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 Hotels in Russia Starting with Letter P

This List of hotels is prepared in such a way that it shows the list of hotels we book in Russia each hotel is comma separated with its city.

It can be a business visit to Russia or a honeymoon or a family tour or visit, you will definitely get the best price of hotels, cottages, Holiday apartments, Guest House  or rooms. Be comfortable to compare the prices before making any selection. Manual Hotel Booking is available to make it easy for the traveler/visitor we have made this list of hotels available for Russia.


P&A Apartment, Petergof
P.S. Apartments, St. Petersburg
Pacaeva, Rostov-na-Donu
Pafos Na Kremlevskoi, Moscow
Pafos Na Kurskoy Guest House, Moscow
Palace Misteries, St. Petersburg
Palace of gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova, Moscow
Palace Place, Pushkin
Palace Yelizavetino, Dontso
Palacio Apartment, St. Petersburg
Palacio apartments, St. Petersburg
Palacio Hotel, Malyye Krutitsy
Palantin Hotel, St. Petersburg
Palazzo Lorenzo, Novopavloskaya
Palermo Hotel & Coffee house, Moscow
Pallada Hotel, St. Petersburg
Pallada Hotel, Vladivostok
Palma Soneta Hotel, Verhnee Dzhemete
Palma, Lermontovo
Palmira Club, Stavropol
Palmovy Dvor Guesthouse, Dagomys
Palomnicheskaya Gostinica, St. Petersburg
Panama (Panama), Ashe
Panama, Vityazevo
PANapartment 10 Avgusta, 85, Ivanovo
PANapartment Comfort, Ivanovo
PanDa Hostel, Krasnoyarsk
Panda Hostel, Sochi
Panda house, Sheregesh
PANDA, Rostov-na-Donu
Panfilova 3 apartment, Adler
Pano Castro Hotel Complex, Kazan
Panorama 141, Plodorodnyy
Panorama 22, Krasnodar
Panorama 22/2, Krasnodar
Panorama 22/2, Krasnodar
Panorama 30, Krasnodar
Panorama Apart And Business, Ekaterinburg
Panorama Apart, Krasnoyarsk
Panorama Apartment 180m2, St. Petersburg
Panorama Apartment Na Moskovskom, St. Petersburg
Panorama Apartment, Kaliningrad
Panorama Apartment. Center., St. Petersburg
Panorama apartments 28, Krasnodar
Panorama Apartments, Plodorodnyy
Panorama Apartments, Vologda
Panorama City Federation, Moscow
Panorama City, Moscow
Panorama City2, Krasnodar
Panorama De Luxe, Estosadok
Panorama Guest House, Khuzhir
Panorama Kazan Center, Kazan
Panorama Kazan Center, Kazan
Panorama Moscow Apartment, Moscow
Panorama Resort, Kabardinka
PANORAMA ROOM Performance, Sochi
Panorama Sea View, Vladivostok
Panorama Sea, Lazarevskoye
Panorama, Abakan
Panorama-otelʹ “Dzem”, Nizhneye Dzhemete
Panoramic 1 Bed Studio, Kazan
Panoramic Apartment on Paveletskaya, Moscow
Panoramic Apartment on Paveletskaya, Moscow
Panoramic LOFT & Mansard by Minin Apartments, St. Petersburg
Panoramic sea view Loft Apartment on Vasilievsky island, St. Petersburg
Panoramic View on Salavat Ulaev, Ufa
Panoramnaa kvartira, Moscow
Panoramnye apartamenty na beregu, Khimki
Panoramnye apartamenty, Yessentuki
Panoramnyj vid na Park Pobedy!!!, Moscow
Pansionat “Agata”, Vityazevo
Pansionat “Lazurnyj”, Lazarevskoye
Pansionat “Nazarʹevo”, Chernaya Gryaz’
Pansionat “Polany”, Lipki
Pansionat “Seksna”, Vardane
Pansionat “Starie Druzya”, Belokurikha
Pansionat “Unostʹ”, Rayki
Pansionat “VITYAZEVO FAMILY”, Vityazevo
Pansionat Burevestnik, Bogomolovo
Pansionat Edem Building â„–2, Sochi
Pansionat Energetik (Pansionat EHnergetik), Divnomorskoye
Pansionat Flamingo, Divnomorskoye
Pansionat Gelendzhik, Gelendzik
Pansionat Ivuska (Pansionat Ivushka), Sukko
Pansionat Lastochka, Kislovodsk
Pansionat Lesnaya Skazka, Tuapse
Pansionat Lesnoy Gorodok, Odintsovo
Pansionat Lidya, Nizhneye Uchdere
