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Air France is one of familiar airline company in France. It delivers some flight services around Europe and other continent destination. The airline company which has a motto “Air France, France is in The Sky” is the biggest airline company in France. At the first time it was created in 1933, Air France Airlines was already well-known as the biggest airline commercial company around Europe. It is because Air France was helped by the France revolution which brought some positive development in their company at that time.


            The creation of Air France Airlines at the first time is purposed to deliver the people from France to their conquered area around Africa, Caribbean, and Polynesia islands on Pacific Ocean. The corporation with KLM Royal Dutch finally made this company came stronger and more powerful. This corporation helps Air France Airlines to survive in the World War II which suffer most companies around Europe.


            Even though this company is created in 1933, their history actually began after the World War 1 ended. In 1919, the first commercial airline created by Pierre Georges Latecoere which was called by Societe des Lignes Latecoere. Start from this moment, the commercial airlines finally arose one by one. One of them was Air France Airlines.

            In 1950s finally this airline focuses on the International flights which mean they need more powerful aircrafts to empower their global service. At this rate, the company used Lockheed Super Constellation to support their flights services. In 1960s, there were many commercial airlines arose. This made Air France Airlines should evaluate their aircrafts. That was why, Boeing 727 replaced Caravelle aircrafts for a long-distance flights.


            Not only the additional and more powerful aircrafts should be prepared, Air France airline also prepared the competition in price matters. Nowadays, we can see a lot of airlines which are commercially sold their cheap tickets. The same thing also happens in this company. Now, you can easily find some discount which makes you possible to get cheap Air France Airlines Tickets online and offline.


            To do Air France Airline booking, first, you need to know your destination and your budget as well. You can easily browse the price, destination, and location to buy the tickets. Usually you can possibly get Air France airlines low airfares from legal ticket seller which cooperated with Air France Airlines. However, you may find some illegal ticket seller online. That is why you must be careful. Most of illegal ticket seller usually give you incomplete information about the price, why the price is cheap, destination details, and schedule.


            Air France Airlines booking can be done safely at their official office or their official website. This action will surely save your time for taking a risk from the illegal one and mostly save your money for scam prices. For the additional Information, Air France usually held a discount moment in Christmas eve and other national celebration which usually deliver most of flights company give their possible cheap price to the customers.


  • A380
  • A340
  • A330-200
  • 747-400
  • 777-200ER
  • 777-300ER
  • A321
  • A320
  • A319
  • A318
  • Embraer 135/145/170/190 (used by subsidiary HOP)
  • Canadair Jet 100/700 (used by subsidiary HOP)
  • Avro RJ85 (used by subsidiary City Jet)

Baggage Allowance and Information

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