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Germania declared bankruptcy on 4 February 2019, and ceased operations on 5 February 2019. See our list of Fastofly to discover which airlines fly similar routes.

About Germania

Germania was a German airline that operated from 1978 until 2019. The airline was headquartered in Berlin and operated a fleet of Airbus A319, A320, and Boeing 737 aircraft, serving various destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Germania was known for its affordable prices and was popular with budget-conscious travelers. The airline offered passengers a choice of travel classes, including economy and a premium economy class called “Germania Plus”. Passengers could also purchase additional services, such as extra legroom and in-flight meals.

The airline had a frequent flyer program called “Germania Extrapass”, which allowed members to earn and redeem miles for flights and other rewards. Germania also had codeshare agreements with other airlines, which allowed passengers to book flights to additional destinations.

In early 2019, Germania filed for insolvency and ceased all operations. The airline had faced financial difficulties, including rising fuel prices and intense competition in the European airline market.

Despite its closure, Germania was remembered for its contribution to the aviation industry in Germany and Europe. The airline had a strong focus on customer service and safety, and had won several awards for its commitment to these areas.

In conclusion, Germania was a popular budget airline in Germany, known for its affordable prices and range of travel classes and services. Despite its closure in 2019, the airline was remembered for its contribution to the aviation industry in Germany and Europe, and its commitment to customer service and safety.

Within Germany, the main airports from which Germania originally flew to were Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Munich and Memmingen.




Germania’s route network served in excess of 40 international destinations from popular resorts and cities in European countries such as Spain, Turkey, and Greece through to more exotic destinations in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq. Two scheduled service routes were from London Gatwick to Pristina and Erfurt.




Germania Baggage

Passengers with Germania were entitled to one piece of hand baggage of up to 6 kg.

For checked baggage, adults and children were entitled to a maximum of 20kg in the hold and some flights to and from Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Iraq were allowed up to 25kg.

Germania offered four types of fare class:

  • Basic Economy
  • Classic Economy
  • Flex Economy
  • Premium Economy

Germania passengers were able to purchase more legroom through an XL seat for a fee of €30. Soft drinks, snacks and magazines were included in the ticket price with Germania.

Germania had a checked baggage allowance of 20kg at no additional cost. On longer flights, for instance to and from Beirut, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, passengers even had a baggage allowance of up to 25 kg.


Germania Check-In

Online Check-In

Passengers could check-in for their Germania flight by visiting the Germania online check-in page and entering their booking reference, surname and airport of departure. Online check-in opened between 23—4 hours before flight departure time. Germania online check-in allowed passengers to choose their seat and either print off their boarding pass or download it to their mobile.

Airport Check-In

Passengers could check-in for their Germania flight at the airport of departure by visiting a member of staff at the Germania check-in desks. Germania check-in counters opened two hours before departure time and closed 45 minutes before flight departure time at the very latest. Check-in at the airport gave you access to baggage drop and your boarding pass.



Germania’s fleet consisted of Airbus A319, Airbus A321 and Boeing 737-700 aircraft. However, in Spring 2015, Germania announced its plan to phase out all of their recently refurbished Boeing 737-800s by 2020 to become an all-Airbus operator.


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