Secrets to get the cheapest airline tickets

While planning a trip it is better to manage it in a limited budget. However, during the peak trips season this myth becomes almost impossible due to the expensive air fares and reservations. With the help of internet you can find a number of options to get cheap airline tickets.

Start planning in advance

It is better to plan your trip almost four months in advance. Decide the destination you want to visit and sign up for different travelling email alerts. Make a spate email account to avoid the issue of too many emails because the websites send you alert of every deal they offer. Before the starting of holiday season the travelling sites usually offer various deals of accommodation and reservation that helps you in managing a good saving.


Best time for booking

Book the flight with the margin of six weeks because the airline charges extra for the last minute reservations. Air tickets are a little expensive on Sundays and Fridays. Make a booking on Wednesday to get cheap airline tickets. First flight in morning is comparatively cheap. You can also go for it if you can wake up at 4 a.m.

  • Instead of booking the round-trip ticket buy two tickets separately. It will save you a good cost.

  • If you want to travel from another country always buy tickets by changing your location. The US bookings are normally higher in price.
  • Find the consolidators in the newspaper for example if you want to travel to Thailand find the offers provided by the people of Thailand living in your country.
  • Do not unsubscribe the websites you have signed up for getting email alerts. Keep on checking the deals they offer. If they offer a cheap deal after you buy the ticket, let them know about the refunding of the ticket or they will refund you the extra cost according to that deal.