Pansionat Mayak, Magri
Pansionat Nadezhda, Kislovodsk
Pansionat Niva, Anapa
Pansionat Otdykha Energetik, Divnomorskoye
Pansionat Plaz, Vityazevo
Pansionat Pliaj, Vityazevo
Pansionat Polyarnie Zori, Verhnee Dzhemete
Pansionat PrimaVera, Novyy Sochi
Pansionat Rodina, Yessentuki
Pansionat Severnoye Siyaniye, Valday
Pansionat Smolky, Mysova
Pansionat Sokol, Zarech’ye
Pansionat Sokolova Pustyn, Stupino
Pansionat Solnechniy, Vityazevo
Pansionat Solnechny MCHS Rossii, Zvenigorod
Pansionat Tatyana, Verhnee Dzhemete
Pansionat UNDERSUN Vytazevo, Vityazevo
Pansionat Uralskiy, Nizhniy Tagil
Pansionat Verbilki, Verbilki
Pansionat Voshod, Sergiyev Posad
Pansionat YugRa, Blagoveshchenskaya
Pansionat Yuzhniy Parus, Vityazevo
Panteon Apartment Centre, Tyumen
Panteon Romantic Apartments, Tyumen
Papa Karlo Guest House, Goryachinsk
Papaya Маrinero, Blagoveshchenskaya
PARACELS, Lazarevskoye
Parad Park Hotel, Tomsk
Paradis 1, St. Petersburg
Paradis, Bryansk
Paradise Apartment, Gelendzik
Paradise Guest House, Yoshkar-Ola
Paradise hotel na Arbate, Moscow
Paradise Hotel, Adler
Paradise House Рай, Adler
Paradise Inn Hotel & Spa, Cheboksary
Paradise, Makopse
PARADISE, Novokuznetsk
Paradise, Olginka
Paradiseotel na Chistyh Prudah, Moscow
Paradiz, Kaliningrad
PARADIZ, Saratov
Paradnyj Kvartal, St. Petersburg
Parallel Hotel, Stavropol
Paramount studio in Kotelniki, Malyye Krutitsy
Paramount studio in Kotelniki, Malyye Krutitsy
Parfenon, Divnomorskoye
Parhomenko 2a, Volgograd
Paris, Ryazan
Park & lake, Moscow
Park Apart, Malyye Krutitsy
Park Chalet Residence, Krasnaya Polyana
Park Chalet Residence, Krasnaya Polyana
Park City Hotel Ufa, Ufa
Park City Hotel, Rostov-na-Donu
Park Edem, Cheposh
Park Gorkogo, Moscow
Park Hostel, Novosibirsk
Park Hotel – Togl, Togliatti
Park Hotel Anapa, Anapa
Park Hotel Berendeevka, Kostroma
Park Hotel Burduguz, Burduguz
Park Hotel Derbovezh, Savostina
Park hotel Divniy, Lazarevskoye
Park Hotel Divny Dvorik, Diveyevo
Park Hotel Dobrograd, Kovrov
Park Hotel Energetik, Tomsk
Park Hotel Kapitan Morgan, Motornoye
Park Hotel Medvezhia Gora, Strugi
Park Hotel Nebug, Nebug
Park Hotel Ozerki, Mekhzavod
Park Hotel Paustovskij, Solotcha
Park Hotel Pilgrim, Budogoshch
Park Hotel Pribrezniy Yarburg, Krasnyye Tkachi
Park Hotel Shishka, Novosibirsk
Park Hotel Spasskoye, Yakimovskoye
Park Hotel Victoria, Chelyabinsk
Park Hotel ZVENIGOROD, Zvenigorod
Park Hotel, Krasnodar
Park In Pulkovo Apartaments, St. Petersburg
Park Inn by Radisson Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk
Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor, Estosadok
Park Inn by Radisson Volgograd, Volgograd
Park Kamenka, Zelenograd
Park Lane Inn Apartament Lebedeva, St. Petersburg
Park Lane Inn Apartament Lebedeva, St. Petersburg
Park Lane Inn Apartment Moyka, St. Petersburg
Park Lane Inn Apartment Ohta, St. Petersburg
Park Lane Inn Apartment Ohta, St. Petersburg
Park Lane Inn, St. Petersburg
Park LENINA, Belgorod
Park Otdyha Avrora, Ashe
Park Otelʹ “Uut Poltavskaa” na 10 komnat, Slavyansk-na-Kubani
Park Otelʹ, Kislovodsk
Park Pobedy, St. Petersburg
Park Residence 1910, Novosibirsk
PARK SIDE inn, Nizhnevartovsk
Park Sochi, Adler
Park View Apartment, Kaliningrad
ParkCity-NEW, Chelyabinsk
Park-Нotel Gorizont, Yastrebki
ParkHostel, Moscow
Park-hotel “Ryba-Kit”, Dolzhanskaya
Park-Hotel Chayka, Zhelnino
Park-Hotel Chusovaya, Sloboda
Park-Hotel Diyevo Gorodishche, Bol’shiye Soli
Park-Hotel Expedition, Murmansk
Park-Hotel Graal Kemerovo, Zhuravleva
Park-hotel Lesnaya, Lenevka
Park-Hotel MillWood, Belyye Berega
