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In the vast and diverse continent of Africa, where air travel can often be challenging, Sky Mali has emerged as a beacon of hope for West Africa’s aviation industry. Established in 2015, Sky Mali, the national carrier of Mali, has embarked on a journey to connect its people to the world and promote economic growth in the region. This article explores the history, operations, achievements, and challenges of Sky Mali, shedding light on its remarkable journey and the role it plays in the West African aviation landscape.

Founding and Early Days

Sky Mali, the national airline of Mali, took flight in 2015, following the vision of the government of Mali to establish a national carrier. The airline’s formation marked a significant step in Mali’s efforts to bolster its aviation sector and improve connectivity within the region.

At its inception, Sky Mali aimed to address several issues affecting air travel in Mali and the West African region. The airline sought to provide reliable and affordable air travel options, improve connectivity within Mali and West Africa, and promote the country as an attractive destination for tourism and business.

Operational Framework

Sky Mali has adopted a holistic approach to serve the needs of its passengers, both domestic and international. Its operational framework encompasses several key aspects:

  1. Fleet Composition: Sky Mali’s fleet primarily comprises Embraer E170 and E175 aircraft. These modern and fuel-efficient aircraft are well-suited for short-haul and regional routes, making them an ideal choice for West African travel.
  2. Routes and Destinations: The airline connects Mali’s capital city, Bamako, to various domestic and international destinations. These routes serve both business travelers and tourists, while also catering to the significant Malian diaspora.
  3. Affordability: Sky Mali has positioned itself as a cost-efficient airline, offering affordable ticket prices that enable more people to access air travel.
  4. Customer-Centric Services: The airline strives to provide a positive passenger experience by focusing on punctuality, convenience, and excellent customer service.
  5. Regional Integration: Sky Mali plays a significant role in enhancing regional integration within West Africa, connecting Mali to neighboring countries and contributing to economic growth in the region.

Challenges and Resilience

The journey of Sky Mali has not been without its challenges. The airline, like many others in the industry, has faced obstacles that include:

  1. Competitive Environment: The airline industry in West Africa is competitive, with several carriers vying for passenger attention. To thrive in this environment, Sky Mali has had to differentiate itself through affordability and quality services.
  2. Infrastructure Limitations: Air travel infrastructure in Mali and other West African countries can be challenging. Sky Mali has had to work within these limitations and seek improvements where possible.
  3. Political and Economic Stability: Political and economic instability in the region can affect passenger demand and the overall operational environment for the airline.
  4. Market Variability: The airline industry is inherently vulnerable to market fluctuations, economic downturns, and currency devaluation. These factors can affect profitability and growth.
  5. Global Pandemic Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the aviation industry, leading to travel restrictions, a decrease in demand, and operational disruptions.

Despite these challenges, Sky Mali has shown remarkable resilience. The airline has adapted to changing conditions, maintained a strong commitment to its vision, and continued to provide vital air services to the people of Mali and the broader West African region.

Achievements and Impact

Sky Mali’s journey is marked by several noteworthy achievements and its significant impact on the aviation industry in West Africa:

  1. Improved Connectivity: The airline has significantly improved air connectivity within Mali, enabling passengers to travel efficiently between Bamako and other key cities within the country.
  2. Economic Growth: By providing affordable and reliable air travel, Sky Mali contributes to economic growth in Mali and the region. It helps stimulate trade, tourism, and business activities.
  3. Regional Integration: Sky Mali plays a role in enhancing regional integration within West Africa. It connects Mali with neighboring countries, fostering cooperation and exchanges.
  4. Tourism Promotion: The airline promotes Mali as a tourist destination by offering convenient travel options for visitors eager to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and historical sites.
  5. Job Creation: Sky Mali’s operations have generated job opportunities in various sectors, including airport services, maintenance, and customer service.
  6. Safety Record: The airline has maintained a strong safety record, adhering to international safety standards and regulations, ensuring the well-being of its passengers and crew.

Future Prospects

As it looks ahead, Sky Mali has several strategies and developments in mind:

  1. Fleet Modernization: The airline plans to modernize its fleet by incorporating new, fuel-efficient aircraft. This will improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  2. Network Expansion: Sky Mali aims to expand its route network, increasing both domestic and international destinations, enabling more people to access air travel.
  3. Sustainability Initiatives: The airline is exploring sustainable practices, such as the use of biofuels, to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Sky Mali will continue to prioritize passenger satisfaction and the overall customer experience, enhancing services to meet the needs of a diverse range of travelers.
  5. Post-Pandemic Recovery: The airline is committed to recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, rebuilding passenger trust, and restoring operations to their pre-pandemic levels.


