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Sunrise Airways, a prominent airline based in the Caribbean, stands as a testament to the region’s dedication to exceptional air travel services. Founded in 2010, this Haitian carrier has steadily risen to prominence, establishing itself as a vital link connecting the Caribbean islands with the rest of the world. This article delves into the history, operations, achievements, and challenges of Sunrise Airways, shedding light on its remarkable journey in the world of Caribbean aviation.

Founding and Early Days

Sunrise Airways took its first flight in 2010, with the aim of providing Haiti and the wider Caribbean region with a reliable and convenient air travel option. The airline was founded by Philippe Bayard and began its journey with a fleet of Embraer aircraft, which are known for their efficiency on short- to medium-haul routes.

The early years of Sunrise Airways were marked by the airline’s commitment to offering quality air travel services to and from Haiti. Haiti’s burgeoning tourism industry and the growing demand for convenient air travel made Sunrise Airways’ mission all the more critical. As the airline continued to expand its route network and services, it established a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Operational Framework

Sunrise Airways operates with a comprehensive framework that encompasses several key aspects of air travel:

  1. Fleet Composition: The airline’s fleet primarily comprises Embraer aircraft, including the EMB 120 Brasilia and EMB 145, which are well-suited for short- to medium-haul flights. This choice of aircraft allows for efficient and reliable operations.

  2. Route Network: Sunrise Airways connects Haiti to a range of domestic and international destinations. Key hubs include Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haïtien International Airport, and Santiago de Cuba’s Antonio Maceo Airport.

  3. Quality Service: The airline is known for its commitment to delivering quality service, both in-flight and on the ground. Sunrise Airways ensures passenger comfort and satisfaction, reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the Caribbean.

  4. Digital Innovation: The airline has embraced digital technology, offering passengers the convenience of online booking, check-in, and access to information through its website and mobile app.

  5. Safety and Punctuality: Sunrise Airways places a strong emphasis on safety and punctuality, ensuring that passengers and crew are well taken care of and that flights run on time.

Challenges and Resilience

Sunrise Airways has faced its share of challenges, which is typical for any airline operating in the aviation industry:

  1. Economic Factors: Economic fluctuations and currency devaluation have impacted the airline industry, influencing passenger demand and profitability.

  2. Competition: The airline operates in a competitive market, with several carriers vying for passenger attention. Maintaining a competitive edge requires ongoing innovation and cost-efficiency.

  3. Global Pandemic Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic had a substantial impact on the aviation industry, including Sunrise Airways, which saw a significant decrease in demand and operational disruptions.

  4. Environmental Awareness: The aviation industry faces increasing scrutiny regarding its environmental impact. Sunrise Airways has considered these concerns in its operations.

Despite these challenges, Sunrise Airways has demonstrated resilience in adapting to changing conditions and maintaining a commitment to offering quality air travel services to its passengers.

Achievements and Impact

Sunrise Airways’ journey has been marked by several noteworthy achievements and a significant impact on the aviation industry:

  1. Connectivity: The airline has played a vital role in connecting Haiti with the rest of the Caribbean, facilitating regional travel and international links.

  2. Economic Contribution: Sunrise Airways’ operations have generated job opportunities in Haiti and the Caribbean, contributing to economic growth in the region.

  3. Passenger Convenience: The airline has made air travel more accessible and convenient for people in Haiti and neighboring countries, opening up new opportunities for business and leisure travelers.

  4. Customer-Centric Services: Despite its low-cost approach, Sunrise Airways prioritizes passenger satisfaction, providing reliable and quality service to meet the needs of a diverse range of travelers.

  5. Sustainability Initiatives: The airline is actively working on sustainability initiatives, exploring cleaner fuels and more efficient aircraft to reduce its environmental footprint.

Future Prospects

As it looks to the future, Sunrise Airways has several strategies and developments in mind:

  1. Fleet Modernization: The airline plans to modernize its fleet by incorporating new, fuel-efficient aircraft. This will enhance operational efficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

  2. Network Expansion: Sunrise Airways aims to expand its route network further, connecting more cities within the Caribbean and exploring additional international destinations.

  3. Sustainability Initiatives: The airline is committed to sustainability, exploring the use of more eco-friendly practices and reducing its carbon footprint.

  4. Digital Enhancements: Sunrise Airways will continue to prioritize digital innovation, enhancing passengers’ convenience and the overall travel experience.

  5. Post-Pandemic Recovery: The airline is focused on recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, rebuilding passenger trust, and restoring operations to their pre-pandemic levels.


Sunrise Airways, founded with a vision to provide quality and reliable air travel services to Haiti and the Caribbean, has become a vital player in the Caribbean aviation industry. From its inception in 2010 to its current status as a prominent carrier, the airline’s journey is marked by resilience, adaptability, and dedication to providing quality service to its passengers.

As it faces challenges and navigates the uncertainties of the aviation industry, Sunrise Airways remains dedicated to expanding its network, modernizing its fleet, and contributing to the economic development of Haiti and the Caribbean. The airline’s vision, adaptability, and commitment to offering quality air travel ensure that it continues to soar, connecting the Caribbean with excellence in aviation.