Park-hotel Shinkar, Peresyp
Park-hotel Zvezdnyi, Sukhaya
Park-Hotel, Khimki
Parkoff Hotel, Malyye Krutitsy
Park-otelʹ “Rio”, Novomikhaylovsky
Park-otelʹ “Utes”, Chelyabinsk
Parkovaya 9, Severodvinsk
Parkovaya Hotel, Kirovsk
Parnas Apart, Pargolovo
Parnas Apartment, Pargolovo
Parnas Sky, Pargolovo
Parnas, Gorno-Altaysk
Partiazsky prospect, 28, Vladivostok
Party Time, Tomsk
Parus 4, Gelendzik
Parus Apartment, Adler
Parus Guest House, Gelendzik
Parus Hostel, Sochi
Parus Hotel, Khabarovsk
Parus Hotel, Nikol’skoye
Parus Hotel, Yaroslavl
Parus Medical Resort & Spa, Novosibirsk
Parus SPA-Hotel, Pyatigorsk
Parus, Chita
Parus, Gelendzik
Parusnaa 19 – Morskoj Kvartal, Adler
Pasa, Isayevo
Pasha’s apartments in SPB, St. Petersburg
Pasha’s apartments, St. Petersburg
PASHk INN Apartments 10, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 118, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 118, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 118, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 240, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 258, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 315, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 56, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 56, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN APARTMENTS 7, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN APARTMENTS 7, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 70, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 70, Ekaterinburg
PASHk INN Apartments 94 24/7, Ekaterinburg
Pastʹ Drakona, Monastery
Pastel Classic, St. Petersburg
PastelApartment Ligovskiy, St. Petersburg
PastelApartment on Goncharnaya 7, St. Petersburg
Pathos Na Expo, Moscow
Pathos near Kremlin, Moscow
Patimestnyj nomer v gostevom dome, Rostov-na-Donu
Patio Guest House, Anapa
Patio Hostel Irkutsk, Irkutsk
PATIO, Kabardinka
Patra Guest House, Vityazevo
Patriarshye Ponds Apartment, Moscow
Patriot, Kaliningrad
Pause, Yaroslavl
Paveletskaya Apartment, Moscow
Paveletskaya Hostel, Moscow
Paveletskaya Hostel, Moscow
Paveletskaya Luxury Apartments, Moscow
Paveletskaya, Moscow
Pavlova street18, Noril’sk
Pavlovo na Neve, Pavlovo
Pavlovskij Trakt, Barnaul
Pavlovskiye Bani Inn, Bogorodsk
Pavlovskoe Podvorye Guest House with Russian Steam Bath, Suzdal
Pavlovskoe Podvorye Guest House with Russian Steam Bath, Suzdal
Pavlovskogo 15 Apartments, Novokuznetsk
Pʹer, Kazan
Peace apartment, Barnaul
Peak Hotel, Krasnaya Polyana
Pearl Apartments near Spartak Stadium and Crocus Expo, Khimki
Pearl Apartments, Pargolovo
Pearl Black Sea, Adler
Pearl Harbor, Strelna
Pearl Hotel, Ekaterinburg
Pearl on the Baltic Sea, Neukuhren
Pecerskaa Sloboda, Nizhniy Novgorod
Pechory Kuznechnaya 17, Pechory
Pegas Hotel and Restaurant, Makhachkala
Pekin Gardens, Moscow
Peking Hotel, Moscow
Pelican Hotel, Bytha
Penaty, Loo
Pension Alpha, Betta
Pension Mini Wonderful Valley, Kuchugury
Penthaus 4komn v Centre, Kazan
Penthaus na Epronovskoj 1, Kaliningrad
Penthaus na Svobodnom, Tver
Penthaus s terrasoj, Sochi
Penthaus v centre goroda, Sochi
Penthhouse on Lazurnaya, Adler
Penthouse 24th fl: Home theatre, 2BR, SeaView balcony, Sochi
Penthouse Hostel, Moscow
PentHouse on Ahmatovskaya 10, Astrakhan
Penthouse room, Akademgorodok
Penthouse with a swimming pool SKY, Sochi
Penthouse with Kremlin Views, Moscow
Penthouse with sea view, Svetlogorsk
Penthouse-style 140 sq m 2-bedrooms, view, St. Petersburg
Penza Hotel, Penza
Penzenskaya 7, city center, Tambov
Peony Apart рядом с Парком Галицкого, Plodorodnyy