Sky Mali, Mali’s national airline, has transformed the West African aviation landscape. It has overcome geographical and operational challenges to provide affordable and reliable air travel services to the people of Mali and the broader region. The airline’s commitment to connectivity, economic growth, and regional integration has made it a vital player in West African air travel.

As it faces challenges and navigates the uncertainties of the aviation industry, Sky Mali remains dedicated to improving its services, expanding its network, and contributing to the economic development of Mali and the West African region. The airline’s resilience, adaptability, and vision ensure that it continues to soar, pioneering the skies of West Africa.


Baggage Policy

Sky Mali has a different baggage policy for carry-on and checked baggage policy.

Carry-on Baggage

All passengers, no matter the cabin class, are entitled to one piece of cabin baggage. Cabin bags must not exceed the following dimensions: 55cm in length, 40cm depth, and 25cm in width. Bags cannot weigh more than 10kg.

Checked Baggage

All passengers are entitled to complimentary checked baggage. However, the amount will depend on the cabin class:

  • Business Class: 40kg
  • Economy class: 30kg

Cabin Classes

Sky Mali has two seating classes available which are Economy and Business.

Economy Class

What are seats like?


Economy is a comfortable and spacious cabin. Seats are configured in a 3-3 formation, with storage space available under the seats and in the overhead compartments. During the flight, the adapted seats, with headrests and armrests, offer extra comfort.


What are seats like?


Snacks, meals and drinks are available depending on the time of the day. Although there is no onboard entertainment system, passengers can enjoy duty-free shopping and read the airline’s in-flight magazine.

Business Class

What are seats like?


Business class is an upgrade, providing a personalised service for passengers. The seats are extra spacious, with much more personal space. Dedicated staff will be on-had to ensure passengers are comfortable during the entire flight.


What are seats like?

A variety of magazines and newspapers are available for passenger’s entertainment during the flight. When international and medium-long haul flights commence, personal video screens and music systems will soon be available. As passengers board the aircraft, a glass of champagne will be served. Exquisite meals are cooked and served on elegant dishes.


Sky Mali doesn’t offer online check-in, you can only check-in at the airport.

Online Check-in

This airline doesn’t offer online check-in through its website.

Airport Check-in

Check-in can be completed by presenting the flight travel documents (e-ticket and passport/photo ID) at the airport of departure to one of the airline check-in agents. Check-in agents will be situated at the airline check-in desk and will guide you through the check-in process, as well as be able to answer any questions that you have regarding your flight.

Food and Drink

Depending on the flight time, the airline’s onboard catering and drinks service will be adapted to the time of the day: breakfast, lunch, a snack, or dinner. Depending on the time of day and route, hot, cold drinks, or alcoholic will be available.


Destinations that Sky Mali flies to

Sky Mali flies to several domestic destinations within Mali, these include Bamako, Gao, Kayes, Mopti and Timbuktu. Sky Mali also has international flights in Benin, Gabon and Senegal.

In the long-term, the airline also hopes to also begin scheduled passenger flights to a number of international destinations.

Domestic Destinations

Bamako Modibo Keita International Airport BKO
Gao Gao International Airport GAO
Kayes Kayes Airport KYS
Mopti Mopti Airport MZI
Timbuktu Timbuktu Airport TOM

International Destinations

Benin Cotonou Cotonou Airport COO
Gabon Libreville Léon-Mba International Airport LBV
Senegal Dakar Blaise Diagne International Airport DSS

Hub Airport

Modibo Keita International Airport

Modibo Keita International Airport (BKO) is an international airport in Bamako, Mali and the hub airport for Sky Mali. Modibo Keita International has been the hub for Sky Mali since it launched. The airport is the only international airport in Mali, making it the primary gateway into the country. It has one runway and a small terminal building and facilitates a mix of passenger and cargo flights.

Other airlines that fly to/from the airport include Air Algérie, Air Burkina, Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Mauritiana Airlines, Tunisair and more.


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The airline flies with a single Boeing 737-500 plane but plans to add more of the same kind of plane as its flies more frequently. When it launches international flights, Sky Mali is expected to add a significant number of more planes for its fleet, potentially using a different model.


Cancellation Policy

As a default, all Sky Mali flights are non-refundable. This means that if a passenger needs to cancel their flight for whatever reason, they will not be eligible for a refund.

However, Fastofly, passenger can add Cancellation Protection to their booking when you book with any airline. Cancellation Protection entitles passengers to a refund if they can’t use their flight due to any of the emergency circumstances set out in the terms and conditions. This includes circumstances such as redundancy, flight cancellation, adverse weather and more.

By adding Cancellation Protection to their booking, passengers can quickly and easily turn their Sky Mali ticket from non-refundable to refundable, giving total peace of mind.


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