Hotel & Apartments, Moss
MOTEL 168 HONGLING, Randsverk
Motell Nor-Kro, Nesbyen
Mountain Lodge Strandafjellet, Stranda
Mountain Lodge Strandafjellet, Stranda
Mountain View, Stranda
Mountain View, Stranda
Moxy Bergen, Bergen
Moxy Bergen, Bergen
Moxy Oslo X, Skjetten
Myre Holiday, Myre
Myre Kysthotell, Myre
Myrland Turist, Skaro



Napp kystfiske rorbu/leilighet, Napp
Narnia Lodge Lofoten, Barstrand
Nesparken Hostel Moss, Moss
NESTTUN, Nesttun
New and Exclusive Cottage in Voss with a great view, Skulestadmo
New cabin with panoramic views of the Oslo fjord!, Drobak
NG Apartments, Bergen
Nice central appartment, Bergen
Nice studio apartment near city center, Bergen
Nicolas Apartment 2 Nice and Cozy Central 3 Rooms, Stavanger
Nicolas Apartment 3 Nice&Cozy Central, Stavanger
Nigardsbreen Lodge, Jostedal
Nisser Hyttesenter, Vraadal
Nobelgården, Harstad
Nora GÃ¥rd, Andalsnes
Nordfjord Hotell, Nordfjordeid
Nordhagen 17, Stavanger
Nordic Host – Østre Elvebakke 5, Oslo
Nordic Host – City Center 2 Bed / 2 Bath – Skippergata – 3 minutes from station, Oslo
Nordic Host – Frogner – Well appointed 2 Bedroom in Lovely West Side Neighborhood, Oslo
Nordic Host – Smalgangen 11 – Budget, Oslo
Nordic Host – Tollbugata 13, Oslo
Nordic Host Apts – Close to Royal Palace – Observatorie Gata 10, Oslo
Nordic Host Apts – Close to Royal Palace – Observatorie Gata 10, Oslo
Nordic Host Apts – Opera House, Munch and Maaemo / 2bd City Center, Oslo
Nordic Host Apts – Opera House, Munch and Maaemo / 2bd City Center, Oslo
Nordic Host Fredensborgveien 47, Oslo
Nordic Host Luxury Apts – Prinsens Gate – Large Mezzanine Studio, Oslo
Nordic Host Luxury Studio – Waldemars Hage 4A, Oslo
Nordic Hostel, Ask
Nordic Hosts Ullevalsveien 93, Oslo
NordicHost Oslo Apartments, Oslo
Nordis Hotel & Suites, Svolvaer
Nordkapp Caravan og Camping, Skardsvag
Nordkapp Caravan og Camping, Skardsvag
Nordlandshus ved Lofotr, Liland
Nordnes City House, Bergen
Nordpå Fjellhotell AS, Haltdalen
Nordseter Fjellpark, Hyttegrend, Nordsaeter
Nordskogveien 12b, Batsfjord
Nordstrand Panorama, Myre
Nore Fjordsenter, Bryggen
Norefjell Ski & Spa, Noresund
Norlandia Park Hotel, Sogndal
Norlandia, Ustaoset
Norsjø Budget – Villa Sanden og Thoras hus, Akkerhaugen
Norsjø Hostel, Akkerhaugen
Norsjø Hotel, Akkerhaugen
Norsk Havbrukssenter – Rorbuer, Broennoysund
North of Lyngen Apartments AS, Sorkjosen
Northcape Nature – Fishing camp – Leil 1, Brygge, Gjaesvaer
Northcape Nature – Fishing camp – Leil 2, Balkong, Gjaesvaer
Northcape Nature Fishing camp – Leil 3 INK BÃ…T, Gjaesvaer
Northern gate Besseggen – Cottage no 17 in Besseggen Fjellpark Maurvangen, BEITOSTOLEN
Northern Light Cabin Lofoten, Sennesvik gamle
Norway Stabben Tour, Guldsten
Notodden Sentrum Apartment NO 2, Notodden
Nydalen Center Studio – Nydalen Alle 5 – Next to BI, Oslo
Nygårdsgaten apartments, Bergen
Nyken Resort – The House, Nykksund
Nyksund Ekspedisjonen, Nykksund
NyksundRom, Nyksund, Nykksund
Nysaetra Hyttegrend – Fjellsetra, Brunstad
Nystuen, Tyinkrysset



