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Air Jamaica is a national based commercial airline in Jamaica. This airline was created in 1968. The initial Incarnation of Air Jamaica was created on August 1963. It was after Jamaica government finally decided not to invest in British West Indian Airways. However, Jamaica government took 51 % of the Air Jamaica Airlines share at that time.


The initial service had done by this commercial airline on 1st April 1969. It was carrying the passengers from Kingston to Montego Bay, and New York to Miami. However, Air Canada took the rest of 40 % shares of Air Jamaica and help them to provide maintenance, technical support, and logistical assistance.

In 1970s, the flights routes were added to some new destinations. Those destinations such as from Toronto to Montreal, Canada, Puerto Rico, Philadelphia, and many other destinations were added to increase the company interests. The service to go to some Europe countries was started on 1974. For this purpose, Air Jamaica used Douglas DC – 8S, Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9, and Boeing 727.


Since there were many commercial airlines arose, In 1980s this company growth became slower. Finally Air Jamaica Airlines added their routes to Baltimore and Atlanta. This action was taken to survive the company from the international competition. Air Jamaica Airlines was also purposed to combine with another small airlines company. For example, British Airways was invited to buy their 25 % of shares at that time. At this rate, Air Jamaica Airline was able to survive through international competition by the assistance of British Airways which support technical, logistical, and mechanical assistance.


In 1990s Air Jamaica continuously developed their company greater and greater. This Airline took over Nassau-Kingston and Bahamas routes. Some routes were added here such as to Phoenix (to expand their route to Los Angles), Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Santo Domingo, and Ft Lauderdale. However those additional routes finally drove the company to give their passengers a cheap Air Jamaica Airlines.


Air Jamaica Airlines was operating many routes and become a powerful airline. That is why, they need to compete the international competition by giving Air Jamaica low airfares. Those cheap prices are easily get from some discount event held by the airlines. The event of the discounts usually held when the national celebration comes. Those celebrations are like Christmas Eve, New Year, and many more.


At that time, many people will seek for the cheapest price of air travel provider to equip their long holiday. Some destinations have already served with special prices to book. Air Jamaica Airlines booking can be done easily by visiting their official website and registering in it online. This action will help you to save from some internet scammers which sometimes provide too cheap price or usually said unbelievable price. Usually the legal ticket seller will provide you with complete information about the price and why the price comes cheaper, the airport destination, the gateway you will use, and the type of the flights (business, economy, or other classes).

Aircraft Types

Airbus A300
Airbus A310
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Airbus A340
Boeing 727
Boeing 737
Boeing 747
Boeing 767
Douglas DC-8
McDonnell-Douglas DC-9
McDonnell-Douglas MD-80

Baggage Allowance and Information

Two bags of 23kg (50lbs) each are allowed for flights to/from Canada and the US. This is also allowed for Business Class passengers on regional flights within the Caribbean.

Regional flights in Economy class are limited to only 1 bag, weighing up to 23kg/50lbs maximum.


Excess/Oversize/Overweight Summary

Overweight bags will be charged $75 per bag ($82 CAD), if weighing between 51-70lbs. Bags over 70lbs are not accepted.

A discounted rate of $25 applies for overweight bags on flights between Kingston and Montego Bay.

Note: for upto date excess baggage rates

Air Jamaica Ticket Booking

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