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Baggage Allowance

Sunrise Airways allows its passengers to have a free checked baggage allowance of 23kg and a carry-on allowance of 5kg.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers on Sunrise Airways flights are given a free carry-on baggage allowance of 5kg per person. This is strictly one bag per person, with a maximum overall dimension of 127 cm (50″). In addition to this, Sunrise Airways allows passengers to take a maximum of three personal items with them on the flight, which must fit either in the overhead baggage compartment or under the seat on the aircraft.

Checked Baggage

Passengers on Sunrise Airways flights are given a free checked baggage allowance of 23kg. On routes to Cuba, passengers are given an extra 5kg of free baggage allowance.

In addition to this, passengers can also purchase up to three pieces of additional baggage on any Sunrise Airways flight.

All checked baggage must fit within the overall dimensions of 157 cm (62″).

Excess Baggage

Any excess baggage that’s purchased with Sunrise Airways will cost passengers between $50 USD and $100 USD depending on the number of bags and the weight of the baggage. 

Cabin Classes

Sunrise Airways only officially has 1 cabin class — Economy Class. However, the Economy fare is split up into 2 separate types.

Economy Class

Sunrise Airways flies with an Economy Class cabin only. The cabin offers a simple service with a cabin crew on board, which is perfect for short flights around the world. There are two different fares that Sunrise Airways offer in Economy — Sun Plus and Sun Flex. Each fare has a different level of flexibility when it comes to cancelling or changing the flight.


The seats in the economy class are comfortable with a good amount of legroom. In total economy class has between 140–180 seats, set out in a 3 x 3 formation.

In-flight Entertainment & WIFI

Sunrise Airways doesn’t have an in-flight entertainment system installed on its flight. For entertainment, passengers are given a copy of the airline’s in-flight magazine to read throughout the flight.

There’s no WIFI on any of its flights.


Sunrise Airways have different check-in times depending on the route that you’re flying.

Online Check-in

Passengers can check-in for their Sunrise Airways flight on the Sunrise Airways online check-in page by entering their booking reference and completing the instructions on screen.

Please note: online check-in is only available on select flights.

Airport Check-in

If passengers don’t have access to online check-in, they can check-in at the airport by visiting one of the Sunrise Airways check-in counters. Airport check-in closes 40 minutes before scheduled flight departure time on international flights and 15 minutes before scheduled flight departure time on domestic flights. However, Sunrise Airways recommend that passengers arrive at the airport least two hours before departure time for international flights and at least one hour before departure for domestic flights, in order to allow for check-in, baggage drop and security check.

Frequent Flyer Programme

Sun Airways’ frequent flyer programme is called Sun Airpass.

Sun Airpass

Sun Airways doesn’t have a traditional frequent flyer program where passengers can earn points/miles to spend on future flights.

However, it does offers the Sun Airpass. The Sun Airpass is a booklet of 30 coupons which can be used to pay for flights in the future. Passengers purchase their booklet for an upfront cost and can use their coupons at any time. Coupons aren’t linked to a single passenger, so a group of friends, company or family can all use coupons from the same booklet.

One-way flights on Sunrise Airways cost 1–3 coupons and round-trip flights cost 2–5 coupons, depending on the route. The number of coupons that each flight costs are at a fixed rate.

Special Services

Sunrise Airways offers wheelchair assistance, extra space on the aircraft and other kinds of individual assistance. Passengers that have booked their Sunrise Airways flight with Fastofly can arrange special assistance by contacting our Customer Service team.

Sunrise Airways are now operating a partnership with Air Caraibes that allows passengers to book a ticket from or to Paris. Sunrise Airways will connect you to or from Cap Haitien, Les Cayes or Jeremie.

Destinations that Sunrise Airways flies to

Sunrise Airways flies to many destinations, including Port au Prince, Cap-Haïtien, Havana, Santo Domingo, Camagüey, Willemstad and more. Sunrise Airways operate flights between Haiti and Cuba around 18 times a week and a further 12 between Santa Domingo and Port Au Prince.


Domestic UK Destinations

Hugo Chávez International Airport (CAP) Cap-Haïtien, Haiti
Toussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP) (HUB) Port-au-Prince, Haiti

International Destinations

Ignacio Agramonte International Airport (CMW) Camagüey, Cuba
Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) Havana, Cuba
Frank País Airport (HOG) Holguín, Cuba
Antonio Maceo Airport (SCU) Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Hato International Airport (CUR) Willemstad, Curacao
Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) (HUB) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
La Isabela International Airport (JBQ) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Hub Airport


Toussaint Louverture International Airport



Toussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP) is an international airport. It’s the busiest airport in Haiti and the hub airport for Sunrise Airways. Sunrise Airways has used the airport as its hub since it launched flights in 2011.

Other than flights throughout the Caribbean with Sunrise Air, the airport has flights to destinations in North America, Cuba, Dominican Republic and many more. Airlines that use Toussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP) include Air FranceAmerican AirlinesCopa AirlinesDelta AirlinesJetBlueSpirit AirlinesSunrise Airways.


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Sunrise Airways currently have a fleet made up of British Aerospace Jetstream 32, Embraer 120ER and Airbus Industries A321-211.


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