Make your honeymoon extra special

After marriage going on an amazing honeymoon is a dream of every couple. They want to make the new days more special and memorable for their entire life. This is a time when the couples start knowing and understanding each other. These days can become more amazing by a little extra planning.


  • While reservations of the tickets always check out or ask about the holiday extras the airline is offering. You can enjoy free food, drinks, comfortable arm chairs, newspaper and extra treatment in the airport lounge. Every airline has a separate terminal for such offerings, it will be better if you ask the travelling agency.

  • Do not waste your time and check in early to avoid any kind of uncertain issue. Sometimes the seats are separate that you cannot change in a crowded flight. It is better to locate such things conveniently instead of rushing up in the last minute.

  • Some airlines offer amazing honeymoon packages in which you also find a lot of presents. Find the destination on internet and read about the specialties of that place. Make a proper list of the things to do in that place. You can make your trip more interesting by adding some adventures including the balloon ride, helicopter ride, skiing and hiking etc.

  • Let the hotel know about your new wedding so that they can offer you a special room. Before occupying gather the complete information about the location and view of the hotel. Also ask them about the features of the room.


  • Adorn the room with fresh flowers and arrange a special gift for your spouse. Book a restaurant to have a romantic dinner.


  • Never stay on one place, roam around different places and enjoy all the natural beauty. take your partner to the beach, mountains and visit all the areas of your destination to make it more memorable instead of staying in a room.¬†