Perekrestok, Orenburg
Perekryostok Hostel, Novosibirsk
Pereslavl Hotel, Pereslavl-Zalessky
Peresvet Park Hotel, Bezrodnoye
Perfect Apartment, Ekaterinburg
Perfect appartment on Parashytnaya, Pargolovo
Perfect located & cosy apartment, u Ermitaza, St. Petersburg
Perinka, Tomsk
Perinna Hotel, Moscow
Perle Rare, Moscow
Permʹ centr, Perm
Permjkova 79, Tyumen
Perovo 2 bedroom apartment, Malyye Krutitsy
Persey Guest House, Adler
Persona (ex. Na Krymskoj, 88), Anapa
Pervaa linia kv. na beregu mora first_line_luxury, Lazarevskoye
Pervaya Dubrovskaya Ulitsa Apartments, Moscow
Perviy Hostel, Sarapul
Pervomaiskaya 19 design apartments, Yaroslavl
Pervomayskaya 82, Malyye Krutitsy
Pervoural’sk Hotel Diana, Pervouralsk
Pervyj etaz v trehetaznom dome, 75 kv.m. na 6 celovek, 1 spalʹna, Novyy Sochi
Peshka Apartment, Voronezh
Pestelya 14 – large apartment with high ceilings, St. Petersburg
Petal Lotus Guesthouse, Ekaterinburg
Peter and Paul Fortress apartment, St. Petersburg
Peter Imperial Hotel, St. Petersburg
Peter the Great Apartment on Canal Griboyedova, St. Petersburg
Peter the Great Apartments near Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Peter the Great Apartments on Nevsky, St. Petersburg
Peterburgskie Apartaments Near Mariinskiy, St. Petersburg
Petergof Apartment, Petergof
Peterhouse Hostel, St. Petersburg
Petersburg Today on 20th floor, Pargolovo
Petra Tvorenye, Pushkinskiye Gory
PETRA-1, 51d, Makhachkala
Petrogradsky Fort, Nizhneye Dzhemete
Petrovo-Dalnee Holiday hotel, Petrovo-Dalnee
Petrovskaya zastava, Semikarakorsk
Petrovskij Dvor, St. Petersburg
Petrovskiy Art Loft, St. Petersburg
Petrovskiye Apartments, St. Petersburg
Petrovsky Hotel, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
Petrovsky Hotel, Lodeinoje Pole
Petrovsky Hotel, Pereslavl-Zalessky
Petrovsky Lines Hotel, Moscow
Petrovsky Passage Voronezh Center, Voronezh
Philisa Na Dybenko 24/1, St. Petersburg
Philisa Na Dybenko 24/1, St. Petersburg
Philisa na Lebedeva, St. Petersburg
Philisa na Neve, St. Petersburg
Philisa on Polyarnikov, St. Petersburg
Phlogiston Hotel, St. Petersburg
PHOENIX, Vardane
Pihta, Vyborg
Pihtovyj Bor, Mezmay
Pihtovyj Mys, Dombay
Pik Cherskogo Hotel, Slyudyanka
Pik Evropi, Tegenekli
Pikhta House Hotel, Novosibirsk
Pikhtoviy Mys 6 Apartment, Dombay
Piligrim Apartments on Malysheva, Ekaterinburg
Piligrim Apartments on Malysheva, Ekaterinburg
Piligrim Hostel, Khimki
Piligrim NN-HOTELS, Nizhniy Novgorod
Piligrim, Budogoshch
Pilot Hotel, Khabarovsk
Pilot, Barnaul
Pilot, Stanitsa Ust’-Labinskaya
Pinchapartments on Fontanka, St. Petersburg
Pinchapartments on Fontanka, St. Petersburg
Pinchapartments on Pestelya, St. Petersburg
Pineapple Studio, Pargolovo
Pink Apartments in central area, Moscow
Pink-Apartments, Belokurikha
Pion, St. Petersburg
Pioneer apartment, Ekaterinburg
PIONEER, St. Petersburg
Pioner Hostel, Moscow
Pionerskaa 15, Korolyov
Pionerskaa58, Sochi
Pionerskaya 23, Novorossijsk
Pionerskij bulʹvar 4, Kemerovo
PIONERSKIY, Nizhneye Dzhemete
Piplolxon, Khuzhir
Piramida, Kolpino
PiramidA, Rostov-na-Donu
Pirenga, Pirenga
Pirogovo Holiday Park, Kostrovo
Pisatela, Voronezh
Pisatelskie Apartament, Pushkin
Pistsova Apartment, Moscow
Pit.stop111, Starovelichkovskaya
Piter Apart Studio, St. Petersburg
Piter Apartment Pobedy 16, St. Petersburg
Piter Apartment Yuriya Gagarina 27, St. Petersburg
Piter Bridges, St. Petersburg