Olden Camping Gytri, Olden
Olderdalen Ski Camp, Olderdal
Olenilsøy Cabins, Reine
Olsens Pensjonat, Holberg
Ona Havstuer – by Classic Norway Hotels, Ona
One bedroom apartment in Oslo, Briskebyveien 48, Oslo
One-Bedroom Holiday home in Gravdal, Gravdal
Opslidre Apartment, Ron
Opus 16, Bergen
Origo Leilighetshotell, Drammen
Osensjøens Adventure, Vika
Oslo Airport Motel, Minnesund
Oslo Guldsmeden, Oslo
Oslo Korttidsutleie, Oslo
Oslo Main Street Apartment, Oslo
Oslo S, City center apartment,2 bedrooms DRG14, Oslo
OSLO S, City Center Apartments, Oslo
Oslo Vandrerhjem Holtekilen, Stabekk
Otermoen Lodge, Skoganvarre
Otnes Sør, Aurland
Otra Inn, Vennesla
Overnattingsrom langs E6 – Rudshøgda, Ringsaker
Overvoll Farm, Stranda



Pan Garden Ã…mli Hotel, Amli
Para Apartment, Stavanger
Park Hotel Rjukan, Rjukan
Park Hotell Alta, Alta
Peaceful private house in Lofoten, Gravdal
Peak Apartments, Voss
Perminalen Hotel, Oslo
Pers Hotel Gol, Gol
Pers Hotel, Gol
Pettersbu – Strandafjellet, Stranda
P-Hotels Bergen, Bergen
Pilegrimsgården Hotell og Gjestegård, Trondheim
Piltingsrud gardshotel, Nes
Pir 2-Exclusive Apartment, Oslo
Pluscamp Saltstraumen, Evja
Pollfoss Hotell, Grotli
Porsgrunn Centrum Boat Hotel, Porsgrunn
Private House & Bungalow by the sea, Trondheim
Pulpit Rock Forsand, Forsand
Pyntaberget Hotell, Hundorp


Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg, Sandsli
Quality Hotel Entry, Kolbotn
Quality Hotel Fredrikstad, Fredrikstad
Quality Hotel Grand Kongsberg, Kongsberg
Quality Hotel Grand Larvik, Larvik
Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer, Steinkjer
Quality Hotel Olavsgaard, Skjetten
Quality Hotel Sogndal, Sogndal
Quality Hotel Strand Gjøvik, Gjovik
Quality Hotel Tønsberg, Toensberg
Quality Hotel Waterfront, Aalesund



