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About Mistral Air

Mistral Air is an Italian cargo airline based in Rome and is a subsidiary of Poste Italiane. Previously, the airline operated passenger services from scheduled and international charter services. This latter service of passenger services ceased in 2018, when they decided to focus on cargo operations.

Mistral Air operates in the freight and postal transport sector through a specific cargo unit and is also able to offer on-demand cargo charter flights.

The airline’s main destinations for its passenger services was Canary Islands, Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands, Tunisia, Spain, France, Morocco, the Holy Land, Lourdes, Medjugorje (Mostar) and other popular European cities.

Mistral Air operated flights from Northern Europe for tourists travelling to Italy. These airports included: Ancona, Alghero, Bari, Bologna Bergamo, Cagliari, Catania, Cuneo, Firenze, Milano, Napoli, Olbia, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pescara, Pisa, Rimini, Roma, Verona, Trieste and from international airports of: Corfù, Cefalonia, Kos, Mostar, Pau, Rodi, Sofia, Tirana, Tivat and Zante.

Mistral Air had codeshare agreements with Alitalia, Bulgarian Air Charter and Jet Time.

Mistral Air’s aim was to provide a service to individual customers, Tour Operator and companies that is as attentive and reliable as possible, however, as mentioned the company now focuses on cargo transportation services.

Mistral Air was established over 40 years ago by Carlo Pedersoli (stage name Bud Spencer), and since 2002 has been owned by the Poste Italiane group.The airline is certified as a flight operator in accordance with European legislation (EU OPS1) and has its own pilot training school, which is the first in Italy to have obtained certification from ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) as a T.R.T.O (Type Rating Training Organisation). This is further evidence of the way in which pilots are constantly kept up to date, and of the ’s readiness to invest in training and professionalism.



Mistral Air Fleet

ATR 72-200F

ATR 72-500

Boeing 737-300QC

Boeing 737-400F



Mistral Air News

March 2018

Mistral Air reorganisation

The Mistral company that manages the air connections with the minor Sicilian islands has announced that not participating in the new call will launch in the coming days the procedures of collective dismissal for the 40 flight attendants. It is unknown as to what the consequences of this might mean.

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