Piter Loft Apartment, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Emerald, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Excellent, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Excellent, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Fusion, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Gallery, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Inn Merion Apartments, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace Inter Apartments, St. Petersburg
Piter Palace L141, St. Petersburg
Piter Style Hostel, St. Petersburg
Piter812. Kvartira na pr. Saumana, St. Petersburg
Piterdom Novaya, Kolpino
PiterFlat Gorohovaya 30, St. Petersburg
PiterFlat Sadovaya 32/1, (1к-1), St. Petersburg
Piter-Fontanka, St. Petersburg
Piter-Fontanka, St. Petersburg
PiterLoft, St. Petersburg
PITERS MYSTERY, St. Petersburg
Piterskiy meridian, St. Petersburg
PiterSky Hostel, St. Petersburg
Piterstay Apartments – Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg
Piterstay Hostel, St. Petersburg
Piterstay na Maloj Morskoj 9, St. Petersburg
Piterstay na Nevskom 65, St. Petersburg
Piterstay na Puskinskoj 6, St. Petersburg
PiterStay Nevsky 32, St. Petersburg
Piterstay on Nevsky, St. Petersburg
PitStop-Hostel, Serpukhov
PitStop-Hostel, Serpukhov
PK “mAak”, Shlisselburg
PK Sutero, Novaya Chernushka
pl Svobody 4 ! CENTR GORODA! radom ul Varvarskaa, Nizhniy Novgorod
Pl. Cernysevskogo 10 “Mindalʹ”, St. Petersburg
Plaizir, Yaroslavl
Plan B, Adler
Planeta Guest House, Lazarevskoye
Planeta Piter, St. Petersburg
Plantage на Пионерскои, Zelenogradsk
Platan Yuzhniy, Krasnodar
Platan, Vishnevka
Platina Premium Apartment, Khimki
Platinum Apartment near Park, St. Petersburg
Platonov Soloniki, Lazarevskoye
Plavuchie Doma, Volgograd
Plaz, Vityazevo
Plaza Hotel, Lipetsk
Plaznye bungalo “9j kilometr” na 7 nomerov, Dzhubga
PLED Hostel Paveletskaya, Moscow
Ples Hotel, Tambov
Ples, Samara
Pleskavapart, Pskov
Pluk Hostel, St. Petersburg
PLUS, Belgorod
Plyusheva 10k2, Perovo, Malyye Krutitsy
PMG Хостел, St. Petersburg
PMK-2, Elista
PMK-2, Elista
Po domasnemu uutnaa 3 komn.kvartira, Centr Niznego, Nizhniy Novgorod
Po Peschanoy, Nizhneye Dzhemete
Pobeda, Astrakhan
Pobedy 111 trehkomnatnaa kvartira, Lazarevskoye
Pobedy 4YOU apartment, Pechory
POBEDY, Belgorod
Pochtamtskiy-per-2, St. Petersburg
Pocti v centre: novostrojka-vysotka!, Kazan
Podkova House Hotel, Kirovo-Chepetsk
Podkova, Bryansk
Podkova, Kostomuksha
Podmoskovie FNS Russia, Aksakovo
Podmoskovye, Korolyov
Podolskaya street, St. Petersburg
Podushkin Love Hotel, St. Petersburg
Poduska Luks na Vokzalʹnoj 13, Novosibirsk
Podvorye Hostel, Nizhniy Novgorod
Poets’ House, St. Petersburg
Poets’ House, St. Petersburg
Pogosti na Alekseevskoy, Moscow
Pogosti v krd Appart Classic, Krasnodar
Pogosti v krd Appart Classic, Krasnodar
Pogosti_v_krd Lux, Krasnodar
POINT, Ulan-Ude
Pokrovka Home, Moscow
Pokrovka Street v istoriceskom centre u Kremla, Nizhniy Novgorod
Pokrovskaya Usadba, Suzdal
Pokrovskie vorota, Smolensk
Pokrovskiy Dom, Moscow
Pokrovskiy Park, Sochi
Pokrovskiy Posad, Nizhniy Novgorod
Pokrovskiy Posad, Nizhniy Novgorod
Pokrovsky Guest House, Suzdal
Pokrovsky Hostel, Yakutsk
Pol doma pod kluc, 37 kv.m. na 5 celovek, 2 spalʹni, Yeysk
Pol doma, 50 kv.m. na 6 celovek, 2 spalʹni, Yeysk
Polana, Estosadok
Polar Kvart, Полярников 7, St. Petersburg
Polar Star, Noril’sk
PolarHome, Murmansk
Polarnye Zori, Nizhneye Dzhemete
Polarnyj Krug, Salehard
Pole Chydes, Dedovo
Polet Hotel, Omsk
Polet Hotel, Yelizovo
Polet, St. Petersburg
Polianka Niezhnaia, Alekseyevskoye
Polini Guest House, Gelendzik
Polist Hotel, Staraya Russa
Politekh, Sheregesh