Rødberg Hotel, Rodberg
Rødde sommerhotell, Trondheim
Røde Kors – Fjellsetra, Brunstad
Røde Kors – Fjellsetra, Brunstad
Røde Kors ground floor, Brunstad
Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell, Bergsjostolen
Rørosvidda Hotell, Roros
Røst Bryggehotell, Rost
Røvær Kulturhotell, Rovaer
Raaehuset, Lavik
Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen, Oslo, Oslo
Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø, Tromso
Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil, Trysil
Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim, Trondheim
Radisson Sas Park Hotel, Lysaker, Lysaker
Raggsteindalen Høyfjellsstue, Skaro
Ranten Hotell, Rukke
Rasmusgarden, Stranda
Raudlia 57, Stranda
Rauland Hytteutleige, Rauland
Rauland, Rauland
Red Tree Cottage, Mehamn
Rederiet Hotel, Farsund
Reine Retro Villa – Cozy With a Fantastic View, Reine
Reine Rorbu, Amaliebua, Reine
Reinefjorden Sjøhus, Reine
Reinheimen Lodge, Bismoen
Renskaug Vertsgård, Egge
Repvåg Overnatting Nordkapp, Raeifvakke
Residence Kristinelund, Oslo
Rica Victoria, Floro
Ridderkroa Tresfjord, Sorsylte
Riddertunet Apartments, BEITOSTOLEN
Riddertunet Leiligheter, BEITOSTOLEN
Rindebua, Stamsund
Risør Bed & Breakfast, Randvik Strand, Risor
Riverside, Hornindal
Riverside, Hornindal
Rjukan Admini Hotel, Rjukan
Roalden Relax Strandafjellet, Stranda
Roalden Skigård, Stranda
Romenstad Hytter, Alvdal
Romsdal Fjord Lodge, Reistad
Romsdalseggen Camping, Isfjorden
Romsdalseggen Lodge, Isfjorden
Rondeslottet Høyfjellshotell, Otta
Rooms for rent, Kraakeberget
Ropeid Holiday Home, Sand
Rorbu i Lofoten, Napp
Rorbu Skreda, Napp
Rorbua Havfruen, Soervaag
Rorbuanlegget Svolvær Havn, Svolvaer
Rorbukta Lodge collective set up, Tromso
Rostad Retro Rorbuer, Reine
Rugsund Handelsstad, Rugsund
Runde Miljøsenter, Runde
Ruten Fjellstue, Skaabu
Ryen Hytteutleie – Cottages, Roros
Ryfylke Fjordhotel og Basecamp, Sand
Ryten Lodge Kobben – Amazing view- no 2, Fredvang
Ryten Lodge Kristaver – Amazing view – no 1, Fredvang
Rytterlia 6, Gautefall


