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Motor Sich Airlines, a subsidiary of the renowned Motor Sich Group, has been a key player in the Ukrainian aviation industry for several decades. Established in 1984, the airline has continually evolved and expanded its operations, serving as a vital link for passengers traveling within Ukraine and to select international destinations. In this article, we will explore the history, growth, impact, and significance of Motor Sich Airlines, shedding light on its pivotal role in connecting people and places in Ukraine and beyond.

Founding and Early Years

Motor Sich Airlines was founded in 1984, primarily to serve the internal travel needs of the Motor Sich Group, a major Ukrainian engine manufacturing company. The airline’s early years were characterized by modest beginnings and a focus on corporate and cargo transportation.

  1. A Subsidiary of Motor Sich Group

As a subsidiary of the Motor Sich Group, the airline operated with a focus on transporting the group’s employees, parts, and machinery to various destinations. This close association with a leading engine manufacturer shaped the airline’s development.

  1. Introduction of Passenger Services

In the early 2000s, Motor Sich Airlines diversified its operations by introducing passenger services. This marked a significant expansion of its role within the aviation industry, allowing the airline to serve a broader audience and enhance its presence in the region.

  1. Modernization and Fleet Growth

Motor Sich Airlines invested in modernizing and expanding its fleet with the addition of new aircraft. These improvements enabled the airline to provide a more comfortable and efficient travel experience for its passengers.

Key Features of Motor Sich Airlines

  1. Modern Fleet

The airline maintains a modern and versatile fleet, primarily consisting of Antonov An-24, Antonov An-140, and Embraer E145 aircraft. These aircraft are known for their efficiency, reliability, and passenger comfort.

  1. Cargo Transport

Motor Sich Airlines retains its roots in cargo transportation, with dedicated cargo aircraft and services. This capability is essential for supporting the logistical needs of the Motor Sich Group and various other clients.

  1. Passenger Comfort

The airline places a strong emphasis on passenger comfort and satisfaction. Motor Sich Airlines’ aircraft are equipped with comfortable seating and in-flight entertainment options, ensuring a pleasant travel experience.

  1. Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are paramount in the aviation industry, and Motor Sich Airlines has maintained a strong track record in this regard. The airline’s commitment to safety and on-time performance ensures a secure and timely journey for passengers.

  1. Charter Flights

Motor Sich Airlines offers charter flight services, allowing clients to request personalized flight itineraries. This flexibility is especially attractive for businesses, groups, and organizations seeking tailored travel solutions.

The Impact of Motor Sich Airlines

Motor Sich Airlines has made a significant impact on Ukraine’s aviation industry and beyond. Here are some key ways in which the airline has influenced the region:

  1. Connectivity Within Ukraine

Motor Sich Airlines plays a crucial role in connecting various cities and regions within Ukraine, fostering economic development and supporting local businesses. The airline ensures that residents in both major cities and more remote areas have reliable air travel options.

  1. Supporting the Motor Sich Group

The airline is an essential part of the Motor Sich Group’s operations, facilitating the movement of employees, equipment, and goods. This support enhances the group’s overall efficiency and success.

  1. Regional Connectivity

In addition to its domestic services, Motor Sich Airlines offers international routes to select destinations. These routes serve as a means of connecting Ukraine with neighboring countries and the global market, contributing to regional trade and tourism.

  1. Economic Development

Motor Sich Airlines’ services stimulate economic development by supporting trade, tourism, and local business growth. The airline’s operations contribute to job creation and regional development.

Challenges and Competition

Motor Sich Airlines faces several challenges and competition in the aviation market:

  1. Economic Factors: Economic fluctuations, fuel price volatility, and currency exchange rate changes can impact the airline’s financial performance.

  2. Regulatory Challenges: Changes in aviation regulations, safety standards, and international agreements can affect the airline’s operations and cost structures. Staying compliant and efficient in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape is an ongoing challenge.

  3. Competition: The airline industry is highly competitive, with numerous carriers vying for passenger traffic in Ukraine and the region. Motor Sich Airlines competes with both regional carriers and larger international airlines.

The Future of Motor Sich Airlines

As Motor Sich Airlines looks to the future, it is well-prepared for continued success and growth. The airline’s strong brand, commitment to quality service, and extensive capabilities make it a key player in the evolving aviation industry. Here are some key developments and strategies that will shape Motor Sich Airlines’ future:

  1. Fleet Modernization and Expansion: The airline will continue to invest in modernizing its fleet and expanding its route network. The addition of new aircraft and destinations will strengthen its competitive position and enhance regional connectivity.

  2. Sustainability Initiatives: Like many airlines, Motor Sich Airlines is likely to explore more sustainable practices, including the use of alternative fuels and other environmental measures to reduce its carbon footprint.

  3. Technological Advancements: The airline will embrace technological advancements to streamline operations and enhance the passenger experience. This includes improvements in booking processes, in-flight entertainment, and digital services.

  4. Charter Services: Motor Sich Airlines will continue to focus on providing charter services, catering to the personalized travel needs of businesses, groups, and organizations.


Motor Sich Airlines, established in 1984, has been a key player in Ukraine’s aviation industry, providing essential domestic and international services. With a focus on quality service, safety, and regional connectivity, the airline has significantly impacted the aviation industry in the region. As it looks to the future, Motor Sich Airlines is well-poised to continue serving as a vital link in connecting people and places within Ukraine and beyond. The airline is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a symbol of progress, a link to diverse cultures, and a testament to the power of aviation to foster economic development and cultural exchange.




Online Check-In

Online check-in on the website of the airline starts 23 hours before the scheduled departure and ends 120 minutes before the scheduled departure. Acceptance of baggage of passengers who checked in on the website of the airline begins at the check-in desk of the airport 90 minutes and ends 40 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Check in at the airport.

If you’re checking in at the airport, please allow a reasonable amount of time to check-in to make sure you make you avoid missing your flight. Check-in of passengers of the following categories is carried out only at the check-in desk of the airport:

Passengers with infants travelling without a separate seat;

Passengers requiring special assistance;

Passengers travelling with animals.



Economy Class

The airline offers short-haul regional flights using aircraft equipped with only economy-class cabins.

Economy Class Facilities

On all flights, regardless of the length of the flight, passengers are provided with cold snacks as well as hot and cold drinks. Sit and enjoy the in-flight magazine while flying.

Economy Class Seating

The airline is low-cost, but offers comfortable seating with padded headrests and fold-down trays. There are cotton curtains on the windows and overhead storage.




Numerous flights are in operation across Ukraine and Belarus. Destinations include: Minsk, Lviv, Odessa, Kiev, Uzhhorod, and Zaporizhia.

From June 2019 the airline will also start to operate limited flights from Zaporizhia International Airport, in Ukraine, to Burgas International Airport, in Bulgaria.


Motor Sich Airlines Route Map

Motor Sich Airlines Route Map

Hub Airport

International Airport Zaporizhzhya

Zaporizhia International Airport is the international airport that serves Zaporizhia, Ukraine one of three airfields around the city. Other airlines that fly to Zaporizhia inclue Bravo Airways, Bukovyna Airways, Pegasus Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

Book Hotel Near International Airport Zaporizhzhya




Popular Routes

Zaporizhia to Minsk

Kiev to Zaporizhia

Kiev to Lviv

Odessa to Kiev

Lviv to Uzhhorod



The Fleet

Antonov An-12 AN-12BK

Antonov An-140

Antonov An-24RV

Yakovlev Yak-40

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