Polo Apartments near Spartak Stadium and Crocus Expo, Khimki
Polo Apartments near Spartak Stadium and Crocus Expo, Khimki
Polo, St. Petersburg
Pologaya, 17, Vladivostok
Polotskaya 13k2 apartments, Pushkin
Polovina doma pod kluc, 75 kv.m. na 6 celovek, 2 spalʹni, Adler
Polovina doma s otdelʹnym vhodom (vesʹ 1-j etaz), 85 kv.m. na 5 celovek, 1 spalʹna, Gelendzik
Polovina doma, 40 kv.m. na 5 celovek, 2 spalʹni, Yeysk
Polovina doma, Galina , 50 kv.m. na 5 celovek, 1 spalʹna, Dolzhanskaya
Poltavsky-2, St. Petersburg
Polyarnye Zori 31/2, Murmansk
Polyarnye Zori 49/2, Murmansk
Polyarnyye Zori 40, Murmansk
Pontos Plaza Hotel-NEW, Yessentuki
Pool, Sovkhoz Bulgas
Porogi, Satka
Port Comfort by old Nevskiy, St. Petersburg
Port Comfort by the Griboedov, St. Petersburg
Port Comfort on Petrogradka, St. Petersburg
Port House, Vladivostok
Port Royal Apartments 35 sq meters, St. Petersburg
Portal Askat, Askat
Portobello Sochi Hotel, Adler
Portofino Sochi, Sochi
Porucikʺ Golicynʺ, Togliatti
Poseidon Apart Sochi, Novyy Sochi
Poseidon Apartment, Novyy Sochi
Poseidon apartments on the sea 323, Novyy Sochi
Poseidon apartments on the sea 578 IKEA, Novyy Sochi
Poselok Velʹga Zagorodnyj klub, Kuznetsovo
Poseydon Guest House, Golubitsky
Posietskaya, 40, Vladivostok
Positive на 4-ои Советскои, St. Petersburg
Positive Studio in the center of Rostov-on-don, Rostov-na-Donu
Postoronnim VV Guest House, Dubki
Postoyalets Hotel, Odintsovo
Postoyalets Hotel, Veliky Ustyug
Postoyaliy Dvor, Dakhovskaya
Postoyaliy Dvor, Tula
Postoyaly Dvor Polovina Puti, Michurinsk
Postoyaly Dvor Rus, Serpukhov
Posutochnaya Tverskaya 6, Moscow
Posutochno Apartment Belorusskaya, Moscow
PosutochnoPanorama151, Plodorodnyy
Posutocnaa Kvartira na ul Lenina 328/18, Stavropol
Potap and Nastya, Gelendzik
Potemkin Residence, St. Petersburg
Potrasausij vid na centr goroda, Novosibirsk
Povarskoy 9 – in a quiet place of the city center, St. Petersburg
POWER NAP Koltsovo, Kol’tsovo
Pozitif Hall Hostel, Moscow
‘PozitiFF’, Belgorod
PR Myasnitsky Boutique Hotel, Moscow
Praga Guest House, Kabardinka
Pramo na Nevskom, St. Petersburg
Pravda, Bytha
Praviy Bereg Inn 2, St. Petersburg
Praviy Bereg Mini Hotel, St. Petersburg
Pravy Bereg Studios, Khimki
Predgorie Kavkaza Health Resort, Gorjatschi-Kljutsch
Predgorye Krasnoy Polyani Guest House, Monastery
Predlagau komfortabelʹnuu 1 komnatnuu kvartiru, Kaliningrad
Predlozenie na CEMPIONAT MIRA, Moscow
Prekrasnaa kvartira v centre Adlera, Adler
Prekrasnaa kvartira v centre goroda., Ekaterinburg
Prekrasnaa kvartira vozle ozera!, Pargolovo
Prekrasnye apartamenty dla  raboty i otdyha., Kaliningrad
Prekrasnye apartamenty dla gostej i studentov, Vladimir
Premʹer-Otelʹ, Izhevsk
Prem’era Guesthouse, Dubovka
Premier Hotel, Izhevsk
Premier Hotel, Krasnodar
Premier Hotel, Nizhniy Novgorod
Premier Hotel, Smolensk
Premier Hotel-NEW, Voronezh
Premier. Kvartira m. “Preobrazenskaa plosadʹ”, Moscow
Premium “A’la Porsche” na Profsouznoj, Moscow
Premium Apart Hotel, Shchelkovo
Premium apartament & Penthouse – Center, Krasnodar
Premium Apartamenty Na Belinskogo, Nizhniy Novgorod
Premium apartamenty s kacelʹu, St. Petersburg
Premium Apartment Expocentre Moscow, Moscow
Premium Apartment Expocentre Moscow, Moscow
Premium Apartment in Centre, Vladivostok
Premium Apartment Old Arbat, Moscow
Premium Apartment Old Arbat, Moscow
Premium Apartment Old Arbat, Moscow
Premium apartment on Baturina, Krasnoyarsk
Premium Apartment Riverside, Moscow
Premium Apartment, Kaliningrad
Premium Apartment, St. Petersburg
Premium Apartments Gallery of stories, St. Petersburg
