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About Jet Asia Airways

Jet Asia Airways, commonly known as Jet Asia, has carved a unique niche in the aviation industry since its inception in 2010. Founded in Thailand, this regional airline has been instrumental in connecting people across Asia and beyond. Jet Asia’s unwavering commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and comfortable air travel experiences has made it a prominent player in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Origins of Jet Asia Airways

Jet Asia Airways took its first flight in 2010, aiming to address the growing demand for efficient and convenient air travel in the Asia-Pacific region. The airline’s founders recognized the potential for growth in this dynamic part of the world and established Jet Asia with the vision of offering passengers a reliable, quality, and safe flying experience.

Connecting Asia and Beyond

Jet Asia Airways quickly became a key player in the aviation landscape by focusing on connecting major cities and regional destinations across Asia and beyond. The airline’s mission was to provide convenient and cost-effective air travel solutions to a diverse range of passengers.

One of the cornerstones of Jet Asia’s operations has been its extensive network, encompassing destinations throughout Asia and even extending to Europe. The airline’s hub in Thailand served as a strategic gateway for travelers, connecting them to various regional and international destinations. Jet Asia’s presence has played a vital role in the connectivity of the Asia-Pacific region, fostering economic growth and cultural exchanges.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Jet Asia Airways has consistently prioritized customer satisfaction. The airline’s commitment to providing a comfortable and reliable travel experience has endeared it to passengers across the region. Some key aspects of Jet Asia’s customer-centric approach include:

  1. Quality Service: Jet Asia places great emphasis on the quality of service provided to passengers. This commitment to excellence has earned the airline recognition and a loyal customer base.
  2. In-Flight Comfort: Jet Asia offers a range of cabin classes, from Economy to Business, designed to cater to diverse passenger needs and preferences. The airline’s cabin crew is known for its professionalism and hospitality, creating a warm and comfortable in-flight environment.
  3. Punctuality: Jet Asia Airways has built a strong reputation for punctuality. This focus on on-time performance ensures that travelers can rely on Jet Asia for a dependable and efficient travel experience.

Fleet and Operations

Jet Asia’s fleet has been carefully selected to meet the demands of its regional and international routes. The airline’s modern aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, contributing to a reliable and safe travel experience.

The airline’s point-to-point route network minimizes unnecessary layovers and optimizes the travel experience for passengers. Jet Asia’s streamlined operations have allowed it to offer competitive fares and maintain its reputation for efficiency.

The Importance of Connectivity

Jet Asia Airways recognizes the role it plays in fostering regional and international connectivity. The airline’s operations have been instrumental in enabling trade, business travel, tourism, and cultural exchanges across Asia and beyond.

The airline’s efforts have significantly contributed to the development of secondary airports in the Asia-Pacific region, ensuring that travelers have access to a diverse range of destinations. Jet Asia has been a driving force behind the development of regional economies and the growth of the aviation industry.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The aviation industry faced unprecedented challenges with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jet Asia Airways, like many other airlines, had to navigate a turbulent landscape characterized by travel restrictions, reduced demand, and safety concerns.

However, Jet Asia demonstrated resilience during these trying times. The airline implemented stringent health and safety measures, including enhanced cleaning procedures, mask mandates, and social distancing on flights. Jet Asia continued to operate essential flights, bridging gaps and maintaining vital connections even during the pandemic’s most challenging phases.

The Path Forward

Jet Asia Airways has a promising future ahead. As the aviation industry continues to adapt and evolve, the airline is positioned to seize new opportunities for growth and development.

One of the key prospects for Jet Asia is the expansion of its international network. The airline is actively exploring new routes and destinations, allowing travelers from Asia and beyond to access a wider range of international locations.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability have become increasingly important in the aviation industry. Jet Asia is taking steps to minimize its carbon footprint by investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft and exploring sustainable aviation fuels. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing global focus on addressing climate change and reducing the environmental impact of aviation.


Jet Asia Airways, with its focus on regional connectivity, quality service, and efficiency, has made a significant impact on the aviation industry in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Whether you are a business traveler seeking efficient connections, a tourist exploring the diverse destinations of Asia, or a passenger who values punctuality and reliability, Jet Asia embodies progress and excellence in the aviation industry.

As Jet Asia continues to navigate the ever-changing aviation landscape and embraces sustainability, it remains poised to shape the future of air travel in Asia and beyond. Jet Asia Airways provides travelers with a reliable, efficient, and comfortable journey, connecting people and cultures across the region and contributing to the growth and development of the Asia-Pacific aviation industry.

Economy Class

Economy Class Facilities

Jet Asia Airways is a Full Service airline offering at no charge the following amenities:

  • Hot Meal & Beverages service
  • Complimentary Pillow and Blankets
  • Minimum 23 Kgs Baggage Allowance
  • 7 Kgs of Carry On Luggage plus a Laptop in carry case
  • Passengers are also allowed a free Sport Equipment Allowance for Golf Clubs
  • Free Alcholic Beverages on selected Scheduled Flights

As a Full Service airline, the carrier also offers Special Meals at no extra charge, including vegetarian, halal, diabetic, gluten free, or an infant meal.

Economy Class Seating

The Boeing 767 200/300 features a twin-aisle cabin with an unique 2-3-2 all Economy Class configuration, where all passengers are no more than one seat from the aisle.


Jet Asia Airways’ fleet consists of Boeing 767-200, Boeing 767-200ER and Boeing 767-300ER.

Popular Routes

Bangkok to Tokyo

Bangkok to Jeddah

Bangkok to Seoul

Bangkok to Jakarta



Hub Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand. Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Thai Smile and Orient Thai Airlines

Use the particular airport as a HUB and passengers can benefit from both domestic and international flights. Airlines that fly from and to Suvarnabhumi Airport include Air Astana, Air India, Bangkok Airways, China Eastern and; Vietnam Airlines.

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