S Druzyami Hostel, Svanvik
Sæterstad Gård, Aakerviken
Sølvgarden Cottages, Rysestad
Sølvgarden Hotel, Rysestad
Søndre Forøya Gard, Bakkejord
Sørheim Brygge, Lyngseidet
Sørlandet Feriesenter, Risor
Sørlia hytte, Oyer (Hafjell)
Sørmarka Konferansehotell, Kolbotn
Saga Apartments Oslo, Oslo
Saga Caves Stavanger, Stavanger
Saga Trollheimen Hotel, Rindal
Sagi 1 Privat Apartment, Hafslo
SAGI 5 Apartment, Hafslo
Sakrisøy Gjestegård, Reine
Salmon Lodge Lofoten, Gravdal
Saltdal Turistsenter, Storjord
Sandmoen Bed & Breakfast, Free Parking, Trondheim
Sandnes Vandrerhjem, Sandnes
Sandvik Gjestegård, Sandvik
Sarnes Seaside Cabins, Honningsvag
Sauda Fjord Camping, Saudasjoen
Savalen Fjellhotell & Spa, Troan
Scandic Ørnen, Bergen
Scandic Ambassadeur Drammen, Drammen
Scandic Bakklandet, Trondheim
Scandic Bodø, Bodo
Scandic Grand Tromsø, Tromso
Scandic Grimstad, Grimstad
Scandic Hønefoss, Hoenefoss
Scandic Hamar, Hamar
Scandic Havet, Bodo
Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromso
Scandic Kirkenes, Kirkenes
Scandic Kristiansund, Kristiansund
Scandic Lerkendal, Trondheim
Scandic Lillehammer Hotel, Lillehammer
Scandic Lillestrøm, Lillestrom
Scandic Maritim, Haugesund
Scandic Parken, Aalesund
Scandic Sarpsborg, Sarpsborg
Scandic Svolvær, Svolvaer
Scandic Svolvær, Svolvaer
Scandic Trondheim, Trondheim
Scandic Victoria, Oslo
Seafront new cabin in Lofoten, Ballstad
Seaside Apartment Mandal, Eigebrek
Sea-side apt at beatiful Kremmarholmen, 3BR, Fedje
Seehaus Knut, Randaberg
Self Catering Apartment Bratsberg Brygge, Porsgrunn
Selfjorden Basecamp, Fredvang
Seljenes Cottage, Russenes
Seljestad Cottages, Skare
Seljord Hotel, Seljord
Selmas hus, Fredvang
Seminarbakken 4 H01, Tromso
Seminarbakken 4 H02, Tromso
Seminarbakken 4 H04, Tromso
Seminarbakken 4 H05, Tromso
Seminarbakken 4 H08, Tromso
Seminarbakken 4 H09, Tromso
Senja arctic lodge, Bragoy
Senja Artic Cabins Skrolsvik, Buvik
Senja Fjordhotell, Bragoy
Sentralt, Solrik, familievennlig, 3 soverom!, Oslo
Setesdal Resort – Motel, Bygland
Seven-Bedroom Holiday Home in Fagerstrand, Baatsto
Seven-Bedroom Holiday home in Flatanger 1, Hundnes
Seven-Bedroom Holiday home in Flatanger 2, Straum
SHIP IN THE ICE, Longyearbyen
Sigurds gate 6, Bergen
Sinnes Fjellstue Apartment 1F, Fidjeland
Sirdal Høyfjellshotell, Fidjeland
Sjøgarden Fritid Og Bad, Bremsnes
Sjøstrand Rorbuer v Børge Iversen AS, Ballstad
Sjøverstø Holiday, Tvedestrand
Sjarmerende liten leilighet i hus pa Sørvagen, Soervaag
Sjogata Gjestehus, Larvik
Sjotunbrygge, Bakkejord
Skåbu Hyttegrend, Skaabu
Skagi Senja hotel & lodge, Hamn
Skansen Leilighet, Tromso
Skaret Lodge Tromso, Hansnes
Skarhaugvegen 2, Stranda
Skarsnuten Hotel, Hemsedal
Skarsteindalen leir, Andenes
Skeikampen Booking, Svingvoll
Skeikampen Servicesenter, Svingvoll
Skipperhus Skjærhalden, Skjaerhalden
Skjåk Turistheim, Skjak
Skjerping gardshus,, Lonevaag
Skjervøy Lodge, Langfjorden
Skogan Lodge, Bodn
Skoghus, Finnsnes
Skogmo Gjestgiveri, Overhalla
Skrolsvik Kystferie, Buvik
Skrova Lofoten Fishing Center, Svolvaer
Smørdal Hytteutleie og Camping, Nordfjordeid
Smabruket stall solheim, Svelvik
Smalgangen 16, Oslo
Smegarden Camping, Oppdal
Smivolden Rorbu, Nusfjord
Smuksjøseter Apartments, Hovringen
Smuksjøseter Fjellstue, Hovringen
Snåsa Hotell, Snasa
Snaasa Hotel, Snasa
Sogn LÃ¥gensikt, Svarstad
Sola Strand Hotel, Sola
Solbakken 27 Apartment, Lyngseidet
Sole Gjestegård, Noresund
