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Clark International Airport, located in Angeles City, Philippines, is an international airport serving the Clark Freeport Zone and the surrounding areas. Here are some key points about Clark International Airport:

  1. Location: Clark International Airport is situated in Angeles City, which is located in the province of Pampanga, approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Metro Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.
  2. Terminal Facilities: The airport has a modern and spacious terminal building that serves both domestic and international flights. The terminal offers a range of facilities, including check-in counters, immigration and customs checkpoints, baggage claim areas, shops, restaurants, and lounges.
  3. Runways: Clark International Airport has two runways. The primary runway, Runway 02/20, measures 3,200 meters (10,499 feet) in length and is capable of handling large aircraft. The secondary runway, Runway 07/25, is shorter and mainly used for general aviation and smaller aircraft.
  4. Airlines and Destinations: The airport serves as a hub for several airlines, including Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia Philippines, and other international carriers. It offers both domestic and international flights to various destinations in Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.
  5. Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT): In addition to the main terminal, Clark International Airport has a dedicated terminal known as the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). This terminal primarily serves budget airlines and offers a separate facility for passengers on low-cost carriers.
  6. Connectivity: The airport is well-connected to Metro Manila and other nearby areas through road networks and transportation services. Shuttle buses, taxis, and car rental services are available for passengers to travel to and from the airport.
  7. Expansion and Development: Clark International Airport has been undergoing significant expansion and development to accommodate the growing number of passengers. The ongoing expansion projects include the construction of a new passenger terminal, Terminal 2, which is expected to increase the airport’s capacity and enhance passenger experience.
  8. Proximity to Tourist Attractions: Clark International Airport is located near popular tourist destinations, such as the Mount Pinatubo volcano, Subic Bay, and the historic city of Angeles. Its strategic location makes it convenient for tourists to access these attractions.

Clark International Airport serves as an alternative gateway to the Philippines, offering convenient access to both domestic and international destinations. With its expanding infrastructure and proximity to key attractions, the airport plays a crucial role in promoting tourism and economic development in the region.


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Clark International Airport offers lounge access for passengers looking for a comfortable and relaxing environment before their flights. Here are some options for lounge access at Clark International Airport:

Plaza Premium Lounge: Located in Terminal 1, the Plaza Premium Lounge offers a range of amenities and services. Passengers can enjoy comfortable seating, complimentary Wi-Fi, buffet food and beverages, shower facilities, and access to international newspapers and magazines. The lounge is open to both domestic and international passengers.

Pacific Lounge: The Pacific Lounge is another lounge option available in Terminal 1. It provides a tranquil space for passengers to unwind before their flights. The lounge offers comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and beverages, Wi-Fi access, and flight information display. It is accessible to both domestic and international passengers.

CIP Lounge: The CIP Lounge is located in Terminal 1 and provides a premium lounge experience. Passengers can enjoy comfortable seating, a selection of food and beverages, shower facilities, Wi-Fi access, and other amenities. The lounge is open to both domestic and international passengers.

It’s important to note that lounge access may vary depending on the airline, class of service, and membership programs. Some airlines may provide access to their own exclusive lounges for their premium passengers. It is recommended to check with your airline or the lounge operator for specific access requirements, availability, and any fees associated with lounge access.

Additionally, independent lounge programs such as Priority Pass, LoungeKey, and DragonPass may also offer lounge access at Clark International Airport. These programs often allow members to access affiliated lounges worldwide, including those at Clark International Airport.