Premium apartments on Vasileostrovsky, St. Petersburg
Premium Apartments, Moscow
Premium class apartments in the city center, Barnaul
Premium class apartments in the city center, Barnaul
Premium Hotel Zabava, St. Petersburg
Premium in City style, Dmitrov
Premium in the Golden Triangle. Sea view, Sochi
Premium Savage Moscow-City, Moscow
Premium v “zolotom treugolʹnike”. Pramye vidy mora, Sochi
Premyera Inn, Sol’-Iletsk
Preobrazhenskaya Appartments, Moscow
President Suite, City Centre. VIP, St. Petersburg
Presnensky Val Apartment, Moscow
Presnenskyi Plus Appart, Moscow
Prestige Apartments na Vasilievskom, St. Petersburg
Prestige Apartments on Ligovskiy, St. Petersburg
Prestige Apartments, Svetlogorsk
Prestige Hotel Seven Kings, Volgograd
Prestige Hotel, Anapa
Prestige House Verona Hotel, Kazan
Prestige Nevsky apartment, St. Petersburg
Prestige-Maras Hotel, Dzhubga
Prestizh Guest House, Novomikhaylovsky
Prezident, Solikamsk
Priatnoe zilʹe po priatnym cenam, Novosibirsk
Pribaltiysky Hotel, Sebezh
Pribreznyj, Volgograd
Pribreznyj, Yakornaya Shchel
Prical, Yarovoye
Prichal Hotel, Kaluga
Pride Hotel, Solikamsk
Pridorozhnaya Guest House, Yeysk
Pridorozhnaya Guest House, Yeysk
Priglasaem v Gostevoj Dom u Mora, Novyy Sochi
Prima Guest House, St. Petersburg
Primavera в Шуршавеле, St. Petersburg
Primavera Hostel, Moscow
Prime Apart Hotel, St. Petersburg
Prime host apartments on Olympiski prospekt, Moscow
Prime Inn, Ekaterinburg
Prime Inn, Ekaterinburg
Prime Time, Kopeisk
PrimeHost Apt Taganskaya Pl Ilyicha, Moscow
Primorie Grand Resort Hotel 4*, Gelendzik
Primorie Luxe Apartments, Bytha
Primorie, Anapa
Primorskaia 1, Gelendzik
Primorskaya 3, Anapa
Primorskaya 4, Anapa
Primorskaya Apartment, Gelendzik
Primorskaya family club, Novomikhaylovsky
Primorskij Hotel, Verhnee Dzhemete
Primorskij, Adler
Prince Park Hotel, Moscow
Priozernaya Hotel, Ivashevo
Pristan Kochevnika Holiday Park, Sporny
Pritomskij ZK, Kemerovo
Priut u Beloj, Kamennomostskaja
Prival na perekrestke, Ryumino
Private Apartments in Belyaevo, Moscow
Private House Avacha, Nizhneye Dzhemete
Private house Hurmamimoza, Lazarevskoye
Private House on Ilyicha, Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka
Private house on Trudyashchikhsya, Anapa
Privet Hostel, Moscow
Privetlivy bereg, Gelendzik
Privetlivyj bereg (Privetlivyj bereg), Gelendzik
Privokzalnaya street, Murmansk
Privolʹnaa 1/2, Malyye Krutitsy
Priza Hotel, Loo
Pro Счастье, St. Petersburg
Profilak Hotel, Sheregesh
Profilaktorij Morozovskij, Arzamas
Profilaktoriy Letnogo Sostava Dva Kryla, Rostov-na-Donu
Profilaktory Svetly, Apsheronsk
Profit Hostel, Orenburg
PROFITTO live, Irkutsk
Profsoyuznaya Gostinnica, Samara
Profsoyuznaya, Izhevsk
Profsoyznaya 19 Akademiceskaa, Moscow
Prokhlada, Golubitsky
Proletarskaa 78, Kurgan
PROLETARSKAYA 41, Kaliningrad
Proletarskaya Street 71 A 2 комнаты, Yoshkar-Ola
Proletarskij,  d. 11, Surgut
Prometej, Tyumen
Prometey 2 Hotel, Divnomorskoye
Prometey Club All Inclusive, Lazarevskoye
ProPiter, St. Petersburg
Prospect Kommunisticheskiy House, Gorno-Altaysk
Prospect Mira Alekseevskaya 1k, Moscow
Prospect Moscow defenders, 12, Fenina
Prospect Red Studio, Samara
Prospekt 50 Let Oktyabrya 13, Saransk
Prospekt Karla Marksa 53, Novosibirsk
Prospekt Kirova 78, Kolomna
Prospekt Lenina 70/1 Apartments, Rostov-na-Donu
Prospekt Livanova 7, Yur’yevka
Prospekt Mira Apartment, Moscow
Prospekt Pobedy 169, Chelyabinsk
Prospekt pobedy 24, Kursk
prospekt Pobedy, 2к2, Tver
Prospekt Revolucii 9A – 8 etaz, Voronezh