Sole Gjestegård, Noresund
Solferie Holiday Apt. Kronprinsensgate, Kristiansand
Solferie Holiday Apt. Torridalsveien, Kristiansand
Solferie Holiday Home – Svartefjell, Kristiansand
Solferie Holiday Home Bordalssvingen, Kristiansand
Solferie Holiday Home Gangdalslia, Kristiansand
Solferie Holiday Home Tornestien, Kristiansand
Solfjord Bed & Bistro, Eidsdal
Solhaug Fjordcamping, Geiranger
Solheim Accommodation, Kasin
Solheim Pensjonat, Roros
Solli Apartments, Oslo
Sollitunet, Geilo
Solsiden Cottages, Grondalen
Solstrand Fjord Holiday, Eidsvaag
Soltoppen cabin with great view, Kristiansand
Solveigs Stue, Aamnes
Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Tromsø, Sommaroy
Sonderland Apartments – Dronning Eufemias gate 47 (Sleeps 8 – 2 BR / 1 BA), Oslo
Sonderland Apartments – Rubina Ranas gate 1 (Sleeps 4 – 1 BR), Oslo
Sonderland Apartments – Smalgangen 23, Oslo
Sonderland Apt. Platous gate 33, Oslo
Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge, Alta
Spacious two bedroom basement apartment, Flam
Spectacular rorbu in the heart of Lofoten, Napp
Spidsbergseter Hytter og Fjellsuiter, Venabygd
Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane, Venabygd
St. Hansgt. 7, Kristiansand, Kristiansand
Stæren 32, Nordset
Stølegaten Appartment, Bergen
Støren Hotel, Storen
Stabbursdalen Arctic Lodge, Lakselv
Stardalen Hyttegrend, Klakeg
Statles Rorbu- og Konferansesenter AS, Ballstad
Stavanger Bnb Central Apartment Nicolas 7, Stavanger
Stavanger Capital Appartement, Stavanger
Stavanger Lille Hotel City Guesthouse, Stavanger
Stavanger Sentrum, Stavanger
Stavanger Small Apartments – City Centre, Stavanger
Stavanger Small Apartments, Stavanger
Stavanger St Svithun Vandrerhjem, Stavanger
Stavanger St Svithun Vandrerhjem, Stavanger
Stavern Bo & Fritid, Larvik
STAY BERGEN S44, Bergen King Street, Kristiansand Kuliaveien, Kristiansand
StayPlus Four-Bedroom Holiday Apartment, Kristiansand
StayPlus Four-Bedroom Holiday House, Kristiansand
Steigen Sjøhus, Presteid
Steine Seter, Heidal
Stenbekk, Sarpsborg
Stetind Hotel, Gasluokta
Stor sentrums leilighet med 4 soverom, Mosjoen
Stordal Camping, Minje
Stordalen Fjellstove, Matre
Store Ringheim Hotel, Voss
Storehorn Apartments, Hemsedal
Stor-Elvdal Hotell, Akersstrommen
Storgalten Ferie-Camp, Straumen
STORHAUGEN GARD, Boverkinnhalsen
Strømnes, Skelvaagen
Strand Apartment, Sortland
Strand Apartments, Tromso
Strand Fjordhotel, Ulvik
Strand Hotel Fevik – by Classic Norway Hotels, Fevik
Strand Hotell Sortland, Sortland
Stranda Alpegrend 2 sleping room, Stranda
Stranda Feriesenter, Stranda
Stranda Feriesenter, Stranda
Stranda Lodge, Stranda
Strandebarm Fjordhotel, Strandebarm
Strandgaten 207, Bergen
Straumen Lodge, Straumen
Studio Angel, Tromso
Stuenes Lodge, Lakselv
Sulitjelma Mountain Village, Sulitelma
Sun & Rain B&B, Nesttun
Sundklakk Feriehus, Barstrand
Sunndalsøra Hotell, Sunndalsoera
Sunset View Lofoten, Allstad
Sure Hotel by Best Western Harstad Narvik Airport, Evenesmarken
Sure Hotel by Best Western Haugesund, Haugesund
Sure Hotel by Best Western Trondheim Airport, Stjoerdal
Svalbard Hotell – The Vault, Longyearbyen
Svalbard Hotell | Lodge, Longyearbyen
Svalbard Hotell | Polfareren, Longyearbyen
Svane Aparthotel, Gjovik
Svartisen Apartments, Glomfjord
Sveggvika Guesthouse, Bremsnes
Sveggvika Guesthouse, Bremsnes
Svolvær Havn Apartments, Svolvaer
Syv Søstre Apartments, Sandnessjoen



