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Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, commonly known as Charles de Gaulle Airport or CDG Airport, is the largest and busiest international airport in France. It is located in Roissy-en-France, approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Paris city center. Here is some information about Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport:

  1. Terminals: The airport has three main passenger terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. Terminal 1 is an iconic circular building known for its unique architecture. Terminal 2 is further divided into several sub-terminals, including 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 2E Hall L, and 2F Hall M. Terminal 3 is a smaller terminal primarily used for low-cost carriers and charter flights.
  2. Facilities: Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport offers a wide range of facilities and amenities for travelers. These include duty-free shops, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, currency exchange services, ATMs, lounges, prayer rooms, car rental services, information desks, and free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminals.
  3. Airlines and Destinations: The airport serves as a major hub for Air France and is a key international gateway for travelers. It is served by numerous international and domestic airlines, connecting Paris to destinations worldwide. Major airlines operating at Charles de Gaulle Airport include Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines, and many more.
  4. Ground Transportation: Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is well-connected to Paris and other parts of France through various transportation options. These include taxis, rideshare services like Uber, airport buses, regional trains (RER), and the dedicated CDGVAL automated people mover, which provides free connections between terminals and parking areas.
  5. Inter-terminal Transportation: Given the size and layout of the airport, there are shuttle buses and train connections available to transfer passengers between terminals. The CDGVAL automated people mover operates within the airport, providing free transportation between terminals, long-term parking areas, and the RER station.
  6. Expansion and Upgrades: Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport has undergone expansion and improvement projects over the years to accommodate increasing passenger traffic. Ongoing developments include the construction of a new Terminal 4, which is expected to further enhance the airport’s capacity and facilities.

While I strive to provide up-to-date information, airport operations and facilities may change over time. For the most accurate and current details about Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, it is recommended to visit the official airport website or contact the airport directly.


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