Prospekt Solidarnosti, St. Petersburg
Prospekt, Kislovodsk
Prospekt, Petrozavodsk
Prosperity, Voronezh
Prosperus Guest House, Sochi
Prosto horosaa studia, Krasnaya Polyana
Prosto Hostel, Novocherkassk
Prosto Hostel, Taganrog
ProstoKvartirki near the Moskovsky railway station, St. Petersburg
Prostor Guest House, Loo
Prostornaa  kv. v centre radom s ul Rubinstejna, St. Petersburg
Prostornaa 3-h komnatnaa kvartira, Ekaterinburg
Prostornaa dvuhkomnatnaa kvartira 62m2, Kazan
Prostornaa dvuhkomnatnaa kvartira, Ryazan
Prostornaa dvuhkomnatnaa kvartira. Kak doma!, Samara
Prostornaa i svetlaa kvartira v centre goroda, St. Petersburg
Prostornaa i teplaa komnata 18m, Pushkin
Prostornaa kvartira na Ablocnoj s sikarnym vidom, Novyy Sochi
Prostornaa kvartira na Bogoslovskoj ulice, St. Petersburg
Prostornaa kvartira nedaleko ot centra goroda., Vladimir
Prostornaa kvartira radom s m. Baumanskaa, Moscow
Prostornaa kvartira radom s metro, Moscow
Prostornaa kvartira radom s metro, Pargolovo
Prostornaa kvartira s sikarnym vidom na gorod, Voronezh
Prostornaa kvartira v 3h minutah ot metro, St. Petersburg
Prostornaa kvartira v Centre Z/d vokzal 10 min, Volgograd
Prostornaa odnokomnatnaa kvartira v tihom rajone, Blagoveschensk
Prostornaa odnokomnatnaa kvartira, Petrozavodsk
Prostornaa stalinka v Centre Niznego Novgoroda, Nizhniy Novgorod
Prostornaa studia na Pionerskoj v novom dome, Sochi
Prostornaa super-treska s trema lodziami v vysotke, Ekaterinburg
Prostornaa uutnaa kvartira luks v centre goroda, St. Petersburg
Prostornye apartamenty “Dve Poduski” na Mytnoj, Moscow
Prostornye apartamenty na Dmitrovskom., St. Petersburg
Prostornye apartamenty v samom centre goroda, Nizhniy Novgorod
Prostornye apartamenty vozle metro v centre, Ekaterinburg
Prostornye dvuhkomnatnye apartamenty radom s morem, Novyy Sochi
prostornyj dom dla bolʹsoj semʹi, Irkutsk
Prosvescheniya 148 Apartments, Adler
Prosveshcheniya Apartment, Adler
Prosveshenya 90, Adler
Protex Loft Hotel, Ekaterinburg
Protos Hotel, Vityazevo
Provance Apartment, Kazan
Provance Hotel, Gorjatschi-Kljutsch
Provans Guest House, Krasnodar
Provans v centre Tuly, Tula
Provans, Gelendzik
Provans, Nalchik
Provans-Loo Guest House, Nizhneye Uchdere
Provence Apart, St. Petersburg
Provence Apart, St. Petersburg
Provence Apartment, Gelendzik
Provence Guest House, Nebug
Provence Hotel, Mikhaylovsk
Provence house, Vladivostok
Provence-Apart, St. Petersburg
Provincia Hotel, Serpukhov
Provintsiya Hotel, Rabochiy Poselok
Prussia, Kaliningrad
Pskov City Hostel, Pskov
Pskov Family Apartment on Yubileynaya 41a, Pskov
Ptichka, Moscow
Pulkovo apart, St. Petersburg
Pulkovo Hills, Pushkin
Pulkovo House, St. Petersburg
Pulkovo park Horosaa kvartira, St. Petersburg
Pulkovo Sky, St. Petersburg
Pulkovo Sky, St. Petersburg
Purga Hotel, Abagur
Purple Rhino, Moscow
Pushkin Apart, St. Petersburg
PUSHKIN Apartment, Moscow
Pushkin Apartment, Moscow
Pushkin Hostel, Moscow
Pushkin Loft, St. Petersburg
Pushkin rooms, St. Petersburg
PushkinIRK, Irkutsk
Pushkinskaya 8 mini-hotel, St. Petersburg
Pushkin-Sofia, Pushkin
Puskarskaa 44, Vladimir
Puskina 42, Gelendzik
Puskinskaa, Rostov-na-Donu
Puskinskoj, Rostov-na-Donu
Puzzle Lodging Houses, Ekaterinburg
Pyat Komnat Hotel, Nizhniy Novgorod
Pyatigorsk apartments, Pyatigorsk
Pyatigorsk Hotel, Pyatigorsk
Pyatiletok 17/4 Apartment, St. Petersburg
Pyatnica Hotel, Lazarevskoye
Pyatnitskaya Kremlin Center Apart, Moscow
Pyatnitsky Hostel, Novobrattsevskiy
Pyotr Hotel, St. Petersburg
PYRAMID, Orenburg

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