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Rossiya Airlines, also known as Rossiya – Russian Airlines, is a major airline in Russia. Here are some key points about Rossiya Airlines:

  1. History and Ownership: Rossiya Airlines was established in 1992 as a state-owned airline. Initially, it operated as a regional carrier serving destinations within Russia. In 2006, Rossiya Airlines became a subsidiary of Aeroflot, the largest airline in Russia. Since then, it has operated as a part of the Aeroflot Group.
  2. Fleet: Rossiya Airlines operates a diverse fleet of aircraft, including Airbus and Boeing models. The fleet consists of various narrow-body and wide-body aircraft, such as Airbus A319, A320, A321, Boeing 737, and Boeing 747. These aircraft are used for both domestic and international flights, catering to a wide range of passenger needs.
  3. Destinations: Rossiya Airlines serves numerous domestic and international destinations. Domestically, it operates flights to major cities across Russia, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Sochi, and more. Internationally, Rossiya Airlines flies to destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, connecting Russia with cities like Berlin, Paris, Dubai, Bangkok, Beijing, and many others.
  4. Services and Features: Rossiya Airlines offers a range of services and amenities to its passengers. This includes various seating classes, such as Economy and Business, with different levels of comfort and services. The airline provides in-flight meals, entertainment options, and Wi-Fi connectivity on select aircraft. Passengers can also enjoy a frequent flyer program called Aeroflot Bonus, which allows them to earn and redeem points for future flights.
  5. Safety and Reputation: Rossiya Airlines maintains a strong focus on safety and adheres to international aviation standards. The airline has a good safety record and is known for its commitment to passenger security. As part of the Aeroflot Group, it benefits from the group’s reputation as one of the leading airlines in Russia.

Rossiya Airlines plays a significant role in connecting various destinations within Russia and serving international travelers flying to and from the country.

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Rossiya Airlines flies to many destinations including Hurghada, Monastir, Almaty, Astana, Oskemen, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Khujand, Yerevan, Baku, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Karshi, Salzburg, Minsk, Split, Burgas, Vienna and many others.



Baggage rules and regulations differ depending on your flight number. The free baggage allowance is based on a piece system and changes depending on which cabin class and fare type is purchased.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers in Economy Class can carry 1 piece of carry-on baggage, up to 5 kg and no larger than 55 x 40 x 25 cm (21.5″ x 15.7″ x 9.8″).

Passengers in Business class can carry 1 piece of carry-on baggage, up to 10 kg and no larger than 55 x 40 x 25 cm (21.5″ x 15.7″ x 9.8″).

On top of their carry-on baggage allowance, passengers can carry one of the following items luggage allowance, without additional charge:

  • Small backpack or briefcase
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Baby food to feed a baby during the flight
  • Medical equipment, such as crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchairs — this must be pre-agreed with the airline
  • A suit with a suit bag
  • Baby carrier (i.e stroller)
  • Medications or special dietary products that are required for the passenger during the flight
  • Duty-Free purchased, in a sealed bag that doesn’t exceed 115 cm (sum of three dimensions)

Checked Baggage

The maximum dimensions for any 1 piece of baggage included within the free baggage allowance is no more than the overall sum of 203 cm (sum of three dimensions)

*A baggage weight system is used on flights numbered FV5501-5949 (flights ordered by a tour operator). This means that baggage allowance is based on weight rather than piece. The weight allowance is set by the tour operator that the flight has been booked with.


Frequent Flyer Program

Aeroflot Bonus

Rossiya Airlines is a member of Aeroflot Bonus frequent flyer programme. The frequent flyer programme allows passengers to earn miles and spend them on future tickets, as well buy the airline’s partner services at a discount, and a range of other benefits.

Miles can be earned any time a passenger flies with Rossiya Airlines or one of the SkyTeam partner airlines. The Aeroflot Bonus frequent flyer programme is and the benefits gained from it is available on all Rossiya Airlines flights, excluding flights numbered FV 5501-5949.


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The Rossiya Airlines fleet is made up of the following planes:

  • SSJ 100
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 747

Hub Airport

Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport is the international airport serving Saint Petersburg, Russia. The airport is the hub airport for Rossiya Airlines and Ural Airlines.

Many airlines which fly to and from this airport include Air Astana, Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, Alitalia, Azur Air, China Southern Airlines, British Airways, Red Wings Airlines, Korean Air, Montenegro Airlines, Lufthansa, LOT Polish Airlines and previously Saratov Airlines before they ceased operations in 2018.


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