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About Mann Yadanarpon Airlines

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Myanmar’s homegrown carrier, has played a vital role in connecting the diverse landscapes, cultures, and communities of the country. Established in 2013, this airline has been committed to providing efficient air travel services domestically and has been slowly expanding its reach beyond Myanmar’s borders. This article offers a comprehensive exploration of Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, encompassing its history, fleet, destinations, services, sustainability initiatives, challenges, and the promising future that awaits this emerging carrier.

The Journey of Mann Yadanarpon Airlines

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines started its journey in 2013, making its mark as a regional airline in Myanmar. The airline’s primary mission was to improve domestic connectivity within the country, a nation known for its diverse landscapes, from the bustling cities like Yangon and Mandalay to the remote, picturesque regions.

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines was named after the Yadanarpon Dynasty, which reigned in the ancient city of Mandalay, showcasing the airline’s deep connection to Myanmar’s history and heritage. The airline has steadily evolved and expanded its services to connect more destinations within Myanmar.

The Modern Fleet and Technological Advancements

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines operates a modern fleet of aircraft, including the ATR 72-500 series. These aircraft are well-suited for domestic travel in Myanmar, with the capability to operate on short runways and a focus on passenger comfort.

The airline embraces technology to enhance the passenger experience. The airline’s online booking platforms and mobile apps make it easy for travelers to plan their journeys. Onboard, passengers can expect comfortable cabins, in-flight entertainment, and modern amenities to ensure a pleasant and connected journey.

Extensive Network of Destinations

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines focuses on connecting passengers to destinations within Myanmar. The airline serves several domestic destinations, with Mandalay International Airport and Yangon International Airport being key hubs.

The airline offers flights to cities and regions such as Bagan, Heho, Kalaymyo, Myitkyina, Sittwe, and more. Mann Yadanarpon Airlines plays a crucial role in facilitating travel and economic exchange within Myanmar, connecting remote areas with urban centers.

Quality Service and Amenities

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality service to its passengers. The airline’s commitment to passenger satisfaction is evident from the moment travelers begin planning their trips. Online booking is user-friendly, and the airline’s website and mobile app provide convenience for passengers.

Onboard, passengers can expect comfortable cabins with spacious seating, in-flight entertainment, and a range of meal options. The airline offers services such as priority boarding and special meals for dietary restrictions. The cabin crew is known for their professionalism and warmth, ensuring passengers feel well taken care of during their journey.

Sustainability Initiatives

As the aviation industry increasingly focuses on sustainability, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines recognizes the importance of responsible environmental practices. The airline has implemented measures to minimize its environmental footprint, including fuel-efficient operational practices. Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and adopting sustainable aviation practices.

Community Engagement

Beyond its core aviation services, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines actively engages with local communities and supports various social and environmental initiatives. The airline’s involvement extends to contributing to local development, educational programs, and disaster relief efforts. These activities underscore Mann Yadanarpon Airlines’ commitment to the communities it serves.

Challenges and Opportunities

The aviation industry is not without its challenges, and Mann Yadanarpon Airlines has faced hurdles along its journey. Economic fluctuations, competition, and the COVID-19 pandemic have been significant challenges for the airline. However, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines has demonstrated resilience and adaptability in navigating these challenges.

The airline recognizes numerous opportunities for growth. Myanmar’s tourism industry is on the rise, and domestic travel is an essential component of its growth. As air travel demand continues to increase, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is well-positioned to expand its network and services, fostering economic growth within Myanmar.

Navigating the Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for the aviation industry, including Mann Yadanarpon Airlines. Travel restrictions, lockdowns, and passenger concerns led to a significant decrease in air travel. However, the airline adapted quickly to the new reality, implementing stringent health and safety measures to protect passengers and staff. It introduced flexible booking policies to accommodate changing travel plans. As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is committed to restoring regional connectivity.

The Future of Mann Yadanarpon Airlines

Looking ahead, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is well-equipped to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. The airline’s dedication to excellence, sustainability, community engagement, and the passenger experience remains unwavering. With a focus on expanding its network, enhancing services, and embracing emerging technologies, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is on a trajectory of sustained growth and success.


Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Myanmar’s homegrown carrier, has been an essential player in connecting the nation’s diverse landscapes and communities. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the evolving aviation landscape, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines continues to demonstrate resilience and adaptability.

As it continues to connect people and regions within Myanmar, the airline’s impact on both the aviation sector and the communities it serves is undeniable. The future looks promising, and Mann Yadanarpon Airlines remains well-positioned to shape the skies for years to come, fostering connections and opportunities for travelers and contributing to Myanmar’s development and growth.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are allowed 5kg of carry-on luggage, of a reasonable size. This means that the bag must be able to fit under the passengers seat, or in the overhead compartment. This amount is ideal for carry on baggage, as passengers can keep what they need with them, and put heavier items in their checked luggage.

Checked Baggage

The baggage policy for checked baggage means that passengers of Mann Yadanarpon Airlines are permitted 20kg of checked luggage. This may vary depending on your ticket type, so be sure to check how much you are permitted when booking with Fastofly or on your e-ticket.

Excess Baggage

If you wish to bring more baggage with you on MYA flights, you can purchase extra baggage at the time of booking or via ‘Manage My Booking’. Due to international health and safety reasons, you’re not allowed to bring baggage exceeding 32kg.



Mann Yadanarpons Airlines Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines offers its passengers online check-in. You’re allowed to check in for your Mann Yadanarpon Airlines flight 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. Once you’ve checked in you can print your boarding pass or save it onto your e-wallet. Your boarding pass will state a confirmation number and name. We advise that you check in online for your Mann Yadanarpon Airlines flight to avoid long queues at the airport.


Airport Check-In

For domestic flights, you must arrive at least 60 minutes before your flight departure time. To complete airport check-in, passengers must visit the MYA check-in desk and proceed the check-in process with the airport ground staff.

For International flights, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines recommends that passengers check in at the airport no more than 4 hours before their scheduled flight time. Mann Yadanarpon Airlines closes its check-in desks 25 minutes before the flight departure time.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Destinations

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines currently only operates domestic flights in Myanmar. The table below shows the current destinations:

Mandalay Mandalay International Airport
Yangon Yangon International Airport
Bagan Nyaung U Airport
Heho Heho Airport
Thandwe Thandwe Airport
Kengtung Kengtung Airport
Tachilek Tachilek Airport
Lashio Lashio Airport
Myeik Myeik Airport
Dawei Dawei Airport
Kawthaung Kawthaung Airport
Myitkyina Myitkyina Airport
Sittwe Sittwe Airport
Mawlamyaing Mawlamyaing Airport
Hkamti Khamti Airport




Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Class Information

In economy class, passengers can enjoy comfortable seats, often arranged in a 2-2 formation (depending on the aircraft travelling in). Small meals or snacks are provided on most flights, along with a drinks service of water, soda, tea and coffee.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Fleet

Mann Yadanarpon Airline currently has a couple of ATR 72-600 aircraft as part of its fleet.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines In-flight Entertainment

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines doesn’t currently offer movies and TV shows on its flights. However, there are a number of in-flight magazines that you can browse during your flight journey with Mann Yadanarpon Airlines.



Airline Alliance

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines is not a member of an airline alliance. However, MYA does have codeshare agreements with Myanmar National Airlines.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Hub Airport

Mandalay International Airport

Mandalay International Airport (MDL) is situated south of Mandalay in Tada-U. This airport is one of the 3 international airports in Myanmar. Mandalay International Airport used to be one of the largest airports in Myanmar until Yangon International Airport modernized its airport facilities and services. This airport has one runway that’s over 14,000 ft long. MDL is able to handle up to 3 million passengers yearly.

Over 15 airlines currently operate to and from Mandalay International Airport, both domestically and internationally. The airport is known for having the longest active runway in Southeast Asia.

Mandalay International Airport operates services for many airlines, including Golden Myanmar Airlines, Bangkok Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Myanmar Airways International, Sichuan Airlines and Thai AirAsia. It’s also the hub airport for Mann Yadanarpon Airlines.



Mann Yadanarpon Airlines Route Map

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