Famous Beaches and Hotels in Goa

Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population.Located in west India in the region
known as the Konkan,it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north,and Karnataka to the east and
south,while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast.Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita two and a
half times that of the country as a whole.It was ranked the best placed state by the Elevanth Finance Commission
for its infrastructure and ranked on the top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on
population based on the 12 Indicatores.


Goa culture and food habits
The tableau of Goa showcases religious harmony by focusing on the deepastamba,the cross,Ghode Modni followed
by a chariot.Western royal attire of kings and regional dances being performed depict the unique blend of
different religions and cultures of State.The festival of music and dance,Shigmo mel or the Holi and Spring
celebrations,signify unity in diversity.

Rice with fish curry is the staple diet in Goa.Goan Cusine is famous for its rich variety of fish dishes cooked
with elaborate recipes.Coconut and Cocunut oil are widely used in Goan cooking along with chilli
peppers,spices,and vinegar giving the food a unique flavour.


Goa beaches :
The multitude of beaches in Goa offer something for everyone,from luxury resorts to makeshift huts,and trance
parties to tranquility.The Goa beach that’s right for you will depend on the kind of experience you want to
have.Here’s an overview of what to expect at each of the best Goa beaches.

One of the best beach in goa is Agonda beach is the perfect beach for anyone who simply wants to relax away
from it all.This seemingly endless pristine beach stretches for around 3 kilometers and it’s lined with simple
beach shacks.Hawkers aren’t allowed on the beach,so you’ll be able to remain refreshingly undisturbed.The weather
in Agonda is warm weather throughout the year.Temperatures rarley reach more than 33 degree Celius during the day
or drop below 20 degrees Celsius at night.Chilling,Swimming,Walking,eating and just generally doing the main
attraction at Agonda.Boat trips are possible for those who are up for some activity.

Paradise found is the first thing that comes to mind at exclusive Dwaraka Eco Beach Resort.Tranquilly and
seclusion abound with 10 stylish cottages, set amidst a sprawling palm grove that borders a lagoon right next to
the ocean.Nature is a focus and it’s as idyllic as it sounds! To get there, you have to drive through villages and
down a dirt road.The location is little-Known cola beach in south Goa,with the closest beaches being Agonda and
Benaulim. Expect to pay 6,000 rupess upwarsd, for double.The rate includes breakfast,lunch,evening tea/cookies and