Tana Familiecamping, Tana
Taras Rom og leiligheter, Kragero
Tastefully decorated, Stavanger
Telemark Inn – Hytte, Hauggrend
Terraak Guesthouse, Simle
The Apartments Company – Aker Brygge, Oslo
The Apartments Company – Majorstuen, Oslo
The beautiful Verven 2A, Stavanger
The Boathouse, Rakvag
The Gingerbread House, Lillehammer
The most photographed house in reine?, Reine
The Old Harbour Store, Lodingen
The Peak of Voss I, Voss
The Thief, Oslo
The View, Stranda
Thon Holmen, Moi Rana
Thon Hotel Arena, Lillestrom
Thon Hotel Bergen Airport, Kokstad
Thon Hotel Brønnøysund, Broennoysund
Thon Hotel Fosnavåg, Forsnevaag
Thon Hotel Hovik, Hovik
Thon Hotel Måløy, Maloy
Thon Hotel Nidaros, Trondheim
Thon Hotel Norge, Kristiansand
Thon Hotel Parken, Kristiansand
Thon Hotel Polar, Tromso
Thon Hotel Saga, Haugesund
Thon Hotel Sandnes, Sandnes
Thon Hotel Svolvær, Svolvaer
Thon Hotel Tønsberg Brygge, Toensberg
Three-Bedroom Apartment, Fidjeland
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Alsvåg, Gisloy
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Gullesfjord, Flesnes
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Jørpeland 2, Jorpeland
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Kviby, Kviby
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Selje 1, Selje kommune
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Selje 2, Eidsvaag
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Selje 4, Selje kommune
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Skatvik, Seljesletta
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Storfosna, Sletta
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Svolvær 2, Svolvaer
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Tengelfjord, Tengelfjord
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Ualand, Ualand
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Væggerløse 17, Ervik
Tinabua Rorbu Lofoten, Stamsund
Tinden Apartments, Hemsedal
TINEBUA Basecamp Senja, Mefjordvaer
Tino’s Hotel, Namsos
Tiny house with terrace, Flam
Tirilltoppen i Morkagrenda, Foldals Verk
Tjeldsundbrua Maritim, Evenskjaer
Tjuvholmen, great apartment & best area, Oslo
Tollboden Hotell og Restaurant, Kragero
Tollgaarden Gjestegaard, Larvik
Topcamp Havblikk – Helgeland, Nesna
Topcamp Mjøsa – Brumunddal, Brumunddal
Topcamp Rustberg – Hafjell, Hafjell
Topcamp Sjøsanden – Mandal, Mandal
Torgarhaugen Gjestehus, Broennoysund
Torsetlia Cottages and Apartments, Dagali
Torvikvegen 13, Surnadal
Treehut, nature, birds, silence and fjord, Herand
Tretten Kro AS, Tretten
Trolltunga Odda Apartments, Odda
Trolltunga, Jondal, Sommerski, Jondal
Tromsø Bed & Books, Tromso
Tromsø Central Apartment. Close to city bridge., Tromso
Tromsø Central Location. Close to everything. Family friendly., Tromso
Trysil Høyfjellssenter, Fageråsen, Trysil
Trysilsetra 40, Trysil
Trysiltunet Apartment 10 pers, Trysil
Trysnes Brygge, Froisland
Tuddal Høyfjellshotel, Tuddal
Tuddal Hyttegrend HYTTA KÃ…NS, Tuddal
Tuddal Hyttegrend, GAMLESTUGU, Telemark, Tuddal
Tuddal Hyttegrend, GAMLESTUGU, Telemark, Tuddal
Tuftegarden, Holsa
Tunold GÃ¥rd – Freden, Mindresunde
Tunold GÃ¥rd – KÃ¥rhus, Mindresunde
Tunold GÃ¥rd, Mindresunde
Tunold Gard, Mindresunde
Tustna Ladestasjon, Korrnes
Two bedroom apartment in beautiful Flåm valley, Flam
Two bedroom apartment in beautiful Flam valley, Flam
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Øydegard, Torvik
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Ã…seral 2, Tjaldal
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Digermulen, Digermulen
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Farsund 1, Helle
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Farsund 2, Helle
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Leikanger, Hermannsverk
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Lyngdal 1, Belland
Two-Bedroom Holiday home in Lyngdal 2, Alleen
Tynset Rom & Camping, Tonset



