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Air Berlin is actually a well known airline based on Berlin, Germany. This Airline had been built about 37 years ago. At the first time in its establishing, Air Berlin were come from several ideas and work from American citizen and and Captain Kim Lundgren. This founding has finally started the opening of the second biggest Germany Airline. This Airline now is popular with high facilities, some interesting routes like Mediteranian, Canary islands, North Africa, and other city around Europe at a bargain price.

This airline was founded at the first time at Oregon USA by Captain Pan Am in 1978. Even though this airline was operated outside Germany, the license from USA is needed since only the airplanes from American allies were able to land in West Berlin. It happen in the end of the world war on October 1990. Anyway, this Airline company firstly operated in 1979 with the specific route to Palma de Mallorca using Boeing 707. In the end of 1981, the airplane company changed its aircrafts to be Boeing 737.

After Germany had become one in 1990 (not separated to be West and East Germany), the germany investor, Joachim Hunold, the former manager for LTU, become a CEO of this commercial airline. This company finally changed their name become Berlin GmbH & Co Luftverkehrs KG and mergered with IATA (Organzation of international airforce). Then, they started the flights to some capital city in Europe like London, Zurich, Vienna, and Barcelona in 199. In January 2004, Air Berlin announced their corporation with one airline which previously owned by one of Formula 1 racer, Niki Lauda. Niki finally got 24 % shares from them.

In March 2007, Air Berlin took over one airline in Germany, LTU International. This situation finally made Air Berlin become The Fourth Biggest Airlines Group in Europe based on the routes amount. It was said that Air Berlin had carried over than 22 million pessangers in 2006. This taken over policy was done because of the willingness from many parties to show the public the maximum potential that Dusseldorf International Airport has. LTU was still keep their name for the future, but the routes would be moved.

At the same time, Air Berlin got 49% shares from Belair, a Swiss airline. Belair was owned by tur Hotelplan that allowed Air Berlin Increase their flight routes in Swiss. This situation finally made Air Berlin become greater day by day. Not only that, in the early 21st, just like other commercial airlines, Air Berlin ordered Boeing Jet Aircrafts. It was because the translantic flights routes were popular and become a crucial needs for many businessman around the world.

Nowadays, Air Berlin is a well-known airline with not only by their excellent services, but also a number of routes it has. In 2010, Air Berlin was announce to join with Oneworld alliance. For the preparation, this company made two codesharing contracts with American Airlines and Finnair. This company had fully entered the allience in 2012.


  • 737-700
  • 737-800
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330-200
  • Q400

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1equivalent: Etihad Gold und Gold Elite sowie oneworld Sapphire und Emerald Status

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