Ulsåkstølen, Markegardlian
Ulvedalstunet Cottage, Innvik
Unique and Modern Penthouse Near Center, 2-BR, King Beds, Free Parking, Best Location, Stavanger
Unique and Spacious Apartment close to City Centre, Stavanger
Unique high standard house & renovated barnhouse, Barstrand
Unique private cabin in Lofoten, Gravdal
Unstad Arctic Surf, Unnstad
Urban 3 Level Apartment located in center of Oslo, Oslo
Urban Apartments Grünerløkka, Oslo
Ustedalen Resort Leiligheter, Geilo
Utsikten Fjellsætra, Brunstad
Utsikten Motell & Restaurant Hjelmeland, Hjelmelandsvagen



Vågåvatnet Feriesenter, Vagamo
Vadsø Apartment, Vadso
Valberg High Quality Seaview Cabin, Selnes
Valdres Naturlegvis, Fagernes
Valhall, Buvik
Valldal Camping, Valldal
Valley View, Stranda
Valmen, Vika
Valsøya, Valsoyfjord
Varanger Lodge, Tana
Varangertunet Feriehus, Vadso
Vassbakken Kro og Camping, Skjolden
Vats Fjellstue, Bergsjostolen
Vauldalen, Brekkebygd
Veggli Vertshus, Veggli
Vekve Hyttetun, Oppdal
Verdde Hotel Lakselv, Lakselv
Vertshuset Røros, Roros
Vestby Hotell & Gjestegaard, Drobak
Vesteralen Beach Glamping, Kraakeberget
Vestfjord Panorama Villa, Lodingen
Vestfjorden Panorama Lofoten, Selnes
Veversmauet Apartments, Bergen
Victoria Hotel Hamar, Hamar
Vikhammer Motel, Vikhamar
Vikinghaug, Odda
Villa Baneheia, Kristiansand
Villa Budor 1.5 time fra Oslo, Nordset
Villa Haudalan, Ã…ndalsnes, Andalsnes
Villa Haudalan, Andalsnes, Andalsnes
Villa Holmen 2 – Ground floor apartment, Balestrand
Villa Holmen 2, Balestrand
Villa Karine, Bergen
Villa Leknes Lofoten, Gravdal
Villa Lovise Riverside, Stranda
Villa Nyborg, Stange
Villa Sole, Trysil, Trysil
Villa Solsiden Geilo, Geilo
Villa Storgata 13, Svolvaer
Villa Svolvær, Svolvaer
Villa Terminus, Bergen
Vinje Camping, Geiranger
Vinstra Hyttetun, Vinstra
Visit Undredal, Undredal
Visit Wilderness, Amli
Vistdal Camping, Myklebostad
Vognbu Gran Nordre, Snasa
Vognbua Pa Gran, Snasa
Volda Floating Home, Grotfjord
Volda Turisthotell, Volda
Volsdalen Camping, Aalesund
Volsdalen Camping, Aalesund
Voss- Myrkdalen Lodge, Vossestrand
Vossabia Farm Guesthouse, Bulken
Vr̴dal Panorama РTiur̴svegen 39, Vraadal
Vraadal Og Hyttepark, Vraadal
vrangfoss slusevaktarbolig, Ulefoss



Wæthing Søndre Hytter, Fyresdal
Waterfront Cabin with big terrace., Napp
Wild Caribou Dome, Lakselv
Winjum Apartments Aurland Stegastein, Aurland
Winjum Cabin Aurland Stegastein, Aurland
Winterhouse Apartments, Tromso
Wright Apartments – Barcode, Oslo
Wright Apartments – Sørenga, Oslo



Ydalir Hotel, Stavanger
Yggdrasil farmhotel retreat & spa, Bakkejord


Zefyr Hotel, Bodo

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